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Bird Cake with Sour Cream

Agree that such desserts as Pan Cat, creme brulee are very tasty and have undisputed popularity, but there are also our native Russian products from which you can make a delicious dessert. For example, from bird cherry — bird cherry cake.

Recipes using bird cherry does not count.

Siberian housewives add this berry in kissel, tincture. They also make flour from dried berries that have been ground together with a stone.

We offer you more than one recipe for making cake from bird-cherry flour.

Cheremukhovo — Chocolate

The recipe is designed for 18 servings.


  • Dark chocolate — 600 g;
  • Butter — 500 gr .;
  • Egg — 9 pcs .;
  • Cream — 270 ml .;
  • Pine or almond nut — 150 gr .;
  • Salt — 4 g .;
  • Starch — 32 g;
  • Granulated sugar — 500 gr .;
  • Wheat flour — 125 gr .;
  • Bird-cherry flour — 250 g;

Bird flour in flavor and taste is very similar to almonds. In the preparation of housewives use it for a long time to this day to give the products a chocolate color, taste and aroma of almonds.

In addition to the incredible aroma, flour is rich in iron, zinc, pectin, tannins.

Cooking process:

  • On a water bath, melt chocolate with butter;
  • Mix eggs with salt. Then add sugar. These ingredients simply mix and not whisk;
  • cream is heated;
  • pour hot cream into the melted chocolate;
  • chocolate trickle pour into the egg mixture and mix until smooth;

Mix dry ingredients:

  • combine cherry flour with wheat flour;
  • add starch;
  • a mixture of dry ingredients add to chocolate;
  • pour into the form, sprinkle nuts on top;
  • put in a preheated oven to 180 C and bake for 40 minutes.

We decorate the cake with Physalis or strawberries. When serving, you can serve with ice cream.


Want to surprise loved ones, but do not have time, then this quick recipe is for you.


  • A glass of bird flour;
  • A glass of milk;
  • Eggs — 5 pieces;
  • Sugar — 200 gr .;
  • Butter — 80 gr .;
  • Baking powder — 1 tsp.

Cooking process:

  • Bird-cherry flour mixed with milk and boil, stirring continuously over low heat to make a thick mass. But, the main thing you need to boil until the bird-cherry stones stop crunching. Mass cooled;
  • Melt the butter and cool;
  • Add melted butter to the flour and mix it thoroughly;
  • Add sifted flour with baking powder;
  • We break eggs, squirrels and yolks together. Beat up to air mass. Add to the heavy mass of flour, bird cherry and butter;
  • Split the form we covered with parchment paper and grease with butter and sprinkle with flour
  • Pour the dough into the form and level
  • We put the form in a preheated oven to 180 C and bake for 45-50 minutes;

For impregnation:

  • Black currant syrup — 125 ml .;
  • Brandy — 1 tbsp. spoon.

Using a brush, soak the cut of the cake. The texture of the cake reminds a very dense sponge cake.

The second half of the cake is also wetted.

Sour cream:

The traditional recipe for making cream cream will be here, just what we need. Sour cream perfectly soak cakes.

  • Sugar powder — 50 gr .;
  • Sour cream — 500 gr .;

We combine two cakes, missed them with sour cream. The surface is also lubricated with cream.

Bird cherry cake can be decorated with grated chocolate.

Puff pastry and bird cherry

This recipe is easy to prepare, as it uses ready-made puff yeast dough.

In addition to it, for the preparation we need:

  • Bird-cherry flour — 1 cup;
  • Sugar — 1 cup;
  • Flower honey — 2 tbsp. lodges;
  • Chopped nuts (walnuts or pine) — 1.5 cups;
  • Sugar powder — 4 tbsp. spoons;

Siberian pasta recipe:

  • Flour should swell, to do this, an hour before cooking, pour it with hot water (about 150 ml.);
  • In the swollen flour add sugar and honey. Cook the mass until thick;
  • In the thickened mass add nuts. Remove from heat. Let the bird cherry cool to room temperature.

Cooking cream:

The traditional recipe for making cream cream consists of the combination of two ingredients:

  • Sour cream — 300 gr .;
  • Sugar powder — 150 gr .;

Roll out puff pastry on three layers.

We alternate the layers in the following order:

1 layer: layer puff pastry

2 layer: cherry paste

The top layer is not yet covered. Leave the cake at room temperature for 40 minutes.

Then bake at a temperature of 190 C for 30 minutes.

Top layer 10 minutes before the end of baking, cover with sour cream and sprinkle with chopped nuts.

Bird cherry cake ready! Enjoy your meal!

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