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Lightly Salted Cucumbers — 7 Fast Recipes

Lightly Salted Cucumbers — 7 Fast Recipes

Lightly salted cucumbers — a great summer snack with or without reason. They are great to apply to boiled potatoes, shish kebabs, fried chicken, any other dishes; used as a component for salads, and just crunch for fun.

I’m not even saying how good they are for strong drinks — it’s better not to find snacks!

Ways to make such a snack just do not count. And all because the people’s love for this cause is too great. In addition, when they grow in their own beds, and take them off every day on a bucket, then all that remains is to preserve them and lightly salt them. Because overpowering them in other ways is simply not possible.

But if the conservation process is responsible and long, then salt them in a quick way — just what you need. Therefore, salt them in pots, cans, and just in packets. They salted them in the evening, and in the morning they could be served on the table. And there are super fast ways by which they can be submitted to the table in half an hour. These are favorite methods of salting in packages, or express methods.

Here in today’s article we are just today and we will consider such quick ways. Of course, all of them will not be reflected in us in one article, since there are just a lot of them! But at least the most basic and popular to know.

I will also try to share a couple of original methods that are not used so often. But they are so tasty that at least once a summer season they can also be cooked.

Lightly salted cucumbers in the pan

The most convenient way to cook salted cucumbers in a saucepan. Fruits of any size are suitable for this, but still it is best to take medium or small specimens. Firstly, because they are more quickly salted, and secondly, because their skin is much more tender and, therefore, they themselves turn out to be crispy and not soft.

In addition, large fruits form rather large seeds inside, and the whole taste of the pulp is given to them. Therefore, large samples can be salted, but only when there are no others.

  • cucumbers — 10 pcs (medium size)
  • horseradish sheet — 1 pc
  • dill — 4 umbrellas (2 — 3 branches)
  • garlic — 2 cloves
  • paprika — to taste
  • black pepper peas — 7 pcs

At 1 liter of water — 1 tbsp. salt spoon

1. To wash fresh strong fruits, to cut off tips. If they are solid, they can be used immediately. And if the fruits are sluggish, then they should be poured over for 3 to 4 hours with cold water. During this time, they are saturated with water and after salting they will be hard and crispy.

2. Rinse thoroughly. Dill, I always take on the eye, as part of the ingredients is given only an approximate amount. You can use any of its parts — and the umbrellas themselves, and the stem, and their openwork foliage. If the fennel bush is large, then the stem must be cut.

In general, it is better to use different parts of it. It will be better for both taste and flavor.

3. Peel the garlic. Cut it into thin plates.

4. If you like quick snacks, cook a slice of red chilli peppers. Personally, I always add it to pickles, even if they are canned, even if they are salted. I add quite a bit, so that eating the finished product does not feel it at all. But he leaves his little taste track.

5. Put a pot of water on the fire. If the fruits are not very large, then a liter should be enough. But even if it is not enough, then it is better to boil a little more.

6. As soon as the water boils, pour salt into it and mix. If you want to add a small sweet note, then add half a spoonful of sugar.

7. In the meantime, the water boils on the stove, put all the prepared ingredients in layers in a saucepan. Down put some greens, then cucumbers, and the remaining greens.

In principle, it does not matter much how you distribute the ingredients. But it is desirable that a little horseradish and dill was on top. They need to cover the top layer.

A large pot for so many fruits is not necessary. Otherwise more brine will be needed. See that after laying the cucumbers in the pan, there is enough space for him.

In addition, it will be inconvenient to put a large pan in the refrigerator, it will take up all the free space there.

8. Well, everything is laid out, and by this time we already have a pickle. It must be salty. When you add salt, do not be afraid that it may be a lot.

Pour the boiling brine into the filled pan. He must completely cover all its contents. If the pouring is not enough, then boil another half liter of water and add a tablespoon of salt after boiling. Add as much as you need.

9. Prepare a saucer according to the size of the inside of the pan and place it on top so that it plays the role of oppression and crushes the entire contents.

10. Leave at room temperature overnight. In the morning our salted cucumbers are ready. Especially if they are small. If larger, they need a little more time.

11. But no matter how it was there, in the morning it is necessary to put the pan with the contents in the refrigerator. The process of salting will occur there. But in the fridge the pickle will retain its transparency. If you leave it at room temperature, then soon it will begin to grow turbid and sour. And the fruits will get more sour taste.

That’s basically all! Cucumbers can be eaten and enjoy their crispy content and pleasant taste.

And here is a video on how to cook your favorite snack in a pan.

We specially shot the video for this article, and we very much hope that it will help you quickly cope with the task. You go to the channel, look and other materials, there are a lot of interesting things. Friends, and do not forget to subscribe and press the bell, so as not to miss the new interesting recipes!

