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DIY tomato paste for the winter without sterilization

DIY tomato paste for the winter without sterilization

Tomato paste is used for cooking by millions of people of all nationalities. This is a product known to every housewife in our country, and not only in ours.

Ketchups and sauces are prepared on its basis. In itself, it is not a final product, but a semi-finished product for future meals. No one eats it without prior treatment.

It is added to the first and second dishes to impart a characteristic tomato flavor and bright color. A normal, healthy digestion, as we all know, begins with the way the food looks and smells.

I want to share with you a very simple recipe for its preparation. I myself prepare it in large quantities for the winter. In the summer we do not have a lack of vegetables, only abundant! Went, bought fresh tomatoes, and cooked everything you want.

Winter is another thing. Tomatoes are not so tasty, not so sweet. What is their taste and color? Yes, and they are not cheap in the winter. I do not want to buy it in the store. I bought something like a small jar, I thought for the color I would add a teaspoon. So she stood open in my refrigerator for about three months, and even if she didn’t become moldy, she would not be gone.

What is it with the tomatoes mixed? She began to read the composition, even it became bad, solid E-patches. And since I already know everything about these E-shki and even wrote an entire article. I threw this store product out of harm’s way. And I don’t buy it anymore, my tomato paste, if not so beautiful, but certainly useful.

According to GOST, only tomatoes and salt should be contained in the paste. This is how we will prepare it with you. Of course the paste — can loudly said. I have something in between pasta and juice, and not liquid, and not thick. I do not grind tomatoes through a sieve, and I have it with seeds. And what’s good to disappear, but time to spend. Moreover, during cooking there is nothing left of the seeds.

A simple recipe for cooking tomato paste for the winter

The recipe will be simple. Without any difficulties. Although, if there is a desire to complicate, then I will tell how this can be done.

I do not specifically indicate the amount. Whoever considers it necessary to prepare, will do so much. I always buy one or two boxes of tomatoes. That is, my cooking process turns out on an industrial scale.

But I have my own tomato paste in autumn, winter and spring. It tastes like real tomatoes. And if the store does not eat tomato paste, then just give this one!

Somehow my husband and I left for a week on business, and my daughter and son-in-law lived at home. Upon arrival, I look, something jars with her on my shelves pretty diminished. And the daughter says: “So it was your beloved’s son-in-law who came to love, she couldn’t tear him off!” Of course, but why not eat when you eat, and as if the tomatoes are fresh.

I buy tomatoes at the end of August, when they are the ripest, most red. Gaining strength from the sun! Full of juice, taste, vitamins. Here from them I prepare.

Cooking is easy!

1. Wash tomatoes, cut the stem, cut into pieces. So that it was convenient to twist.

2. Twist in a meat grinder. They used to spin it by hand, it took so long. And now, if there is an electro-meat grinder, you twist everything in a flash.

Well also it turns out, if to punch the blender on the food processor. Here you can grind and smaller, and larger, as you wish.

3. Pour into a large saucepan. And if there is a large cauldron, that is also good. It is less likely to burn, it is easier to interfere. Tomato mass does not accumulate in the corners of the pan. If you cook in a saucepan, watch these insidious corners, and stir more often.

4. Do not forget to do it. I interfere with a skimmer, in the cauldron it is well captures, and does not burn anything. Cook over low heat. Our cooking pasta should quietly gurgle, not boil.

So she will keep her color.

5. While cooked, prepare the container, which will be harvested. I stock in glass liter bottles, they remain when you buy different juices. When the bottle does not remain, you can use cans with twisted iron lids. Bottles and jars should be rinsed well with soda and sterilized.

6. To do this, type in a regular pot of water, bring to a boil. We put a colander in the pan, and bottom up we put on two bottles or cans. Evaporating steam must penetrate into tanks. This is how the sterilization process takes place.

Cover with boiling water in a separate container, let stand for about five minutes. And better to boil.

You can also sterilize in the microwave. Fast, easy and convenient. Yes, in principle, there are many methods of sterilization, choose any. Leave a reference, who are interested.

7. Cook for a long time, our task is to evaporate water. You will see when this happens. The mass should be thick. Depending on the number of tomatoes, it may take from one and a half to two hours.

Now it is especially necessary to ensure that it does not burn. Approximately 10 minutes before the end of cooking, salt. Give the opportunity to disperse her try. Do not add much. It should get the usual salty taste.

8. Heat oil in a skillet. To them we will seal our blank.

9. Now the most crucial moment. Everything is ready. We take a sterilized jar, with a large spoon we spread the ready-made pasta there, almost to the very edge. We lay out tightly, we crush with a spoon, we try to avoid air bubbles.

And now we pour a tablespoon of hot oil on top, the oil will spread and give a film. Twist the lid.

10. If prepared bottles, then it is necessary to prepare a funnel. Through it will be easier to spread the paste on them. It is thick, it will be capricious, will not want to climb into the bottle. But it is necessary to contrive.

Why I like to harvest more in bottles, oil should be poured very little, enough and half a spoon. Honestly, I always have a shortage with banks.

I remember how it was previously harvested: it was poured into ordinary glass bottles, and nipples were put on top. There were no bottles with lids, and all the cans were left for other preservation.

11. It is not necessary to turn the jars upside down, put them on a towel, and on top cover another with a towel. Let them cool slowly.

As you can see everything is very simple. But as warned, it turns out with seeds. If you want, you can cook without them. That is somewhat complicate the recipe.

If you want to cook pasta without tomato seeds, you need to grind the cooked billet through a sieve, or squeeze through gauze. And boil some more time.

Below is a video recipe where I show how to do it.

12. In a prominent place, the banks let them stand a week, or even two. If you did everything correctly, then the blank will have a normal appearance. And if they violated the technology, it will swell up. It can also lift the lid, or even knock it out. Content from such a jar should be thrown out. It cannot be eaten.

In tomatoes, a lot of acid, they themselves are preservatives, therefore, they are not capricious. As a rule, nothing swells. Only if the lid is loosely spun, and air could get into the jar.

But I think you will succeed. It is better to store the workpiece in a cool place, away from heating devices. All apartments have storage rooms. Equip it for workpieces and supplies. Then all winter you will eat tasty and healthy.

Video on how to make tomato tomato paste at home

If you do not want the resulting tomato with seeds and small patches of skin, you can cook it without these elements.

It is clear that such a product will be more tender and pleasant to the senses. It will take a little more time to prepare, not for cooking, but for additional processing. Specifically, the rubbing through a sieve, and remove all unnecessary. But it is not too long, maybe just 20 minutes or 30 minutes.

However, see for yourself.

As you probably had time to notice, here we did not use absolutely nothing for additives, except tomatoes. This is very convenient — when the tomato is salty, and when cooking, we will add it, then the prepared food can be over-salted.

I used to solo such a blank, I thought it would be better kept. Then I experimented and found out that without salt it is also stored beautifully. And now not the salt.

Yes, and I also want to note that you can boil tomato paste to the state of the density you want to get, up to the store consistency. This is convenient, you will need less packaging, and the paste, as it turns out to be very concentrated, will be consumed more slowly.

By the way, the cake, which will not throw out. Punch it through a blender with red hot pepper, add garlic, if desired, herbs (parsley, dill, cilantro), salt to taste. And seasoning is ready. You can store it in the refrigerator.

And if you boil it, you can store it as a regular billet.

Friends, and on this I have everything.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I was very pleased to share with you recipes.

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