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Biscuit impregnation syrup: step-by-step recipes with photos

Sponge cake is used as the basis for the preparation of various confectionery products. To make the cake juicy, experienced chefs use syrup to soak biscuit.

This ingredient has become popular among hostesses. However, in order for the syrup to be tasty and to properly soak the cakes, it is worthwhile to learn about some of the intricacies of the cooking process.

Principles of Syrup Preparation

Cakes are well soaked. If you neglect the cooking technology, the biscuit will be wet.

The taste of the finished dish will be spoiled.

  1. Impregnation should be applied with a silicone brush or spread with a spoon.
  2. You can diversify the recipe of syrup with the help of vanillin, juice, coffee. You can add any ingredients, depending on personal preference.
  3. Before using impregnation, it should stand for a day. This will allow her to acquire a stunning flavor.

The recipes for preparing a syrup are vast. By adding new ingredients to the composition, you can also change the taste of the finished dish.

Fantasy has no limits. Every hostess in her own kitchen can work wonders.

Baking soaked in syrups, you can safely include in the holiday menu. Surely, there is a recipe that will surprise the guests.

Cognac and Strawberry Syrup

Syrup for impregnation of sponge cake with cognac is not difficult to prepare. It is important to understand that baking will get alcoholic.

However, despite this, many hostesses prefer this particular recipe.

The finished product impregnated with this syrup has an amazing taste and amazing aroma. The smell of alcohol is almost not felt.

Thanks to the strawberry composition acquires a light sweetness.

Pleasant notes make the finished product unique. It is impossible to refuse such a dish.

Even true gourmets will appreciate the delicacy.


  • water — 300 ml;
  • Cognac — 60 ml;
  • sugar — 50 grams;
  • strawberries — 300 grams.

Step-by-step cooking recipe:

Rinse the berries, remove the tails, make juice.

Put the berry in a saucepan, add water, granulated sugar.

Place the container on the stove, cook on low heat. After boiling water to cook a lot for another 5 minutes.

Pour into the general composition of strawberry juice, mix, place on fire. Bring mass to a boil, cook for 3 minutes, remove from heat.

Cool the resulting composition, enter the brandy, mix.

Sugar syrup in the classic version

The recipe for sugar syrup for impregnation of sponge cake will be useful for beginner housewives. With the help of impregnation, you can easily give the finished dishes a special taste and amazing flavor.

This recipe is the main, cognac can be replaced by any other ingredients. Vanilla, white wine, juices, berries are perfectly combined in this recipe.

Choosing new ingredients, you can change the taste of baking. It all depends on personal preferences and taste preferences.

It is important to know that after preparing the syrup, it must be allowed to stand for 7 hours. Otherwise, the finished product will become wet and crumble.

It is recommended to soak the cakes at room temperature.


  • water — 120 ml;
  • sugar — 130 grams;
  • Cognac — 40 grams.

Step-by-step cooking recipe:

Take the container, combine the sugar and water in it.

The composition is constantly stirring, bring to a boil, cool. Only in the cooled mass enter the brandy.

Otherwise, the aromatic substances will simply evaporate.

Prepare clean dry dishes, pour liquid into it. Put the composition in the refrigerator, if necessary, use.

Fruit syrup

Prepare a delicious sponge cake in your own kitchen is not difficult. However, not every housewife knows that with the help of impregnation, you can change the taste of the finished dish.

Biscuit impregnation of lemon syrup makes baking delicate and fragrant. Preparing the composition quickly enough. It is important to know that proportions should be strictly observed.

Otherwise, the mass will turn out viscous, it will be very hard to soak the pastries.


  • sugar — 40 grams;
  • lemon — 1 piece;
  • water — 40 grams;
  • vanilla — to taste.

Step-by-step cooking recipe:

  1. Prepare a lemon, rinse it, squeeze the juice.
  2. Pour water into a saucepan, bring to a boil, add sugar.
  3. Combine with vanilla, lemon juice.
  4. Sugar should be completely dissolved.
  5. Cool the composition, you can proceed to the impregnation of baking.

Coffee aroma syrup

Of the variety of options offered, for lovers of sweet notes presented a recipe for syrup impregnation of sponge cake, it can be both chocolate and coffee. The prepared composition differs not only in taste characteristics, but also in appearance. Its consistency is thick, the color is brown.

