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Cake anthill biscuits — a quick version of the cake

Since this dessert is made on the basis of cookies, it is better to take a favorite treat that is loved by everyone. But you shouldn’t complicate the recipe too much or prepare a cake from expensive snacks, because you will not notice the taste of expensive cookies, and the costs will increase several times.

Quick anthill recipe

Let’s start the selection of cookies.

You should not buy ready-made crumb, which can only be used for a cake without baking, in which all the cookies are ground and it is not clear that all the crumbs are from a different type of baking. The most delicious cookies that are well suited for an anthill are “Baked milk”.

This kind of delicacy is tasty in itself, but it can be a little expensive for some. You can use the usual «Jubilee» or any other shortbread cookies, which can be found in the nearest shop.

On the choice of jewelry.

To decorate a standard classic anthill, chocolate glaze is used, which is very well combined with the taste of condensed milk, with which the cake will be bonded.

For filling the cake, you can use pieces of dried apricots, prunes, nuts, raisins or poppy seeds. It will not be a special violation of the recipe if you make a filling of finely chopped chocolate.

Since in most cases, many housewives prepare a treat for their own children, the choice of filling depends only on the favorite taste of these homemade mischievous persons.

So what needs to be purchased to cook an ant-based cookie:

  • Cookies «Baked Milk» — 600 gr .;
  • Butter — 100 g;
  • Condensed boiled milk — 500 gr .;
  • Sour cream with fat content of 25-30% — 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • Walnuts — 0.5 cups;
  • Chocolate — 50 gr.

The basis of the dough is made from cookies, so it must be crushed. But do not rub it on the grater or run in a blender, as in this case it turns out almost flour. And the anthill is good just slices of whole cookies in it.

It is better to break with your hands, besides, children can be attracted to this process, who will later eat this cake for both cheeks. There must be small pieces and large and very tiny.

When I make this cake, I grind a third of the cookies in a meat grinder, and break the rest. Now let’s do the impregnation, or rather the cohesive mass of the cake. Beat the boiled condensed milk with a mixer and add sour cream and softened butter to it.

Again, all is well whipped to complete homogeneity, then add the nuts.

For an anthill, I don’t chop nuts much, as my home ones love to feel pieces of nuts on their teeth.

Now we begin to collect the anthill itself.

Combine the impregnation and the mass of broken and twisted cookies and knead thoroughly. The mass should be viscous. If it’s too liquid, add some more cookies.

If it is too thick, then a little more cream.

For the assembly, we use the dish on which we lay out all the prepared mass and form a rounded hill. If it does not turn out quite neatly and perform the corners of a broken cookie, the cake will be more like an anthill.

After making chocolate icing, melting the pieces of chocolate in a water bath with a small amount of milk. We pour the icing on top of the center of the cake, but we try to make small streams so that the chocolate does not cover the entire cake, but rather, as it were, depicts small streams on the surface.

Next, make a tasty snack in the refrigerator, you can in the freezer for an hour, and then rearranged in the refrigerator for another 3-4 hours. During this time, the anthill will set well and harden and when cutting pieces you will see a rather dense inner surface of the cake.

Mods of the nest of cookies

If you are bored with seeing one color of the cake, then no one bothers to make some changes to it. The easiest is to replace cookies.

That is, for the preparation of a two-color ant hill will require 300 grams. light cookies (Baked milk, Cream, Jubilee) and 300 gr. chocolate chip cookies.

The second change may occur when replacing the nut crumb on prunes cut into small slices or dried apricots. Cake will get a completely new sound of taste and color.

You can diversify the anthill in accordance with the preferences of family members, so that everyone will be satisfied with the eaten piece of cake.

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