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Bear Cake: recipe with photos step by step in the oven

Bear Cake is a smetan dessert, which has been known since Soviet times. Preparing it is quite difficult.

However, over time it will be possible to create a real culinary masterpiece.

Airy, soft cake will not go unnoticed. Especially it attracts the attention of children. Kids are happy to try a piece.

Dessert recipes are varied, from a variety of options, you can choose the one you like.

Classic cake «Bear»

Soviet recipe, which consists of ordinary products. A great option for a festive table.

Gentle delicacy will not leave anyone indifferent. Every housewife should have in the cookbook a classic recipe for a teddy bear cake.

With its help, it will be possible to pamper the whole family with refreshments, to please the invited guests.


For the test:

  • sour cream — 500 ml;
  • sugar — 350 g;
  • flour — 380 g;
  • cocoa — 60 g;
  • butter — 50 g;
  • baking powder — 1 bag.

For cream:

  • sour cream — 750 ml;
  • powdered sugar — 150 g;
  • vanilla sugar — 1 bag.

To decorate:

  • walnuts — 200 g;
  • dark chocolate — 50 g.


Take a bowl, combine the flour and baking powder in it.

Melt the butter in the microwave.

Mix sour cream with sugar, add melted butter. Stir well.

Combine the mass with sour cream and flour mixture. To mix everything.

Divide the dough into 2 parts, fill cocoa into one. The result is a light and dark mass.

According to the consistency, it should resemble thick sour cream.

To make a teddy bear cake, you need to bake light and dark cakes. Roll them on the table will not work. Therefore, you need to prepare 3 cut packages.

Spread them on the table, in the center lay out the light dough. Collect the edges of the package to make a knot.

Prepare 3 sheets of parchment paper, spread them on the table. Put dough on palm, put it in the center of the paper.

Since it is soft, you will have to work quickly. Roll out the dough, level the cake.

Remove the film, transfer the paper with the dough to a baking sheet.

Cooking pastries at a temperature of 200 degrees. For cooking, take no more than 10 minutes.

During this time, the pancakes should be slightly browned.

At the end of the allotted time to remove the cake from the oven, put on the table. Using a plate align the edges.

Trimming clean, they will be used to decorate the dessert.

Invert the cooled cake, remove the paper from the baking dish.

The rest pancakes bake in the same way. Determine the readiness of cakes with cocoa more difficult than light.

Therefore, it is best to note the time.

Cut the dough on a baking sheet, dry in the oven, grind. They will be used to decorate the Bear cake, cooked according to the classic recipe.

Be engaged in the preparation of the cream. Since it will be sour cream, it is best to take sour cream fat. In a container combine cold sour cream, powdered sugar, vanilla sugar.

Mix everything well.

It remains to collect dessert. Put the dark cake on the dish, smear it with cream.

Sprinkle with chopped nuts. So put all the cakes, alternating white and black.

Top baking and sides well smeared with cream. Decorate at your discretion.

Give baking to infuse. It takes 5 hours to do this.

If time allows, you can leave the dessert to soak for 12 hours.

Put the treat in the fridge, let it cool. After that, all can be collected at the same table.

The dish turns out tender, tasty. It will be a wonderful decoration of the holiday table.

Delicacy will be enjoyed by both children and adults.

Homemade teddy bear cake

How to make a cake Mishka interests many housewives. The recipe for modern housewives got from their grandmothers.

Each family is happy to cook pastries. The recipe is unique, spoil the dish is almost impossible. Even an inexperienced hostess will cope with the task and will be able to pamper the family with a terrific dessert.

Baking turns soft, soft. Even a child will taste a piece with pleasure.


  • sour cream — 350 g;
  • flour — 500 g;
  • sugar — 200 g;
  • butter — 20 g;
  • cocoa — 50 g;
  • vanilla — at its discretion;
  • salt — pinch;
  • baking powder — 1 bag.
  • For cream:
  • sour cream — 1 l;
  • sugar — 300 g;
  • vanilla — at its discretion.