Many hostesses prefer this particular recipe. With this impregnation, the finished dish will amaze you with its amazing taste.


  • ground coffee — 40 grams;
  • sugar — 200 grams;
  • water — 250 ml;
  • Cognac — 20 grams.

Step-by-step cooking recipe:

  1. Pour 1⁄2 part of water into the container, add sugar, put the pan on the fire.
  2. As soon as the liquid boils, you can remove the container with the contents from the stove.
  3. Brew coffee. In Turku pour the rest of the water, pour the coffee, put it on the stove.
  4. After boiling, remove the container to the side for 20 minutes, the broth should cool down a little.
  5. After 20 minutes, filter the coffee drink, cool, mix with sugar syrup and brandy.

Citrus impregnation

Citruses are the favorite fruits of many, based on them you can easily make a syrup for impregnating sponge cake at home. The prepared composition can be used for impregnation of a roll, cake.

Baking, soaked in this syrup, has a pleasant acidity. In addition, sweet notes can be traced. This combination is sure to appeal to all family members.

Even children will be delighted with the treats.


  • lemon juice — 100 grams;
  • lemon peel — 10 grams;
  • orange peel — 10 grams;
  • sugar — 50 grams.

Step-by-step cooking recipe:

  1. Before starting to prepare, rinse the fruit well, soak in boiling water for 15 minutes. This will get rid of bitterness.
  2. In a container, mix all the ingredients, put the pot on a small fire. Cooking time is not more than 15 minutes.
  3. Strain the resulting mass, pour the syrup into a separate jar.
  4. Store the composition in the refrigerator, if desired, to use.

Honey and creamy impregnation

The combination of honey composition and cream based on sour cream gives the sweet dish a stunning taste and a magical aroma. How to cook syrup for impregnation of biscuit do not know everything.

After reading this recipe, you can work wonders in your own kitchen.


  • honey — 500 ml;
  • water — 250 ml;
  • sugar — 50 grams;
  • sour cream — 200 grams.

Step-by-step cooking recipe:

  1. Make honey syrup, mix water with honey.
  2. To moisten cakes with this composition.
  3. Make sour cream.
  4. Beat sour cream with sugar.
  5. Cream composition to miss the sponge cake.

Expert advice

To get a fragrant and tasty impregnation, you should listen to some recommendations of experienced chefs. These tips will help in the cooking process.

As a result, you can get a terrific syrup.

  1. You can not add flavors in a hot liquid. All substances evaporate, the resulting composition will not have a bright and rich aroma.
  2. Before using the syrup, it must be cooled.
  3. After preparing the impregnation, it is advisable to let it stand for a day.
  4. The composition can include not only brandy. Liquor or other alcoholic drink can also be used.
  5. An important point is given to respect for proportions. All ingredients should be added in strict accordance with the proposed recipe. Otherwise, the sponge cake will turn into a wet porridge.
  6. It is necessary to correctly calculate how much syrup is required to impregnate the product. If you take an excessive amount of the composition, the result may be disappointing.

How to use impregnation?

Many housewives after cooking syrup begin to pour liquid sponge cake. However, this is not necessary. From excessive impregnation, the cake will not be more delicious.

On the contrary, it will become wet, and acquire an unattractive appearance.

If you follow the instructions and follow all the rules, you will be able to cook a terrific dessert and use it to surprise the whole family.

  1. First of all, it is necessary to determine the condition of the cake layers, whether they are dry or wet. Based on this, it will be clear how much impregnation should be taken.
  2. The method of application also plays an important role. The best option is to spray the prepared composition from the spray. So the cake will be saturated with all sides. If the availability of this device did not refuse, you can use a regular teaspoon. Work should be carried out carefully, slowly. Most importantly, distribute the composition evenly. Otherwise, it will turn out one side soaked and the other dry. In addition, for the treatment of cakes, you can use a special silicone brush.
  3. And finally. After processing the biscuit, it must be placed in the refrigerator for 6 hours. Ideal if the cake will soak all night. In this case, pastries should be covered to preserve the flavor of the finished dish.
    How to choose a syrup, everyone decides for himself. It all depends on personal preferences and taste preferences. It is important to know that there are a huge variety of options, each of them deserves special attention.

Before proceeding with the preparation of impregnation, you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules of cooking and expert advice. Some recommendations will help to avoid mistakes.

As a result, it will be possible to cook a delicious dessert that both adults and children will surely enjoy.

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