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Pear Compote for the Winter: A Simple Recipe, Without Sterilization

Completion of the summer season does not always promise boring gray days and lack of mood. After all, for summer residents and hostesses, on the contrary, the time of active harvesting begins.

Fruits, vegetables and berries make it possible to significantly save the family budget, because using them in the kitchen, you can realize a large number of tasty and unusual recipes.

Thus, the harvest can be frozen, canned, used as a filling for rich products, as well as prepare tasty drinks. For example, compote, which, like kissel, is a traditional drink of Russian cuisine.

Even vegetables can serve as a basis for compote, however, the most refreshing and pleasant drinks come from ripe juicy fruits, such as pears.

We present to your attention the recipes for which anyone can cook a compote of pears to eliminate thirst on a hot day or prepare it in banks for the winter.

The classic method of making such a drink is based on fresh pears.

For a basic recipe for fresh pear fruit compote, you need ingredients such as:

  • Ripe pears — ½ kg;
  • Granulated sugar — 200 g;
  • Water — ½ l;
  • Lemon acid;
  • Cinnamon powder.

It is important to prepare the leading ingredient of the drink for cooking, be it pears bought in a supermarket or collected from your own vegetable garden. If necessary, they need to tear off the stem with extra greens, and then thoroughly wash the fruits individually by hand.

After that, you should use a special knife, which will help to easily clean the pears from the skins. The last stage of fruit preparation is the extraction of the core with seeds, for which you can pre-cut the fruit in half or quarters.

Then you need to cut the fruit into the desired shape. As a rule, the pear is cut into 4 pieces, and then every quarter is divided across into equal pieces.

Soak the fruit in cold water, in which a pinch of citric acid should be dissolved in advance. Let them lie down for 10 minutes, remove.

Meanwhile, you can fill the pan with 500 ml of water, heat the contents to a hot temperature. Dilute sugar in it, mix using a wooden spatula, and put pear slices in a saucepan.

Boil the compote on low heat for 15-30 minutes, depending on the hardness of the pears.

As soon as they soften, you can remove the pan from the heat and pour its contents into sterilized jars.

A pinch of cinnamon powder can be added to the finished drink as desired.

While the classic recipe for pear compote is based on fresh fruit, you can use a different method of preparation based on dried fruit. In addition, if desired, housewives can use not only dried pear, but also apples, prunes, dried apricots, raisins, etc.

To cook the usual compote of dried fruit, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Dried pears — 2 large handfuls;
  • Water — 5 l;
  • Vanilla sugar — 3 tbsp.

You can use not only purchased dried fruits, because experienced gardeners are able to skillfully dry the crop, saving money.

Although dried fruits are pretreated before drying, they still need to be sorted out. Indeed, among them can be found spoiled fruit, twigs and other debris. After that, immerse the fruit in a colander and rinse using only cold water.

Fill the saucepan with 5 liters of water, add the washed dried pears to it and leave on a low heat until boiling. As soon as the water begins to boil, it is worth waiting for another 7 minutes, pour the granulated sugar, and leave the compote to cook for another 3 minutes.

After cooking, fruit compote is not fully prepared, because it should be allowed to infuse. This will significantly improve the taste of the drink, making it more pleasant and juicy. Infusion time is up to 6 hours. Then you can pour the drink in a sterilized container.

The classic pear compote recipes are common cooking methods that are suitable for both beginners and experienced housewives. However, women who first decided to try themselves in the field of cooking, can make compote in a simpler way.

For an easy recipe pear compote will need:

  • Pears — 1 kg;
  • Water — 3 l;
  • Granulated sugar — 70 g;
  • Lemon juice — from 1 fruit.

In order to reduce the cooking time, it is better to choose pears of soft varieties. It is important to first wash the fruits by hand, simultaneously removing the twigs and greens from them. Then cut them into quarters and cut the core with the seeds.

Prepared fruit immersed in water, pre-acidified with lemon juice. This step will help to keep the pears in their natural color both during cooking and after. If desired, it can be omitted.

