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Belkovo custard to decorate the cake — beautiful and tasty

Most brides and grooms, knowing that the main amount for making this cake will go not so much to beauty as to weight — they order very light types of cakes that are well decorated only with custard. Since not every type of light cake can be rolled up under mastic.

But even if you ordered or made a multi-tiered cake with mastic, then you can decorate it with custard protein cream.

The recipe for Italian meringue, which decorates most of these cakes, is well described in the article “Decorations for wedding cakes made from custard protein cream.” Also, protein custard is very good for use under mastic, only it is necessary to make a more dense and viscous mass.

First, it is easier to align, and secondly, mastic does not push such a coating.

Sturdy custard smoothing cake for mastic

The required ingredients that this recipe prescribes are:

• Proteins of chicken eggs — 100 gr .;
• Sugar powder — 100 gr .;
• Starch — 50 gr .;
• Sugar sand — 200 gr.

Now about the correct sequence of preparation of this protein fudge under mastic.

If you break the sequence or use the wrong amount of ingredients, the cream may leak and the mastic will begin to roll.

At the very beginning we are making the base, or rather the syrup, which will hold together the protein custard. To do this, pour water into a saucepan — 3 tablespoons and pour all the sugar. Mix well and set on the hob.

On low heat, cook this base to obtain a thick syrup. You can check its readiness with a spoon, when a very thick and thick string is pulled behind it.

In order for the cream to remain pure white, it is necessary to fill the still hot mass with citric acid at the tip of the knife and mix thoroughly.

In a separate bowl, beat the proteins to a stable mass, or as they say to soft peaks.

After that you can begin to pour a syrup into proteins in a thin stream, this should be done in three stages, without stopping to beat. In order for the mass to be stable and dense mixing whipping cannot be stopped until the cream is completely cooled. The whole process lasts about thirty minutes.

Only when the mass of protein custard is cool, add starch and icing sugar. This mass can already be mixed with a spatula.

In order to completely level the cake under the paste it is necessary to use a long, even knife, which is constantly wetted in water. Covered in protein cream cake, refrigerate for at least 1 hour.

Only after cooling can pastries be covered with an even layer of mastic and start making decorations from the same protein cream.

Protein Cream Decoration Recipe

There is a mass of jewelry from various creams that fit well on mastic.

But if you want to make a festive and easy cake, then the decorations of protein cream will suit perfectly.
High-quality protein cream will not flow and will last for quite a long time at any room temperature. Not every recipe can boast of such resistance.

Even if we talk about oil decorations, then at very high room temperatures they can leak a little. In most rooms where large holidays take place with a huge number of guests, it becomes hot in a couple of hours.

In addition, oil decorations are not too fond of children and most adults.

Decorations of cream on proteins are able to please anyone. At present, when the technology of confectionery production rises to new levels, this method of decorating the cake becomes more in demand.

Modern technology for a beautiful cake

The quickest recipe to decorate any cake is to use photo printing on edible rice paper. No matter how many cakes I see, it always turns out very beautiful, and most importantly, quickly.

True, not everyone can afford such an ornament, as in most small towns and villages you will not find such a service.

But if there is an opportunity to order a picture for a cake, then remember that it only occupies the top of the cake.

Lowering the photo on the sidewalls is not necessary, since it is impossible to evenly distribute it over the surface of the edges, resulting creases and folds. This is bad for the overall baking experience.

It is at this moment that the protein mass saves, which can decorate the edges, as well as make a volumetric picture of the photo.

In order to make the decorations you need to color the mass, which is made using the previous recipe in the desired color. But there is one problem — the dyes for the protein mass are not too bright.

To properly color the fudge you need to consult with experts about the possibility of using one or another dye. Immediately make a reservation that the fatty and alcohol-containing dyes are not suitable for protein mass.

Fat cocoa will lead to dripping jewelry.

Alcohol will lead to the same results, so if you have not found a suitable dye, it is better to leave the recipe unchanged, and for decorations use confectionary beads.

Protein Recipe with Butter

There is another way to create beautiful figures on the cake from the protein component — a protein mass with butter. It is only necessary to purchase high-quality and tasty butter to make the fudge taste good.

To prepare use:

• Egg white — 4 pcs .;
• Sugar sand — 225 gr .;
• Butter — 300 gr.

From this amount of ingredients you get about half a kilogram of cream, but if you need more, then increase all ingredients by proportion. Preparation will begin with the fact that the proteins are mixed with sugar and heat the mixture in a water bath.

Sugar should be completely dissolved and only after that you can remove the mass from the bath and put it in a bowl with ice or cold water.

At this time, beat the butter until fluffy dense mass. Now combine the cooled protein mass with the oil and carefully beat.

Only after the fudge increases in volume, stop whipping and use for interlayer between cake layers or as a base for mastic.

On a note

Protein cream does not contain any bacteria, since the syrup has a temperature of at least 110 degrees and, when added to raw proteins, kills all bacteria present in eggs.
Eggs must be washed before use to prevent harmful bacteria from entering.

When cooking the syrup, you can check it with citric acid. If, when you add it, the base for fudge becomes brown, then pour everything out and start cooking again.
The undercooked syrup will not be able to keep the correct, steady consistency of the cream and the mass will flow quickly.

Try, experiment, as the best recipes arise only through trial and error.

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