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The most delicious cherry jam — recipes for winter

To preserve the harvest of sweet cherries, prepare jam. Surely, every housewife has her own recipe and cooking secrets. If you still do not, or want something new, we present a selection of cooking options. We hope our article will be useful for you.

To take a piece of summer with us, we roll it into the banks. Sweet cherry jam is simple and fast, basically two ingredients are present, the amount of sugar is adjusted according to your own taste, or depends on the sweetness of the fruit.

Berry contains a large amount of vitamins, iodine contained in it, is important for problems with the thyroid gland. Unlike cherries, it has less acid, so it can be eaten by people with a sore stomach.

The century of sweet cherries is very short, so we hasten to make the most delicious jams from yellow sweet cherries. According to this recipe, it turns out very tasty preparation, it can be called a delicacy, or even candy.

As the berries are stuffed nuts, raisins, almond petals, in general, what you like best. When cooking, add lemon. The jam is very tasty, very fragrant. Try to cook it for this recipe, transfer a piece of summer, on cold winter evenings.

Enjoy your meal. Easy and successful blanks!

  • Sweet cherry — 1 kg
  • Sugar — 1 kg
  • Water — 1.5 cups
  • Lemon — 1 pc.
  • Walnut
  • Vanilla sugar — 1 h / spoon

We wash the fruits well, we remove the beaten, spoiled fruits, take out the stalk, leaves and other garbage. Fold in a colander to glass the water.

Then from the prepared berries it is necessary to remove the bones, it is important that the fruits are not pierced through. Therefore, we take a match, insert it into the place where there was a stalk, we hook the bone and carefully remove it. The work is very painstaking, but take the trouble and you will not regret it

We take a walnut, break off a small piece, insert it into a berry, instead of a stone.

Walnuts can be replaced with cashews, or, if you do not like them at all, take raisins, dry, not steamed, only be sure to be white and seedless so that there is no color

In a basin in which we will prepare jam, we pour out 1,5 glasses of water, 1 kg. sugar, mix with a wooden spatula

We put our capacity on a strong fire to speed up the boiling process

Pour the stuffed sweet cherry into the prepared syrup, constantly mix and press down the berry with a spatula. Since now the berry is on the surface, we need it all to be in syrup and boil evenly. When you wait for boiling, we reduce the fire, boil with a slight boil

The first sign that the fruit has boiled, they will fall into syrup and become transparent, the longer we cook, the thicker our harvest will be

Lemon well washed, cut into small pieces, very thin, send to the berry. Lemon performs two functions, firstly, it gives a very tasty sourness, which dilutes the sweetness of the berries.

Second, by adding acid, canned food is better stored. From the moment our mass begins to boil, we mark 15 minutes

Turn off the fire, the mass continues to boil, add a teaspoon of vanilla sugar, mix well, hold for another 3-5 minutes

We spread the finished jam in cans, make sure that in every pot there is the same amount of berries and syrup, we cover it with an iron lid

After packaging, roll up the iron lid.

Enjoy your meal. Light blanks.

It is time for preparations, and I want to share a recipe for cherry jam. Very tasty berry, boiled in syrup with apple juice, which will give an unusual taste and aroma. And the added cinnamon will be the highlight of your delicacy. Let’s start conservation!

  • Sweet Cherries — 1.5 kg
  • Sugar — 1 kg
  • Vanilla sugar — 1 bag
  • Apple Juice — 100 ml
  • Cinnamon — 1 tsp


Sweet cherry is pre-washed well

In the pan, which is convenient for you, pour sugar, pour it with apple juice. Juice, of course, will not cover all the sugar, but do not be afraid of this, under the influence of temperature, the sugar will begin to melt and you will get quite a thick syrup

Pot is sent to the stove, constantly stirring, wait until the sugar melts

Add vanilla sugar, sweet cherry, diminish the fire

We wait for the boiling of jam, the foam is formed, remove with a spoon, after boiling we cook for 10-15 minutes

At the very end of the preparation, pour a teaspoon of cinnamon.

If you do not like strongly bright taste of seasoning, it can be replaced with seasoning “sugar with cinnamon”

Keep on fire for another 5 minutes, then pour in jars and close the lid

Here is a very tasty, fragrant preparation we have turned out. Prepare, you and your family will definitely like it.

We all used to cook it in a large pot or basin. Our grandmothers also said that cooking utensils must be enameled. But the modern housewife has many assistants in the kitchen, one of them is a slow cooker. I share with you the recipe for jam made with it. Preparation turns out very tasty, fragrant, try, and you will definitely be satisfied

We wash the berry well.

