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Anthill cake — a favorite children’s delicacy

Of course, you can make a quick ant hill, which is made from purchased shortbread biscuits, but this baking will not look that way and in its composition resembles a regular cake without baking. The only difference is in the form of the cake itself.

The recipe for a quick anthill can be seen in the article “An anthill made from cookies — a quick-on cake”. But since you decided to cook a real classic anthill made from homemade shortbread, you will immediately feel the difference in the taste of this and that dish.

Anthill cake — a classic recipe

What is included in the recipe for this wonderful cake taste:

• Wheat flour — 2.5 cups;
• Butter — 400 gr .;
• Granulated sugar — 1.2 cups (about 300 grams);
• Sour cream 20% — 200 gr .;
• Salt — 1 pinch;
• Boiled condensed milk — 1 bank;
• Soda — 0.5 tsp;
• Mac — 50 g;
• Chocolate — 100 gr .;
• Decorative chocolate topping — 1 bag.

The preparation of this cake begins with the manufacture of dough for shortbread.

Many people remember how mothers made wonderful biscuits from thin stripes, fastened together. In childhood, this seemed to be the height of confectionery, since the store could only buy the usual rectangular. And in the pastry was different, but the price for it always bite.

Here are our mothers and excelled, as they could for their favorite kids. Probably from this sandy splendor and went to the famous cake, which resembles an anthill.

Most likely, the cookies did not work out, and the hostess decided to somehow correct her mistake by holding together the broken pieces with boiled condensed milk cream.

Let’s start cooking the dough for cookies. First, sift the entire volume of flour. Then you need to slightly soften the butter, putting it next to the boiling kettle.

This way you can save time. In the flour lay out 200 gr. butter and mix.

After the oil, add all other products. Knead the dough with a spoon will be hard, as it is quite dense.

It is better to hold this procedure with your hands.

You can kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, make a good dough, and secondly, hands will be poured in butter and become more tender without the use of cream.

After the dough acquires the desired uniform consistency in the batch process, we begin to scroll through the meat grinder. Long flagella are obtained, which are fastened together again.

After a little scrolling, we pinch off all flagella in one batch of 10 cm and spread it on a baking sheet. Pre-baking should cover the paper for baking.

We preheat the oven to 180 degrees and put a baking sheet with an abundance of long flagella inside the oven. It is difficult to say exactly how long this cookie is baked. We must focus on its color.

When all the cookies become evenly golden, remove it from the oven.

While the dough is well rested in the oven, you should do the cream.

Prepare a cream of condensed boiled milk and butter at home is not difficult. Even if you do not have a mixer, you can whisk it with a whisk. Its recipe is as simple as two and two.

Bank of boiled condensed milk and 200 gr. butter. First, soften the butter a little and beat it.

After you need to add condensed milk and continue beating.

When the ready-made biscuit is slightly cooled, it must be crushed.

Only in no case pass it through a meat grinder, as it turns out almost dust, and we need small, but solid pieces. Best of all is to break it with your hands or with a wooden pulp.

After that, pour over the wreckage of cookies using cream from boiled condensed milk, and mix everything well. Next, put on the dish the resulting mass, the form should resemble a forest ant hill. Melt chocolate in a water bath, but not completely to a liquid state, but to the consistency of clay.

From this mass blind several large ants, making small heads and little bodies. We heat the rest of the chocolate harder and pour the anthill on top.

For the final decoration, we sprinkle a poppy seed cake, plant ready-made ants and create an imitation of small logs from decorative topping in the form of small thin sticks.

The cake is ready, now you need to put it in the freezer for 2 hours and then transfer it to the refrigerator for another two hours.
Using this recipe, you can see that baking an anthill is quite simple, even at home. Sometimes there is a problem with boiled condensed milk, as it, depending on the manufacturer has a different taste and texture.

It is easier to choose a good ordinary condensed milk and cook it at home.

I think there is nothing difficult to put the jar in a pot of water and put this design on the hob. Just do not forget about it and sometimes pour boiling water.

Cream of homemade boiled condensed milk turns out to be much more tender and pleasant to the taste.

A variety of additions to the classic recipe

No matter how we consider our recipe, all the components of the cookie remain unchanged. Therefore, to diversify the cake can only be additives that are added to the cream of condensed milk.

What serves as additives and how can the recipe change?

Of course, first of all it is nuts. It is better to take walnuts, as they have the most pronounced taste.

As a budget option, you can use peanuts, but it will have to be peeled. This is done quite simply — we fry the peanuts in a frying pan without adding oil and have already heated with flaky hands.

At the same time it is necessary to immediately break it into two halves.

What else can be added to the cream to change the recipe, while not touching the main ingredients.

Most supplements coexist well with condensed milk, so do not be afraid to experiment. But not only the cream can be diversified, but also fragments of cookies. For example, prunes and dried apricots are better to cut very finely and add not to the cream, but to the crumb of cookies.

Then pour all the cream with condensed milk and mix thoroughly.

We also lay the cake in a heap, sprinkle with poppy seeds and you get a real anthill with a slightly different flavor.

Raisins also have a good effect on the taste of your cake, only you need to pick up the raisins without stones.
In addition to the usual anthills, you can use a recipe with condensed milk and fresh berries. Only not all are well suited for this cake. The most common recipe is an anthill with cherries.

In this case, it is better to hide the whole cherry inside the cake.

And a little about the cream

The cream in the anthill is prepared from boiled condensed milk, in which case it turns out the desired consistency and freezes well. But if you want to make a cream from regular condensed milk.

In this case, you need a little increase the amount of butter. Approximately 1.5 times.

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You can make cocoa cream with condensed milk, while changing color. If you want to increase the amount of sweet, you can cover all the pastries with melted chocolate.

In this case, the cake will not be like a forest house for the ants, but its sweetness will be very much enjoyed by all the little ones in the house.

The most interesting thing is that this type of baking was invented far from Russia. Americans keep their first place in the preparation of cakes on the basis of a minced cake.

And in our country, this baked goods were sold in many pastry shops and shops only in the nineties of the last century.
Although as early as the 80s, housewives cooked an anthill in the home kitchen, but most often it was made from purchased cookies.

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