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Barberry berry useful properties for our health

Both traditional medicine and phytotherapy often use barberries in their recipes.

For a more detailed acquaintance with the beneficial properties and characteristics of this plant, we suggest this article.

Even in ancient Babylon, this berry was known as a medicinal plant.

It was used in medicine, cosmetology and fortunetelling.

We offer you to see for yourself how this plant is relevant in our days.

The barberry is a branchy shrub belonging to the barberry family, it is characterized by sharp spines.

It has serrate leaves, yellow strongly smelling flowers to attract insects, dark red cylindrical shaped fruits.

These fruits have a sweet and sour taste, it has been known for a long time that they have beneficial properties.

Considering the conditions and locations of plants, the fruit is sown in late July or early September.

The plant is common in the Crimea, in the Upper Dnieper basin and other places.

  • light forests;
  • rocky slopes;
  • parks and gardens.

There are about 500 species of plants.

The most common are:

    barberry ordinary unpretentious in soil conditions. It is divided into the red leaf form of Atropurpurea and the variegated form of Albovarigat, Aureomarginat, Serrath, Sulcate, Alba, Lutea, Lutea, Asperma;

Amur barberry nekaprizen and winter-hardy, can withstand extreme heat. Popular Japanese garden form and variety Orpheus;

canadian barberry — came from North America. Its decorative forms are known, such as Declinate, Oxyphyll, Rederian;

fruit barberry Thunberg, whose homeland is Japan and China are not eaten because of their bitter taste, but birds readily feed on them. The barberry of Thunberg has more than 50 varieties, which differ in foliage color, shape and size;

barberry ottavsky — nothing more than a hybrid of the red-leaved form of the most common barberry and Thunberg barberry. Sorts: Superba, Purpureya, Auricom, Silver Miles;

Korean barberry originally from the Korean Peninsula, prefers stony ravines and mountain slopes;

whole barberry — ornamental shrubs, undemanding to the soil, preferring calcareous stony places and poorly growing on acidic soil;

barberry sharpened (Multi-blade) — comes from the mountains of Central Asia. Do not tolerate excessive moisture in rainy summer, since then they are subject to disease;

  • barberry monettate bred in Central and Central Asia, distributed on steppe dry slopes.
  • Unlimited use of the fruits, leaves and roots of this plant in medicine.

    Tinctures and extracts from this plant are popular in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, as a hemostatic, antibacterial and antipyretic drug.

    The barberry ordinary is an irreplaceable food plant.

    Ripe berries are edible, they can be used as a seasoning for meat dishes, for various rice dishes, etc.

    The leaves are used in the preparation of marinades.

    It is widely used for decorative purposes, as hedges.

    The composition of the berries includes carotenoids, micro- and macronutrients, pectin (0.4 … 0.6%) substances, beta-carotene, tannins (0.6 … 0.8%), sugar (3.9 … 7% ), useful carbohydrates, as well as vitamin C (25 … 100 mg), E, ​​about 15% of fatty oil, bioflavonoids (200 … 500 mg), alkaloids (10 … 75 mg).

    The unripe berries of barberry should not be eaten, as they contain the alkaloid berberine — a toxic substance.

    For therapeutic purposes, they mostly use the barberry berry, as it has useful properties.

    The plant has choleretic, antispasmodic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial, hemostatic, antitumor properties.

    Use a decoction of the leaves of a plant for diseases of the gallbladder, bile ducts.

    For hepatitis and jaundice, an infusion of leaves is recommended.

    Broth plants are used as antipyretic with fever, pneumonia.

    The substances found in the bark, leaves and roots lower blood pressure and contribute to a better heart function.

    Berry juice is used as a laxative and stimulates appetite.

    Infusion of barberry bark is used for infections of the gums and mouth.

    Take orally and as a rinse with diphtheria.

    Amur barberry is used as a tincture of leaves to reverse the development and contraction of the uterus in the postpartum period.

    It is also known that this species of this plant has a choleretic effect and should be used for jaundice, pleurisy and rheumatism.

    You can prepare the tincture of the leaves of the barberry plant as Amur and ordinary, it is prescribed drip inside.