Prepared fruits are sent to the slow cooker

Then pour sugar, level it, so that all the berries are covered, leave it overnight to highlight the juice

Next, turn on the slow cooker, stewing mode or soup, 100 degrees. It is important that we do not burn anything

It took 8 minutes, there is a slight crackle, our sugar begins to melt, mix well, so that the sugar melts evenly

After half an hour, when the cherry gives juice, and the sugar melts a little, add the temperature, set 125 degrees, or baking mode. Now you can not be afraid that the syrup will burn, as the sugar became wet. Bring our mass to a boil, cook until sugar dissolves

Turning off the equipment, remove the foam, take out the bowl, so it will cool faster, leave for 5 hours until completely cool

Return the bowl back, set the temperature to 125 degrees and cook, until the mass boils, mix well and turn it off. Wait until cool.

The last time we wait for the boiling of our jam at 125 degrees, hold another 15 minutes

We decompose the hot mass in sterilized jars, close the iron lids

Sweet cherry jam is almost always a liquid consistency. To make it thick, it needs to be boiled for a very long time, but sometimes there is practically no time for it, and even a long heat treatment does not save, then many vitamins that are found in fruits

Try to prepare the preparation, adding gelatin, the jam will not only be tasty, but also thick.

  • Sweet cherry — 1 kg.
  • Sugar — 400 gr.
  • Water — 50 ml.
  • Gelatin — 1 tbsp.

Sort out the sweet cherry, remove the bones, rinse it several times in cold water

Berry, shift to the pan, add sugar and mix well

Let’s leave for 40 minutes, during which time juice will appear

Gelatin, pour cold, boiled water, leave for 20 minutes to swell. I, on 1 article / spoon of gelatin I put 7 tablespoons of water, I mix

We put the berry, which gave the juice on the fire, bring to a boil, boil 10 minutes on low heat, remove the rising foam

Swollen gelatin, send to jam, stir, bring to a boil and turn off

Ready jam, spill on sterilized jars and roll

Turn upside down, wrap in a warm blanket, leave to cool completely.

Delicious and thick cherry jam is ready! Enjoy your meal!

Harvesting is very simple, prepared quickly, and most importantly with the preservation of vitamins. Just like in any other classic recipe, the berry is washed, filled with sugar and cooked for 5 minutes. The result is tasty, fragrant, aromatic jam.

Having removed the bones, it will turn out, not only a sweet delicacy, which children will like, but it can be used for filling pies, decorating all kinds of baking. Prepare this simple jam and you will surely be satisfied.

  • Cherry without pits — 500 gr.
  • Sugar — 300-500 gr.
  • Lemon juice — 2 tbsp. spoons

Berries for our harvesting are well washed, we throw back the defective, overslept. Since the berries will cook for a few minutes, the fruits must be selected, dense, without damage and damage.

Now get rid of the bones, you can use a match, a pin, but I prefer a special machine. With its help, the bones are removed simply, quickly, the juice from the berry does not fly throughout the kitchen, but remains in the bowl with the berry, which is important

We calculate the amount of sugar, if the berry is sour or you just like very sweet jam, put some more sugar, it will also prevent the finished product from souring. In the capacity for cooking lay out the layers of cherries, alternating with sugar. Close the lid and leave for 4 hours

Put the container on a small fire, raise the sugar from the bottom so that the syrup does not burn, wait for the boil, cook for 5 minutes. At the very end of cooking, add lemon juice, it will be an excellent preservative, and also neutralizes the sweetness of the syrup

Pouring jam into jars, roll up under the cover, as always wrapped in a warm blanket.

Five-minute jam, keep the berries whole, but the syrup will turn out quite liquid.

Bon appetit and excellent blanks.

Many brewed jam in store, his children love, and of course adults. Who in cold evenings will refuse a cup of hot tea with fragrant jam. In this recipe, the berry is seedless, so you have to work a little. So, let’s proceed to cooking.

Cherry well washed

Getting rid of the bones with a special device, this process requires patience, but it’s worth it

We transfer the prepared berry to enameled ware and fill it with sugar, mix and leave for 20 minutes.

After the time has elapsed, put the container on the stove, bring to a boil, cook for 5 minutes, rise the foam, remove with a wooden spoon

Turning off the stove, leave for 40 minutes

While our jam is infused, there is time to sterilize the jars, here everyone is doing their best, I use the oven. Washed dishes with soda, put them on a sheet, put them in the oven, set the temperature to 120 degrees and leave for 20 minutes.

From this number of products, it turns out about three half liter jars

We pour the ready jam over the cans, roll it under the iron lids.

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