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Angel Tears Cake — recipe with photos step by step

Cottage cheese baking is the most delicious and healthy of all delicacies, such desserts can be given even to small children. You can make different types of pies and cakes out of cottage cheese.

Today we will talk about how to quickly and easily prepare the cake “Angel’s Tears” according to the recipe with the photo step by step at home.

In fact, the delicacy is prepared very simply. The finished dessert is not only incredibly tender and tasty, but also beautiful, so it is not a shame to put it on the holiday table for guests.

The recipe is based on the usual shortbread dough, it is not difficult to make it. At the same time, it is the sand base for the cake that takes the least time to prepare.

Inside there will be a delicate and tasty curd filling, and on top of the cake is covered with an airy white meringue.

The name of the cake was given precisely for the reason that after cooling in the refrigerating chamber, small amber-colored caramels are formed on the surface of the meringue.

Cake «Angel’s Tears» — the traditional version


  • soft butter — 80 grams;
  • sugar — 50 grams;
  • high-grade flour — 150-180 grams;
  • baking powder — 5-7 grams;
  • egg — 1 piece.

Stuffing products:

  • medium-fat cottage cheese — half a kilo;
  • fat sour cream (or replace it with cream) — 120 grams;
  • chicken yolks — 3 pieces;
  • semolina — 12 grams;
  • vanilla or vanillin sugar — bag;
  • sugar — 90 grams.

For soufflé of proteins:

  • egg whites — 3 pieces;
  • powdered sugar — 3 tbsp. l

Cooking process:

If the butter is very melted, then it is placed in the freezer for ten minutes. Oil must be only slightly soft so that you can knead.

While the butter is in the freezer, you can sift the flour into a separate bowl and add a spoonful of baking powder to it. Next, you can take the butter, it is rubbed on a grater in the dough.

Although usually the hostess just hands rubbed butter with flour to get a kind of crumb.

Now, for the preparation of “Angel’s Tears” cottage cheese cake, one prescription is taken from the photo, 1 egg is taken, it is well whipped with a fork until the mass becomes homogeneous.

While beating add the required amount of granulated sugar to the chicken egg. Once the sugar is dissolved in the mixture, you can stop the process of beating and pour the mixture of chicken eggs and sugar, into the prepared flour with butter.

The dough is kneaded by hand until it is quite homogeneous and no longer stick to your hands. Further from it roll a sphere and put in a food package.

In this form, a ball of dough is sent to the freezer. This process should not be missed, since the consistency of the finished cake will generally depend on the freezing. In the freezer, the dough is left for at least thirty minutes.

And during this time, you can start preparing the filling for the future cake “Angel’s Tears” according to the recipe from the photo step by step.

To do this, take the blender bowl, put the whole cottage cheese there, add 3 egg yolks, pour out the usual and vanilla sugar. The composition is thoroughly mixed with a blender to obtain a homogeneous consistency.

As soon as the mixture becomes homogeneous, additionally add semolina and sour cream in the specified amount. The mass is stirred with a spoon until a homogeneous structure.

Now it is worth warming the oven to 180 degrees, and also prepare a baking dish. It is advisable to use a detachable shape, which is lubricated with oil.

A cooled dough ball is put into the mold, and then the fingers spread the mass over the entire mold, not forgetting the sides, which should be at least two centimeters.

The whole curd mass is laid out on top, although initially the filling may seem too liquid. But you should not worry, because during baking eggs and semolina will make a lot of very thick.

In this form, the future cake is sent to the oven for baking. at the same time, it is not necessary to lay out the protein mass yet, at this stage its preparation is just beginning.

When until the readiness of the Angel’s Tears cake according to the recipe, a few minutes will be taken step by step, you can begin preparing the meringue.

To do this, chilled proteins in a large bowl are whipped into the foam, then add a pinch of citric acid to the mass and gradually pour in the sugar.

The resulting mass is whipped for about five minutes, until the foam becomes white and becomes very dense. Next, the cake is removed from the oven and covered on top with a dense layer of the obtained meringue.

The dessert is sent back to the oven and baked for at least fifteen minutes.

When the specified time has completely expired, you can turn off the fire in the oven and open the door, in this form the cake cools for at least 40 minutes. Next, the form is removed and left on the table for thirty minutes extra.

When the allotted time has expired, you can cut the delicacy into portions and serve it, but if you want to see the cherished «tears», you should put the cake in the refrigerator for another thirty minutes.

Recommendations! In fact, this cake has several cooking options and design.

Cottage cheese is combined with almost any product, for this reason you can find other options for making the cake “Angel’s Tears” according to the recipe from the photo step by step and video.

For example, housewives cook it with condensed milk, various fruits and berries, as well as other interesting additives. If the hostess wants to make this delicacy with boiled condensed milk, then first the sweet ingredient is laid out on the dough and is well distributed, and only after that the filling is poured.

When using berries, it is possible to put them directly in the filling, or to use them as a decoration for a cake. That is, fresh strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, cherries, grapes, cherries or raspberries will be laid out over the meringue.

But this does not mean at all that fruit cannot be used, today there are options for making such a dessert with ordinary apples and pears, and these fruits are available in any season.

Also in the pie, we can see sour cream, but if there is no product at home, then it can easily be replaced with fat cream in the same quantity.

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