    From it, you can cook almost everything that you have enough imagination.

    But the most common application is jam and tincture for weight loss.

    Jam, like everything else that can be prepared from barberry, has beneficial properties, as these berries are rich in various vitamins and trace elements.

    To make jam, you should sprinkle the washed fruits with sugar and keep them at 20 ° C for 26 hours.

    Drain the juice, the resulting substance pour hot syrup, which is prepared with most of the sugar, keep for 3-4 hours, then in a sealed container to heat over high heat, how to appear foam — to make a weak fire.

    When cooking, the mass should be shaken at times.

    For 10 minutes until the jam is fully prepared, pour the remaining sugar into boiling water, cover with a lid and cook on a low heat.

    The most effective way to lose excess weight is considered to be a barberry tincture, as it has really beneficial properties.

    Fans of scrambled eggs should know what her calorie content of 2 eggs, all this and other information in this article. We assure you should read this!

    Cooking meatballs with rice will not take you long to see for yourself: https: //notefood.ru/retsepty-blyud/vtory-e-blyuda/tefteli-s-risomi-i-podlivkoi.html We strongly recommend to read!

    For its preparation, you need to pour the young leaves (20 g) with 70% alcohol (120 g) and infuse in a dark cool place at 2 weeks.

    During this time, the liquid will turn a dark yellow color and acquire a sour taste.

    Take the resulting tincture need after a meal of 30 drops.

    The course of weight loss should not exceed three weeks.

    Barberry Drink

    Dried berries (200g) pour boiling water (1.1 l) and cook until the berries soften, then strain. Add diluted in hot water sugar (100g) and vanilla powder (1g).

    Barberry Tea

    Black barberry tea is especially tasty and has really beneficial properties for the body, it has a sweet-sour taste and is known for its tonic properties.

    In a teapot, predat with boiling water, pour 1 teaspoon of dried berries, pour in 1 tbsp. boiling water and add sugar to your taste.

    Before filtering, insist 8-10 minutes.

    You can add 1 teaspoon of dried berries instead of lemon to ordinary tea.

    This tea can get rid of problems in the cardiovascular system.

    Barberry juice

    Dried barberries, also has beneficial properties for the body.

    Pour boiling water over the dried berries and cook for 10 minutes, after insisting for 1.5 hours, strain before adding sugar.

    Add vanilla powder, diluted in water and stir.

    This drink is useful in diseases with high body temperature, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, etc.

    The decoction of this berry is more effective than the juice itself or the fruits of a given plant.

    Barberry juice

    Boil ripened berries in water and press.

    Sterilize the resulting juice in the bottle.

    Roots are used as raw materials, in order to get berberine, they can say, they also have useful properties.

    Barberry ordinary is used as a hemostatic agent in the treatment of diseases of the gallbladder.

    Used in the treatment of «Pendi’s ulcer» — a disease that occurs when mosquito bites.

    Do not use drugs from this plant during pregnancy.

    Need strict medical supervision when treating drugs from this plant.

    A long time ago, this honey is famous for its beneficial properties in cosmetology and medicine.

    Barberry honey is a golden-colored substance with a delicate aroma, sweet in taste.

    It is often used as a hemostatic agent.

    Often honey from this berry is used in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and in the treatment of diseases of the spleen and pancreas.

    It also has a beneficial effect on the diuretic system.

    Even taking into account the great benefits of barberry, you should consult a doctor before using it, despite its beneficial properties, it still has a number of contraindications.

    After all, treatment with the use of barberry is not suitable for all diseases, especially those who suffer from cirrhosis of the liver should be especially careful.

    When stones in the gall bladder should also be careful — pronounced choleretic effect of this plant can cause aggravation.

    This means of pregnancy for women and women who are breastfeeding will not benefit.

    Children under the age of 12 also do not prescribe therapy with this plant.

    Anyone wishing to be treated with this plant, it should be remembered that in the manufacture of medicinal tinctures, only ripe berries are used, because the green fruits are very poisonous.

    In general, treatment using barberry-based drugs proved to be at the proper level.

    The gentle effect of this plant on the human body will help you solve health problems without side effects.

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