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Biscuit Curd Cream: Six Cooking Recipes with Photos

Back in the early 15th century, curd desserts began to appear on the table of the nobility in Russia. And only in the 18th century, both citizens and peasants began to make products from cottage cheese.

Began to make products such as curd pastes, creams and others. Their recipes became more diverse.

Adding to them various flavors, nuts, fruits and berries gave them their original notes, and contributed to the growth of their popularity in the preparation of desserts.

For the classic cream of cottage cheese requires a minimum number of components.

In particular, in order to make it used sour cream, curd mass, butter and granulated sugar. To give the classic recipe individuality, it is added fruits, berries, nuts, essences, chocolate, cream, yogurt, brandy.

Do not overlook the recipe for making cream cheese with gelatin, which is ideal for the cake.

Cottage cheese as the basis of the cream and its classification according to GOST

To make a delicious cream of cottage cheese, we can not do without the main component, that is, cottage cheese. The cream itself depends on its quality.

Cottage cheese is a useful and at the same time diet product that should be present in the diet of any person.

The main requirements for curd are presented in GOST R 52096-2003 and are stipulated by technical specifications of manufacturers.

In GOST R 52096-2003, cottage cheese is divided into:

— fat free — does not exceed 1.8%;

— non-greasy — from 2 to 3.8%;

— classic — from 4 to 18%;

— fat — from 19 to 23%.

GOST R 52096-2003 also regulates the type and desired consistency of cottage cheese, taste, smell and other parameters.

The type and texture of cottage cheese according to GOST R 52096-2003 is a rather soft mass, crumbly or smearing.

According to GOST R 52096-2003, cottage cheese has a sour-milk taste, without the presence of foreign taste and smell.

The color according to GOST R 52096-2003 should be white or have a small cream shade that is distributed evenly throughout the mass.

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Thus, the quality of the curd mass is regulated by GOST. All of this is indicated on the label or packaging.

Do not forget that before cooking a cream product, cottage cheese must necessarily be ground using a sieve or minced. This will allow you to get a crushed mass of a uniform consistency without lumps.

Recipes for your cookbook

Classic curd cream

A simple recipe for classic cottage cheese cream is quite simple to prepare; it does not require any special knowledge. It is ideal for sponge cake, so if you make an independent dessert in combination with pieces of fruit and berries.

At the initial stage, 250 grams of 9% fat cottage cheese is wiped using a sieve to a state of uniformity and a complete absence of lumps. After that, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and 50 grams of butter are added to it.

All these components are mixed thoroughly and whipped with a mixer until a state of uniformity. After that, 400 grams of pre-sifted powdered sugar is added to the resulting mass of curd. When this powder is added gradually and constantly stirred with a spoon.

Then it is still whipped with a mixer at medium speed until a homogeneous consistency mass is obtained. Next, the creamy finished product is placed in the refrigerator for a while.

Cream of cottage cheese and cream for sponge cake

The recipe for cream of cottage cheese and cream is most often used for the layer and decoration of sponge cake.

Originally cooled cream of fat content of not less than 33% in the amount of 200 milliliters is poured into an enameled bowl, and 1 bag of thickener is added to them. After that, everything is whipped with a mixer at low speed, gradually gaining momentum, until the formation of air peaks.

In a separate container, 300 grams of cottage cheese, 100 grams of powdered sugar and a pinch of vanillin are ground by a blender. After which both masses are combined into one and mixed with a silicone spatula until homogeneous.

After that, the finished cream substance is placed in the refrigerator and is ready for the layer and cake decorating.

Curd jelly cream

This recipe is also quite often used to make sponge cake, it can also be used to make multi-layer jelly.

Previously, 1 tablespoon of gelatinous powder is soaked in water for 20 minutes until the crystals completely dissolve.

To make it, 4 tablespoons of flour are poured into a small saucepan, poured over 200 milliliters of milk and stirred well until the lumps disappear. After that, the milk is brought to a boil and cooled.

150 grams of curd mass is wiped using a sieve to a uniform state without lumps. After that, add 2 tablespoons of butter and one glass of granulated sugar.

It all mixes up.

4 eggs are taken and proteins are separated from the yolks. After that, the yolks are whipped and added to the curd mass.

All this is mixed in a blender until smooth.

Then the curd and milk mass are combined, and a bag of vanillin is added. Squirrels are whipped with a mixer until a fluffy foam is formed. Then they are added to the curd mass, and the prepared gelatin is added here.

All thoroughly mixed, and the finished product is removed in the refrigerator.

Cream of cottage cheese and sour cream

This recipe makes it possible to prepare a thick cream very melting, you can say melting in the mouth texture, which is perfect for sponge cake, as well as an independent dessert. It is quite simple and ingredients are not difficult to purchase.

For its preparation will require 400 grams of 5% fat content of cottage cheese, which must be passed through a sieve to remove lumps and get a more homogeneous mass. After that, a bag of vanillin is added to the curd and everything is thoroughly whipped with a mixer. In a whipped curd mass is added 3 tablespoons of sour cream and sugar to taste.

All this is again whipped with a mixer until homogeneous for at least two minutes. After that, the finished product is placed in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Curd cream with oranges and lemon

The recipe for cottage cheese cream with oranges and lemon will allow you to make an amazing sponge cake and please your loved ones and friends.

15 grams of gelatinous powder is soaked in water until the crystals completely disappear.

For the preparation of dessert cream will need 300 grams of 9% curd. Pound it through a sieve until the lumps completely disappear.

110 grams of white sugar and 7 grams of vanillin are added to the curd, mix and beat with a mixer until a homogeneous mass is formed.

Fry about 50 grams of walnuts in a dry frying pan and chop. After that, mix with the mass of the curd.

To make a creamy product you also need 1 lemon and 1 orange. Lemon and orange peel rubbed on a fine grater. 340 ml of pre-cooled cream are whipped with a mixer, and then grated orange and lemon rinds are added to them.

Lemon and orange slices are ground with a blender, 70 milliliters of sugar syrup is added to them. Then gelatin, curd mass, cream mass and fruit are combined and whipped with a mixer.

The finished product is placed for some time in the refrigerator and ready for cake.

Banana Curd Cream

The recipe for a delicious banana cream cheese will give your cake an unforgettable taste.

For its preparation, 200 grams of curd mass is wiped using a sieve until the lumps are eliminated, after which it is whipped with a blender to an air homogeneous mass. To it is added 100 grams of kefir, 1 bag of vanilla sugar, white sugar to taste the pastry chef and 2 bananas, pre-cut into small pieces. After that, all the components are mixed and whipped again.

The finished product can be decomposed into ice-cream bowls and decorated with chocolate chips and nuts. If we want to get a thicker cream for the cake, it is necessary to reduce the volume of kefir.

The recipe you choose.

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