Snacks cooked in a package in 1 hour

This version of salting is incredibly loved by the people, and in this way they are prepared both at home and in the country, and even at work. And those who went out into nature, and generally consider it the best. As soon as the first fruits ripen in the gardens, they are harvested, and after eating some fresh ones, they are immediately taken for packages.

By this recipe, by the way, you can salt not only in the package, but also in a plastic container. The effect can be achieved exactly the same, and even much faster.

But today we are salt in the package, so we are preparing it. Yes, not one, but two, for better durability. So that our cucumbers inadvertently jumped out of the pack.

And I almost forgot to say that this method is not only very tasty, but also the fastest. After we have salted our product, after 40 -60 minutes it can already be eaten completely ready. And it must also be said that it is so simple that it will hardly be possible to find something even simpler.

  • cucumbers — 500 gr
  • garlic — 1 — 2 cloves
  • dill — half a bunch
  • horseradish — 0.5 sheet
  • pepper — to taste
  • salt — to taste

For this method is best suited medium-sized varieties. And they can salt not only the usual small vegetables, but also long salad varieties. They are long and thin, and this is just good, it means they will salt more quickly.

1. Wash the fruits, cut off the tips on both sides and cut. You can do this in different ways; you can cut them lengthwise into 2 — 4 parts depending on the size. And you can cut them into small circles, or wedges. It also depends on their size.

The smaller you cut them, the salting time will be faster.

The peculiarity of this method is that the vegetable is necessarily cut. And how can you make it really does not matter much. The main thing is that the pieces are not too large or too small.

2. Chop garlic as small as possible, this is important. We need garlic juice, which quickly penetrates into the pulp of the fruit. Therefore, for this or you need to very finely chop the garlic, or use a garlic press.

3. We also need to cut dill into smaller pieces. For this recipe only delicate parts of dill are needed, the coarse stems are separated and removed. If you can use any part of it in other ways of salting, then only openwork twigs will do.

And lovers can still add a little parsley for taste and aroma.

4. Half a sheet of horseradish tear hands into small fragments, so that later they can be easily removed.

Sometimes there is no shit, so nothing terrible will happen if we do not add it. When we salt cucumbers at work this way, no one even remembers him.

5. Salt the fruits, as for the salad, so that they can be eaten. They should be moderately salty. To determine whether there is enough salt, chopped sticks should be mixed and be sure to try.

If you are satisfied with the taste, then just take a pinch of salt and pour it into our preparation. We cook salted cucumbers, not a salad, so we need a little more salt than salad.

6. Now that everything is cut and prepared, you can put all the components in a plastic bag. Rather, in two packages, one must be inserted into the other. Then you will understand why such a manipulation is needed.

7. Yes, I almost forgot. Add some more pepper. I really like for this crush two — three black peppercorns and add them. The aroma in this case will be simply amazing.

But if you do not want to bother, then just add a pinch of ordinary ground pepper.

8. Now the fun begins. Tighten the bag and shake it very vigorously with movements up and down so that all the components are mixed, and juice should appear.

9. Let him lie down for 10 minutes and then shake again. After that, type in the air bag, you can even inflate it there and tightly tie. Put in the fridge.

An hour later, our delicious and aromatic snack is ready. Feel free to serve it on the table and treat all those present.

If there is no refrigerator, then at room temperature it is possible to withstand a snack for not an hour, and 30–40 minutes, periodically shaking the package again.

The finished product is best eaten immediately. When he lies for a long time, he loses his taste. Garlic smell and aftertaste begins to prevail. And the cucumbers themselves lose their shape, because the juice flows very intensively. And their taste becomes watery. Therefore, salt them in the package for one, maximum two times.

But to eat them is still desirable in one day.

Cherry tomatoes can also be salted in the same way. For this they need to chop a toothpick. And the time for salting will take 24 hours. But they turn out to be simply incomparable.

Here is such a wonderful and fast way. At the preparation of such a snack time — you need everything — nothing. Cut everything, shake it, that’s the whole story.

And such cucumbers can be salted in just 10 minutes. Watch videos from our channel on YouTube.

So everything is quick and easy!

On salting our green vegetables in this way will need exactly one night. That is, if you pickle them in the evening, in the morning you can already eat them with might and main, especially if you use small specimens.

  • cucumbers — 3 liter jar (how many will enter)
  • dill — 8 umbrellas (or 1 large bush)
  • currant leaf — 8 pcs
  • cherry leaf — 8 pcs
  • horseradish — 1 sheet (small)
  • garlic — 2 cloves
  • black pepper — 10 pcs
  • allspice — 3 pcs
  • paprika — to taste and state of sharpness
  • Carnation buds — 6 pcs

  • water — 1.5 liters
  • salt — 3 tbsp. spoons
  • sugar — 2 tbsp. spoons

I’ll pickle the cucumbers in a three-liter jar, but you can pickle up in a saucepan. It’s just that everything can be very compact and tightly packed in a jar, and you need more space in the pan. But the quality is not affected in any way, so choose your own capacity.

