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Lightly salted cucumbers in the package: quick recipe with garlic

Cooking salted cucumbers for most recipes requires a long time. The average cooking period takes approximately one to three days.

But these recipes will tell you how to cook such cucumbers in a short time period (maybe 5 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours). This is not for long. There are a considerable number of cooking options for “quick” light-salted cucumbers. Start cooking!

Classic salted cucumbers in the package prepared by the dry method. This method of cooking is especially suitable for picnics and holiday cottages.

  • Small-sized cucumbers — 1 kg;
  • Salt — 1 tablespoon;
  • Black peppercorns;
  • Bay leaf;
  • Paprika;
  • Garlic — 2 cloves;
  • Package on the snake (plastic bag);
  • Greens: dill, currant and cherry leaves, rosemary sprigs, horseradish root or leaf, basil leaves, oak leaves.

Cut the greens (conveniently with scissors) and put in the package. Bouquet form at will. Mandatory ingredient is dill.

We place vegetables in a package, add salt, add pepper by peas, roasted (or squeezed through garlic pudding) garlic, paprika, bay leaf.

Shake the package, evenly distributing the components.

Then we fasten (fasten) and wait for 1 hour.

Put the remaining vegetables in a container, cover with finely chopped greens and add garlic.

When using dill umbrellas, we get a more saturated flavor.

Container with vegetables placed in a cold place for 2 hours.

Lightly salted cucumbers in a package: quick recipe in 5 minutes

This recipe will suit the most impatient. The cooking time of delicious, smelling garlic and herbs, vegetables is only 5 minutes.

  • Half a kilo of small cucumbers;
  • A few cloves of garlic;
  • Half a teaspoon of salt (better than a small caliber);
  • Greens (currant leaf, dill, lettuce, parsley, horseradish).

We start cooking quick salted cucumbers in a package. First, carefully wash the cucumbers, cut off the tips. Next, cut the vegetables lengthwise into four pieces and sprinkle with salt.

In the case of a sufficient amount of time, we also cut cucumbers, but before that we soak them for 30 minutes or 1 hour. During this time they will become more crunchy, bitterness will disappear from them.

When vegetables are too bitter, it is better to leave them to soak in cold water for up to two hours. It is advisable to change the water every 30 minutes.

We do not put slices of cucumbers in dishes, but put them in a bag (preferably on a snake). For the marinade choose greens (currant leaves, dill, lettuce, parsley, horseradish leaves), wash it, chop finely. We clean, crush or shred the garlic.

Plastic bag filled with garlic, herbs. Optionally, sypom seasoning. Further we fasten (we fasten) a package, without leaving in it air.

Then shake, evenly placing all the ingredients on the package. 3-5 minutes — and you can regale.

When there is time, we put the bag in the fridge to fill it. This will allow salted cucumbers soak in the aroma of greenery.

We take it out a few times and shake it. Serve salted vegetables without peeling greens.

Hope you enjoy!

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How to make a snack with instant garlic

Do you like spicy garlic? Then you should definitely try to cook this recipe of salted cucumbers with instant garlic.

  • Fresh, small-sized cucumbers (can, gherkins) — 2 kg;
  • Salt — 2 tbsp. L .;
  • Garlic — 1 head;
  • Dill — 200 gr.

Now more about how to make fresh-salted pickles with garlic in the package. Wash vegetables under running water. Next, cut off the ends on both sides (remove the nitrates). Use fully dill sprigs.

Take the package (preferably on a snake) and fill it with dill and vegetables. Then sprinkle with salt (better than a large size). Shake the bag, evenly distributing the salt. Clean the head of garlic. Cut it into plates and ship it in a bag of vegetables.

We fasten it (we fasten it) and shake it again. Then put in the sun. The average cooking time is two hours. But the warmer, the faster the cucumbers in the package will be slightly salted with garlic. When serving vegetables rinse with salt.

Recipe for spicy salted cucumbers in a package in 2 hours

Wanted cucumbers salted spicy? Little effort and crunchy flavored vegetables on your table! Let’s get started

  • 500-600 gr. small (for example, gherkins) cucumbers;
  • 1 tablespoon salt;
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar;
  • A few cloves of garlic — 3-4;
  • A bunch of dill;
  • Peas — 4-5 pcs .;
  • Red pepper — a quarter of a pod;
  • Bay leaf — 1-2 pcs .;
  • Greens, spices: anise, currant and cherry leaves, cumin, rosemary, horseradish (root, leaves), cloves, basil.

So, how to make salted cucumbers in a package in a couple of hours? Wash small vegetables, soak them in water (10-15 minutes). Peel the garlic. My dill, hot pepper, cut off the fourth part of the pepper. We take a plastic bag with a snake.

We put dill, various greens (optional) garlic, vegetables, peppercorns, bay leaves in it.

In addition, various herbs have vitamins. Add sugar, salt, red pepper.

If the package is on a snake, then we fasten it, after releasing the air. Otherwise, we tie on the knot. Shaking, distribute evenly all the ingredients. Put the package in 2 hours in the fridge.

Cooking salted cucumbers in the package has its own secrets:

  1. Longer salting — a more intense spicy flavor of vegetables;
  2. The hotter the temperature in the kitchen — the salting process goes faster;
  3. The smaller the size of the vegetables, the more quickly they are salted;
  4. To get crispy cucumbers, you need to hold them in cold water;
  5. Salted cucumbers are prepared in 3 ways: with the help of hot sludge, cold brine; cooking vegetables in their own juice; dry method;
  6. Use not smooth, but puffy vegetables;
  7. Defective parts of the vegetables must be removed;
  8. A selection of cucumbers of the same size will ensure even pickling;
  9. Cutting the ends of vegetables removes nitrates from them and speeds up pickling;
  10. Too dense styling leads to a loss of vegetable crunch;
  11. To make the vegetables pickle faster, you can make punctures with a fork or toothpick;
  12. Oak leaf, aniseed umbrella give a special taste to cucumbers;
  13. Recommended pickling herbs: umbrella of dill, horseradish, currant and cherry leaf. Currant leaf gives crispness and flavor to vegetables, horseradish — characteristic taste and smell;
  14. Salted cucumbers should be put in cold water for 12 hours;
  15. If you use dill umbrellas, the flavor will be more pronounced;
  16. By adding a little apple, black or red currant, you will give the salted cucumbers in the package sour;
  17. One of the best types of pickles for pickling is “Nezhinsky”. You can also use the following varieties: “Paris Gherkin”, “Moravian Gherkin”;
  18. Fine, iodized salt is not recommended for salting, because cucumbers in a bag can be soft;
  19. Vertical styling promotes uniform salting;
  20. Replacement plastic bag can be a plastic container.

There are a lot of methods for salting cucumbers. Therefore, everyone can choose the most suitable in time and desired ingredients.

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