For the glaze:

  • sugar — 100 g;
  • cocoa — 30 g;
  • butter — 50 g;
  • cream — 50 g


  1. To make a cake bear, you need to prepare all the ingredients. It is best to put them on the table so that the products are on hand.
  2. Pour sugar, sour cream, butter into a bowl. To mix everything. Sugar should be completely dissolved.
  3. The resulting mass is divided into 2 parts. In one of them pour cocoa.
  4. In each mixture to enter the sifted flour, salt, baking powder.
  5. Flour fall asleep gradually, watching the dough. His best to knead hands. You should get an elastic mass that will not stick to your hands. If the dough is tight, the cakes will be tough.
  6. Put the dough aside, it should rest for about half an hour. Cut the pieces into 3 pieces, put baking paper on the table, roll out the dough into a thin circle.
  7. Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Cakes are baked quickly, each takes no more than 15 minutes.
  8. Meanwhile, do the preparation of the cream. In a separate container combine sour cream, sugar, vanilla. Mix thoroughly. It should make a thick cream.
  9. Remove baking from the oven, put on a plate, cool.
  10. It remains to fold the cake Mishka. The bottom layer appears brown cake. Put it on a plate, smear with sour cream. Put a white pancake on top. Thus collect the dish, promazyvaya each layer of cream. Top and sides of the baking is also a good fluff.
  11. Prepare the icing. Take a pan, combine sugar, cocoa, cream. Put the container on a small fire, heat until sugar is completely dissolved.
  12. In the mixture to introduce butter, heat. Once the butter has melted, the icing is ready.
  13. Cover the dessert with icing. Remove pastries in the fridge for a day.
  14. It remains to wait for the moment when you can try an amazing delicacy.

Cake Bear with Cocoa

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For sponge cake:

  • sour cream — 200 g;
  • sugar — 200 g;
  • flour — 400 g;
  • butter — 50 g;
  • cocoa — 30 g;
  • baking powder — 1 bag.

For cream:

  • butter — 250 g;
  • milk — 80 g;
  • powdered sugar — 400 g;
  • cocoa — 50 g


  1. Prepare the necessary ingredients. It is best to put them on the table.
  2. Put the butter in a bowl, melt it, combine with sugar. Beat well. The mixture should have a white tint.
  3. Add sour cream, mix until smooth.
  4. Divide the mixture into 2 parts. Add baking powder to each mass.
  5. Into one bowl add cocoa and flour, in the other — only flour. Add flour slowly, while constantly stirring. It should make a soft dough.
  6. The resulting mass is divided into 6 parts. It turns out 3 dark and 3 light pieces. Put the dough in the fridge for half an hour.
  7. To make a teddy bear cake, after 30 minutes to get the dough out of the fridge, roll out the pancakes.
  8. Take a baking sheet, brush with butter, put the cake. Pierce pancakes with a fork.
  9. Bake cakes at a temperature of 180 degrees for no more than 15 minutes.
  10. To align the edges, on top of the pancakes you need to put a plate, carefully cut.
  11. Be engaged in the preparation of the cream. Butter combine with powdered sugar, slowly pour milk. Mix well, beat.
  12. Once the mixture is fluffy, add cocoa. Beat the mass until smooth.
  13. It remains to collect the cake. Cakes need to alternate. At the bottom place a dark pancake, smear it with cream, lay light on top. So collect the dessert.
  14. Decorate the dish at your discretion. You can take trimming cakes, grind to the state of crumbs, sprinkle with dessert.
  15. Put the dish in the fridge, it will take at least 5 hours to soak it. At the end of the allotted time to get a dessert from the refrigerator, you can arrange homemade tea.

Cake Bear can be prepared according to different recipes. After reviewing the classic version, it will be possible to create real culinary masterpieces.

Adding your favorite ingredients to the dish, you can change the taste of baking. In any case, the delicacy will be very tasty, tender, soft.

A great option for a holiday. All guests will appreciate the treat at its true worth.

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