1. Wash the fruits and cut off the tips. Let me remind you that if they are small and disrupted, for example, in the morning, and you cook them in the evening, soak them in water for 3 hours. This is assuming that you did not immediately put them in the refrigerator. The same applies to purchased items.

Otherwise, they will not turn out crispy and dense. It is summer, and cucumbers quickly lose moisture when exposed to heat. And the moisture is very important for everything to work out as it should.

2. Wash the greens and immediately put all of it on a plate so that you do not forget anything later. Today I did not have currant leaves, and I decided to replace them with raspberry leaves. Smell, of course, I will not achieve, but the rigidity will be preserved.

Dill can be used not only in umbrellas, but also take a whole bush, along with the stem. If it is large, it can be cut as needed.

Leaf horseradish tear into smaller pieces.

3. Prepare spices, also all at once in one place, so as not to forget anything. I use red hot pepper. It is of varying degrees of severity, it must be considered. My pepper is very hot and therefore I take it quite a bit.

Peel and chop the garlic.

4. We will need a three-liter jar. It must be thoroughly washed with soda and rinsed with boiling water.

5. Now that everything is ready with us, we will put everything in the jar. The first layer to lay the fruit very tightly to each other. If the last of them will have to squeeze, then it must be done. The tighter we put them, the less we need brine.

Lay out the specimens larger, downwards — smaller. Small ones will pickle faster, and we eat them faster. In the meantime, the bottom line is already coming.

6. Then put a little different greens and a piece of garlic.

7. Then again, cucumbers, you can just two layers. And again greens, garlic and half of the whole pepper, along with red. In the middle — he is the place.

8. And so, alternating layers, fill a jar just below the neck. I have medium-sized samples and entered them into the bank much more than I expected. And not even enough. I had to run to the greenhouse with a flashlight and look for them there in the dark.

9. Top must put the remaining peppercorns and greens. Great, everything is very beautiful. And tomorrow there will be more delicious!

10. Boil water as it boils, add salt and sugar. Wait until they are dissolved and boil new. Pickle, and it is also called a brine — ready.

11. Pour it into the jar at the very neck. It took me about 1, 4 liters. But this amount will depend on how tightly you have folded all the cucumbers.

12. Cover the jar with a saucer, if they want to jump out, then place a liter jar of water on top.

13. Leave the jar in the kitchen at room temperature until the morning.

14. In the morning you can see that they have changed their color. This means that they are ready. And you can already take a sample.

15. Once tried, put the jar in the fridge and store it there. At any time of the day or night, cold crunchy cucumbers are waiting for you to get them and taste them.

By evening, even larger specimens will be suitable. Therefore, boil potatoes or fry meat. An incredible dinner awaits you!

Such a snack is very good to cook, go on a picnic. They are prepared almost instantly. It will take only 30 minutes to make them salted and very tasty.

  • cucumbers — 1.5 kg
  • lime — 3 pcs
  • dill — 1 bunch
  • Mint — 4 sprigs
  • salt — 2 tbsp. spoon
  • sugar — 1 tsp
  • allspice — 3 peas
  • black pepper — 4 peas

1. Wash the fruits and trim the tips on both sides. Cut each of them into two — four pieces, depending on their size.

2. Crush peppercorns in a mortar. It was possible to use ground pepper, but when pepper was just pushed, it has a completely different smell, much more saturated and fragrant.

3. Limes wash and dry. Then grate the zest, only its green part.

Add the zest to the mortar and ceiling with pepper. Feel what fragrance went. Here also, and maybe even better, our cucumbers will smell.

4. From the remaining limes, squeeze the juice into a separate container.

5. Cut mint and dill into smaller pieces. If the fennel has very thick stems, it is better to cut them. If they are small, and most importantly not hard, then cut them too.

6. Fruits shift in a bowl. Sprinkle with juice and sprinkle with spices. Then mix gently so that the bars are left whole.

7. Let stand in this form for 30 minutes. After this time they are ready and they can be served at the table.

It turned out a great snack under a shish kebab and something stronger.

Therefore, when you are thinking about nature, take with you everything you need. Better snack is hard to come up with!

This recipe is different from all the others in that it uses soy sauce and a lot of greens as a marinade. The original is taken dill and cilantro. But I know that not everyone can tolerate the smell of cilantro, and they will not even eat other greens, which just lay nearby.

