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Cake camelina with sour cream — pleasure come from childhood

Tenderness in every piece

Consider the recipe for the saffron cake, which is very richly soaked with cream of sour cream.

What ingredients do we need for making dough:

• Butter — 100 gr .;
• Chicken eggs — 2 pcs .;
• Sugar sand — ¾ cup;
• Natural honey — 2 tablespoons;
• Wheat flour of the highest quality — 3-3.5 cups;
• Soda — 1 teaspoon;
• Lemon — 1 pc.
• To make sour cream:
• Sour cream 25-30% fat — 600 gr.;
• Prunes — 200 gr .;
• Walnuts — 200 gr .;
• Sugar sand — ¾ cup.
I propose to add prunes between the cakes, as its taste will set off a little the sweet taste of sugar and honey. Thanks to prunes cake will not be so cloying.

People who do not like very sweet baking will appreciate this cake. Additive in the form of prunes will give some sourness to this ryzhika.

First, break the eggs in a bowl and add sugar.

Then whisk with whisk this mass until the sugar is partially dissolved. After the sugar, honey and, cut into small pieces, softened butter follow the sugar into the container.

Put the bowl with the contents in a water bath.

Stirring, waiting for the complete dissolution of all ingredients and their conversion into a homogeneous mass. When you are satisfied with the appearance of the mass, its homogeneity, then add soda, quenched with lemon juice.
The dough blank will immediately turn white, start growing and increase significantly in volume.

As soon as the mass growth process is over, remove the bowl from the water bath and begin to add flour.

To flour was saturated with oxygen, it must be sifted. Then, add the sifted in small portions.

While the dough can interfere with a spoon or a whisk — do it. Then it becomes difficult to interfere and we start the kneading procedure with our hands.

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The next step will be the division of the mass into equal pieces.

First, we roll the sausage, and then divide the entire length into halves, then each half into halves. And so until you get 8-10 pieces of the same size. Each piece roll into a ball and leave for 60 minutes in the refrigerator.

After that, we begin to roll each individual cake on parchment, since it is difficult to transfer thin cake layers from the table to the baking sheet, it is better to roll them immediately and cut them on baking paper.

Heat the oven to 180 degrees and set each layer on a separate baking sheet on the middle part of the oven.

Trimming collect and also roll into a separate ball. From it we will later make a cake to sprinkle the cake.

Each layer, after passing the rolling pin through it, should not exceed 2-3 mm. thickness. Such thin layers are cooked in 4-5 minutes, so as soon as you put one cake in the oven, immediately begin to roll the next one.

The last layer is collected from scraps just finely rolled out, and after cooking, grind it in any convenient way to fine crumb.

When all the layers of the cake are ready, let’s do the filling and cream.

The recipe for the filling is very easy. It is necessary to soak the prunes in boiling water, and then chop finely.

Nuts can be chopped in a blender or cut with a knife.

The recipe of sour cream has been described in different articles more than once, but it is worth repeating. Sour cream is pre-weighed on gauze and cooled.

Then beat the resulting mass at medium speed mixer. But we must not overdo it and do not turn the sour cream into butter.

Gradually add sugar to the whipped sour cream and bring the cream to homogeneity.

Now we are waiting for the assembly of the cake. To do this, coat the first cake with sour cream and spread the pieces of prunes on it.

We also coat the next layer of the cake and sprinkle with finely chopped nuts. Alternate the filling until the end of the cake layers.

Top cake richly lather, and leave a little cream on its sides. Now we sprinkle the whole cake with the crumb from the last cake and give it to spend the night in the refrigerator.

During the night, the cream will well permeate the layers and the cake will turn out so juicy that it will melt in your mouth.

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