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Strawberry compote for the winter for a 3 liter jar — 6 compote recipes

Strawberry compote for the winter for a 3 liter jar — 6 simple compote recipes

Strawberry is one of many favorite berries. It is ripe, juicy, but, unfortunately, stored extremely long. Therefore, all, having eaten it in season, begin to think of what can be done with it to save it for the winter. And then the standard freeze in the freezer, cooking of jam and jams, chafing berries with sugar are used.

However, there is such an option as to preserve the berry for the winter — to make it compote. It is tasty, original and not beaten.

The benefit of this compote is a large amount of vitamins from the berries. He has the original sourness, but sweet enough. This can be easily rolled into cans of 3 liters, as it will be drunk instantly.

Strawberry compote recipe for 3 liter jar without sterilization

Some believe that excessive heat treatment of the product will kill all the nutrients and trace elements in it. Especially for those who have doubts, there is a compote recipe for winter, which does not imply sterilization of the product. To make a strawberry in a can of 3 liters you will need:

  • Fresh strawberries — 400 g
  • Sugar — 1 cup
  • Water — about 2.5 litas.

Time for cooking will take a bit. But it will have to pay for the preparation of cans. Of course, sterilization is not enough. But then you just have to work with the banks.

Rinse them thoroughly to avoid lathering. Then sterilize over steam from boiling water. The lids with which these cans will be closed must be boiled for a couple of minutes.

Prepared containers should be placed on a clean towel with the neck down so that the dust does not settle in them.

Put boiled water. At this time, prepare the strawberries.

Berries should be washed in the pelvis, and not under running water — this will help preserve the structure of strawberries. After a few minutes, the water should be drained and filled with a new one. It is required for complete cleaning of the berry 3-4 changes of water.

Then all the berries should be cut either into halves or into quarters — it all depends on their size.

Put the berries in the jars so that they fill a third of the height.

Then fill them with boiling water to the level of the hanger.

Immediately cover the cans with sterilized lids, leave for 20 minutes until they become slightly warm. You will see that the strawberry softens, releases the juice and begins to paint the water in a ruby ​​color.

After 20 minutes, remove the lids, pour the water back into the pan through a strainer. Set aside the berries (or better still, drain the water through a special small strainer, similar to a lid with holes, so that the berries immediately remain in the jar).

Boil water and add sugar into it.

Stir and boil until all the crystals are dissolved. Now you can pour strawberries with syrup.

And you can pour to the top. Cover or roll up.

After that, it remains to put the banks with the covers down and wrap them up with a warm thing — a sweater, rug, blanket, jacket, etc.

Very refreshing is such a drink made with citric acid.

It will require:

  • Fresh, ripe strawberries — 500 g
  • Sugar — 300 g
  • Citric acid — 1 hour lodges.
  • Water — 2.8 lit.

First wash the 3-liter jars of soda. Then heat them up either over the steam or in the oven — 5-7 minutes is enough, put the neck down. Lids also boil, leave to cool.

The berry is disassembled by size — it is desirable to use small berries for compote for the winter, because it is this which is best soaked in syrup with citric acid.

Next, the berry should be thoroughly washed, but this should be done carefully. To preserve its integrity, it is necessary to lay the berry on a sieve and rinse under running water, remove the leaves.

Spread the berry on the banks — 1/5 of the volume. For a more saturated option, it is worth filling the jars by a third. Further, the principle of action is similar to those indicated in the first recipe — it is necessary to pour boiling water over the berries, let them stand.

And then drain the water again, leaving the berries in the jar. Add some more water to the colored syrup, put it on the fire and add sugar, you can also enhance the taste of the drink with vanilla.

Pour citric acid to the berry and fill it with boiling syrup.

Banks close and wrap with warm clothes.

An excellent solution would be a compote with lemon.

For its preparation will require:

  • Fresh strawberries — 1 kg
  • Sugar — 0.5 kg
  • Lemon — 1 pc.
  • Water — 2.7 lit.

Rinse strawberries under running water gently to keep the berries intact, remove the leaves and put on a napkin to dry. After that, place the berries in a jar, filling 2/3 volume.

Pour water into a saucepan and boil it, add sugar and cook until it is completely dissolved. Before you turn off the syrup, squeeze the lemon in it and leave for another couple of minutes.

Fill the berry with the prepared syrup, and then place the jar for sterilization in a large saucepan filled with water approximately to the top of the jars. It is enough to sterilize the fruit for half an hour. Then cover and wrap.

Two ideal combinations of your favorite berries are strawberries and cherries. Make such a compote is not difficult.

It will require:

  • Sweet cherry — 300 g
  • Mint — 2 leaves
  • Sugar — one and a half glasses
  • Strawberry — 300 g
  • Water — 2.5 lit.
  • Citric acid — 1 part.

Cherry for this option will require red — then the color will be more saturated. Remove all tails and leaves. Rinse the berry thoroughly.

Then arrange them in a ratio of 1 to 1 on the banks, at the bottom of each pair of mint leaves.

Fill with boiling water and leave for 15 minutes, covered with lids.

After that, drain the water in a saucepan, add sugar and boil.

Pour the syrup with hot berry.

Sprinkle with citric acid. Cover and wrap until cool.

Spicy compote will appreciate even gourmets.

For it will need:

  • Strawberry — 500 g
  • Sugar — 250 g
  • Citric acid — ½ h. Lodges.
  • Cardamom — a pinch
  • Saffron — the same
  • Vanillin — the same
  • Water — 2.8 lit.

Rinse and sterilize the container.

Put in it well washed and dried strawberries, sprinkle the berries with sugar, citric acid and spices.

Boil water and fill it with jars, cover with a lid. Sterilize open jars in a wide saucepan — the procedure time is 20 minutes. Then immediately roll the pre-boiled lid upside down and wrap.

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