Therefore, if you treat just such people, then replace the cilantro with parsley. Or just add one dill, as I did in today’s version.

  • cucumbers — 1 kg
  • garlic — 5 — 6 pieces
  • dill — 1 bunch
  • cilantro (parsley) — 1 bunch
  • soy sauce — 200 ml
  • olive or sunflower oil — 1 tsp
  • vinegar — 1 tsp (incomplete)
  • sugar — 1 tsp
  • ground red pepper — to taste (pinch)
  • salt — 1 tsp
  • sesame — 2 — 3 tbsp. spoons

1. Wash the fruits and cut off the ends on both sides. Cut them into 4 pieces, and if the vegetables are long or puzato, they can be cut into 6-8 pieces. In general, cut so that immediately took a piece and sent into the mouth as a whole, or enough for two bites.

Salt the top, mix and let stand for a while.

Immediately prepare the ingredients so that everything is at hand.

2. Fold the wedges into the pot or bowl.

3. Garlic to rub on a fine grater. If you crush it with a press, or chop it finely, it will be felt, and the grated one will be just right. It will fully connect with all other components and will not stand out to taste.

4. Finely chop greens. If she has enough thin stems, then they are also crushed, but if they are large, then they should be removed.

5. Pour the sesame seeds into a bowl or deep dish. Pour in soy sauce, vinegar and oil. To mix everything. Let stand for a little so that the seeds are fed.

Vinegar should be added with caution. Simply everyone has different tastes, and therefore it is difficult to please everyone. So add on your own.

By the way, you can use lemon juice together. So it will even be more natural. In addition, we will get another wonderful flavor.

6. Pour greens, garlic and black pepper in a saucepan, mix everything well. Then pour the liquid component with sesame seeds and mix again.

7. Basically, that’s all! Now just put the saucepan in the fridge, closing it with a lid. And in 4-6 hours our salted cucumbers with greens are ready in soy sauce.

Very tasty! As it turned out, soy sauce goes well with the hero of our story today.

You can store them in the bank in the refrigerator. We kept the week, and nothing happened to them. Throughout their storage period, they remained tasty and appetizing.

And there is also such an interesting way to salt cucumbers. This is the so-called cold salting method. You can of course use the usual cold water, but rather spring water.

And you can like this, with mineral water.

Mineral water must be carbonated. Just gas bubbles contribute to the fact that the process of salting occurred quickly enough.

Tasty beautiful cucumbers can be eaten the next day.

I heard that cucumbers can be pickled in such a way that they do not lose their color. It was always interesting how this can be achieved.

And once I came across a recipe where it was described how to do it. And you know what the secret was — vodka was added to the brine! That’s it!)

Yes, and they salt in the barrel. Although you can pickle them in a saucepan.

I give the recipe in the form in which it came to me. The proportions here are quite large, but I decided not to change them. Someone wants only half a kilogram of fruit to salt, someone 3, and someone and all 10. Therefore, I thought that everyone was taught in school how to work with proportions, and everyone would be able to calculate for himself the right amount of kilograms and grams .

  • cucumbers — 10 kg
  • dill — 320 gr
  • black currant leaf — 320 gr
  • horseradish leaf — 170 gr
  • chopped garlic — 20 gr
  • water — 7 liters
  • salt — 320 gr
  • Vodka — 150 ml

It is very convenient to sample a kilo of vegetable salt. In this case, the weight of all other ingredients is simply divided by 10.

1. Wash the fruits and cut off both tips. Take not very large specimens, their skin is more delicate and they turn out more delicious because of this. Brine through a thin peel better nourish the inner flesh.

Prepare at once all the greens, so that it was at hand.

2. Put cucumbers in a barrel, shifting them in layers with greens and garlic.

The top layer must be green.

3. Boil the water and add salt to it. As soon as the salt has dissolved, pour in the vodka and turn it off immediately.

4. Pour the hot pickle into the keg. Press down the contents is not very heavy oppression, it will be enough just a flat plate.

5. The next day you can eat them.

But on the same day they will need to be removed to the basement. I think that not every house has a barrel and a cellar. Therefore, add salt to our vegetable in a saucepan and store in the refrigerator.

This is how we have today turned out a selection of recipes. I also have some interesting recipes in stock. I will try to share them in the following articles.

I myself love it when there is something to choose from. When you try to cook according to different recipes, surely among them there will be one that you will love the most.

But how many people, so many opinions, especially when it comes to taste. What I like most is not necessarily what another likes.

So try and look for your recipe. We have a long summer, and so what — what, and cucumbers will always be born in large numbers. Therefore, you can try a lot of different options.

And I finish it. And I want to wish everyone that you always get only the most delicious cucumbers!

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