To prepare the syrup, you should put the pot with water on the fire and wait until the water temperature becomes hot. Then you can dissolve sugar in it. Put the pears in the syrup and cook until they soften.

The finished pear compote for the winter remains to be poured into sterilized cans.

The process of sterilizing the cans after they are rolled up often takes unnecessary time and effort, while housewives do not always have the opportunity to be in the kitchen. In this case, you can make a pear compote for the winter, using a special recipe. In it, the can sterilization step is lowered.

This will require the following ingredients:

  • Pears — ½ kg;
  • Water — ½ l;
  • Granulated sugar — 200 g

Prepare the fruit by carefully washing them by hand and removing excess greens and stalks. Then cut each fruit into quarters and extract the core with the seeds.

The next stage after processing the fruit is the preparation of sugar syrup. To do this, fill the pan with water, bring it to high heat to a hot state.

After that, slow down the fire on a slow, fall asleep sugar and leave for another few minutes before boiling. After adding sugar, be sure to stir the syrup until the end of its preparation.

Then fill them with prepared pears, cover with syrup completely, cover and wrap with a blanket or towel.

After 5 minutes, you need to pour the syrup into another container and bring it to a boil again. Re-fill them with jars, cover them and leave for 5 minutes, wrapped with a towel.

Then you need to repeat the above procedure again, and you can twist the jars completely. Before the banks cool down, turn them upside down. Now you know how to make pears for the winter without sterilization.

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When making a fruit drink, it is not at all necessary to use only pears. On the contrary, some fruits and berries very harmoniously complement each other.

To make a compote of apples and pears for the winter, you should prepare the following ingredients:

  • Apples — 1 kg;
  • Pears — 300 g;
  • Granulated sugar — 425 g;
  • Water — 1 l.

It is important to carefully sort out the fruit before cooking, getting rid of spoiled fruit. Then you need to wash them and clear from the twigs and greens, cut into quarters and remove the core with seeds. Cut the fruit into small pieces.

Banks with a volume of 3 liters, you need to fill the pieces of pears and apples in the third part and completely pour boiling water. Leave for half an hour and pour the water into the pan. Boil it, add sugar, leave the syrup to cook for another couple of minutes.

Ready syrup can pour the jars of fruit, then screw them with steamed lids. Turn the pears and apples compotes upside down, cover them with a blanket and leave until they cool down.

And now we offer to make pear compote with grapes for the winter. Bright juicy berries not only diversify the taste of pear compote, but also give it a richer shade and interesting look.

For a drink based on pears and grapes, you need to prepare:

  • Grapes — 300 g;
  • Pears — 5 pieces;
  • Granulated sugar — 225 g;
  • Lemon acid.

This recipe requires hard pears and white seedless grapes. You should rinse the fruit, clear them from the twigs, and remove the cores with seeds from the pears, after cutting them into quarters. Cut into several equal pieces.

Prepare sugar syrup in the usual way, for which you put water in a saucepan on the fire and add sugar to it a couple of minutes before cooking.

Complete the fruit in jars, pour boiling syrup. Then tighten the containers with lids, put them upside down and wrap them with a towel until they cool down.

Beginner housewives can take note of the following rules for making delicious pear fruit compote for the winter:

  1. The harder the pear variety is, the longer it is necessary to boil the fruit for a drink;
  2. The highest-quality compote is obtained from those housewives who are not lazy to insist on it;
  3. It is advisable to store cans of pear drink at room temperature;
  4. In the event that the fruits are very sweet, you can dilute the finished fruit with a small amount of citric acid;
  5. To give nectar a special taste and aroma, you can add cinnamon powder or lemon zest to the nectar;
  6. It is better to use banks with a volume of 3 liters.

Pear compote is one of the best offers of summer harvest for hostesses:

  • It takes less than an hour to brew it, even if we consider the process of preparing ingredients;
  • If you have your own vegetable garden, the drink only costs sugar;
  • It can be supplemented with other types of berries and fruits;
  • When cooking, you can use not only fresh, but also dried fruit;
  • For busy housewives there is a pear compote recipe that does not contain a can sterilization step.

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