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Red currant compote: traditional and simple for winter

Red currant compote — health and freshness in a can

Red currant was considered one of the most useful berries among our ancestors. It contains a large list of vitamins, trace elements and minerals like iron, potassium, B-carotene.

Currant prevents loss of appetite, helps to eliminate toxins and wastes from the body and perfectly strengthens the body. Thus, it is good to enrich the body in the summer, eating berries in the country, outside the city or at the grandmother’s.

But with a large yield or resistance of a slightly sour taste, a compromise will become a compromise.

Moreover, it will serve as a refreshing drink in the spring and summer, and in the winter either warming or remind you of the smell of fruit and warm sunny days. Serving it as a drink or even as a dessert, you will be able to please your guests and loved ones.

How to cook red currant compote for the winter so that it does not lose its natural properties? There are plenty of recipes, however, there are three of the most delicious and healthy: traditional, with the addition of apples and oranges.

To prepare this red currant compote will require several ingredients:

  • Red currant — 1/3 capacity (pots, jars, jug);
  • Sugar — 100 grams per 1 l;
  • Water.

  1. Go through the currants. Pour into a deep bowl and cover with water. Thus, all the bad berries, twigs and leaves emerge, and the dirt and sand will be sifted to the bottom. Drain, and then rinse the berries a few more times;
  2. Boil the water. Add the required amount of sugar and stir until it is completely dissolved;
  3. Throw the peeled berries into the pan and boil for five minutes;
  4. Cover the compote with a lid and remove from heat. The drink should cool and brew.

Compote cooking takes no more than 30 minutes, and the product itself is saturated in taste and smell. With a few pieces of ice, it will cool perfectly in hot weather.

Simple compote recipe with red currants for winter

In winter, you want to pamper yourself with berries, but the season is inappropriate. And instead of buying in the store something with chemical. It is nice to open a jar of homemade compote and enjoy it in the company of family or friends.

There is a simple recipe for red currant compote for the winter, the preparation time of which takes no more than half an hour.

  • Currant;
  • Sugar;
  • Water.
  1. As in the traditional compote, the berries must be picked and rinsed to eliminate debris from falling into the preservation, leaves and branches accidentally caught. To prepare compote for the winter, you can leave currants in clusters;
  2. Wash jars of soda thoroughly, you can sterilize, but not necessarily. Fill with berries almost to half;
  3. Boil water in a saucepan and add sugar with the calculation of 1 cup per 3 liters of water. Citric acid is replaced by its presence in the berries, because it is not added;
  4. After the sugar has dissolved, pour the syrup into the jars with currants and roll them in tin lids, boiled earlier;
  5. Flip the cans and wrap up. Let stand for the night.

Store preservation until winter should be in the cellar or in the basement. If a number of such structures are not available, the lower shelf of the cabinet, where it is dark and cool, is perfect.

Fans of unusual flavors and spices will be happy to savor the compote with the addition of oranges. This drink will replace any store juice and come to different treats.

To make red currant compote with orange, for a three-liter jar you need:

  • Red currant — 1 l;
  • Orange — 1 \ 2;
  • Sugar — 1 cup;
  • Water.

  1. To prepare this compote, you should wash and sort the berries. Just wash the jars with soda and rinse with boiling water for better effect. Remember that leaving the berries on the branches they need to wash carefully;
  2. To clear the orange peel of any chemicals and wax, pour it with boiling water and rinse it several times with water. Then cut into slices, or divide into three or four parts;
  3. Prepare the berries and fruit in jars (it is desirable to sterilize);
  4. Next, boil the water and cook the syrup by adding sugar to the boiling water. After complete dissolution of sugar should be poured into jars;
  5. Roll cans with boiled metal lids. Then turn them over and cover with a towel or blanket, leaving those to cool for about a day.

With this recipe, the taste of summer in cans will delight you at any time of the year.

In order to indulge yourself with this drink, for a three-liter jar you will need:

  • Red currant — 1/3 jars;
  • Apples — 3 pcs .;
  • Sugar;
  • Water.
  1. Rinse the berries thoroughly, getting rid of twigs, leaves and dirt. Rinse the apples as well. If it is shoplifting, you should wash it with boiling water to wash off the wax and chemical sprayers. Then remove the cores and twigs, cut the apples into slices;
  2. Also prepare jars (rinsing with soda, sterilization) and boil tin lids;
  3. Put the berries and fruit in the jar and get ready to prepare the syrup;
  4. To make a syrup, bring the water to a boil and add a glass of sugar there. As soon as the sugar has melted, fill the jars and close the prepared lids;
  5. Turn the cans upside down and warm (wrap in a blanket or terry towels), leaving them to cool.

That’s all! Your red currant compote for the winter is ready to delight you with the hints and flavor of summer days in the snow and rainy autumn.

Every knowledgeable hostess has «in the pocket» a few tips or ways to make things easier for you or to add savor to any recipe. This allows you to save time, budget, or just to please yourself and your loved ones with novelty and originality, and also simplifies and helps in any work.

Cooking compote on red currants, too, has a few key tricks:

  • Always pour the syrup into the cans to the top and avoid the air remaining. This will prevent marriage and the «explosion»;
  • Use granulated sugar. It is more practical and dissolves faster;
  • To get a richer compote, pour the berries in the pot with boiling water, let them brew for five minutes, and then pour the water into the pan and boil with sugar to create a syrup. Fill the berries with fresh syrup and preserve;
  • If you do not have an orange on hand, but there is a set of essential oils, you can cheat and add them to the compote. 4-5 drops of orange or lemon oil and 1-2 drops of peppermint essential oil. The aroma of spices and fruit will give compote a special taste;
  • To compote red currant enough for longer, you can cheat and increase the concentration. Increase the portion of ingredients in one and a half to two times and when opening already finished preservation, simply dilute the compote with boiled water. Thus, instead of three liters you will have five;
  • To get rid of excess acid, sometimes a pinch of salt can be added to the syrup during cooking;
  • If there are berries in the freezer, they do not have to be thawed. Just fill them with syrup and preserve;
  • Use only quality water (filtered or key). Avoid cooking on tap water, it does not bode well;
  • If you freeze the compote, then its shelf life will last for a month.

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Red currant compote for the winter is prepared not so much time, but it serves you until the next season. It perfectly replaces store juices and contains only natural products.

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