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Crispy salted milk mushrooms for the winter — recipes for salting in a cold way

Crispy salted milk mushrooms for the winter — cold cooking recipes

Salty mushrooms, be it milk mushrooms or any other, always tasty and flavorful snack on your table. Men always appreciate such a mushroom snack. And today we’ll talk about mounds, let’s salt in a cold way.

Such an appetizer requires time exposure before eating it. This is the difference between the hot method, in which you can eat mushrooms almost immediately. But it is with the cold version that the milk mushrooms remain very fragrant and crunchy.

Salted milk mushrooms can be not only an excellent addition to everyday lunch or dinner. They will fit perfectly on the table at any celebration and there will be everyone with pleasure. And under strong drinks the snack will leave with a bang. They are usually served by watering with oil and decorating with fresh greens, however, this is a matter of taste.

The recipe for fragrant, crunchy salted mushrooms for the winter in the bank

The process of salting mushrooms takes a lot of time, but it will take you not so much to prepare, just about an hour. Delicious salted mushrooms will be edible in a month.

  • Milk — 1 kg
  • Salt — 40 g
  • Garlic — 4 cloves
  • Currant leaves — to taste
  • Dill stalks to taste
  • Horseradish leaves — to taste
  • Black pepper peas — 6 pcs

Milk soak in a basin with cold water. They need to thoroughly wash, sort and cut the legs

If it is difficult to remove dirt, you can add a small amount of vinegar to the water. This will help to clean the mushrooms easily.

Prepare a solution for soaking the wetlands. Add 10 grams of salt and 2 grams of citric acid per liter of water. Pour the solution into the basin, the mushrooms should be placed under the press so that they are completely covered with liquid. Leave for a day, during which the solution must be changed at least a couple of times.

Milk has a bitter taste, so the soaking procedure should not be neglected, it will help to remove this bitterness from them.

Then cut large pieces into smaller pieces. Boil them with boiling water.

We begin to fill the jar, for this, place a piece of garlic cloves, a few peas of pepper, salt and leaves on the bottom. Then a layer of mushrooms and alternate with the ingredients that are laid out on the bottom of the jar. So fill it out completely.

Build oppression, remove the jar in a cool place for a day. Mushrooms should settle, then they can still be reported to the bank. It will take a month and salty salads can treat your loved ones.

Eat with pleasure!

A simple recipe for making salty salmon cold

After collecting the mushrooms, do not discard them for a long time. Since they tend to deteriorate quickly, and cleaning them immediately will be much easier than after a time. Salty mushrooms will be an excellent snack on your table.

  • Milk — 5 kg
  • Salt — 200 g
  • Dill — bunch
  • Garlic — 1 clove
  • Pepper Black Peas — to taste

When collecting mushrooms, be guided by the whole and not damaged ones, and also be very careful, the mushrooms are often confused with inedible poisonous mushrooms, if in doubt, do not risk

The most time-consuming and demanding special process from you is the sorting and thorough cleaning of the silt from forest mud and litter. Before that, soak them for the night, to facilitate your work, again, bitterness will disappear from the mushrooms

Prepare the container, best to keep it deep. At the bottom, lay out the inflorescence of dill, garlic, which can be cut into plates and peas of black pepper

Put clean mushrooms in layers, be sure to hats down. Sprinkle each layer with salt, place peppercorns and garlic plates between them. You can add a clove, but it’s up to you.

Put dill umbrellas on top

In the container, install the press, clean in a dark cool place. They will salt for a month — one and a half months. During this time it is necessary to check them so that the top layer does not dry out and does not deteriorate.

Cook in a good mood, good luck to you!

And let’s remember how our grandmothers cooked and not only them. Previously, milk mushrooms were salted only in a barrel. If you have one, I advise you to try this recipe. Delicious mushrooms, salted at home will not leave indifferent.

  • Milk — 2 kg
  • Salt — 100 g
  • Garlic — to taste
  • Horseradish leaves — to taste
  • Cherry leaves — to taste

Rinse the mushrooms thoroughly, remove the spoiled

In deep dishes soak milk mushrooms in slightly salted water, pressing down, for a day. During this time, the water will need to change at least 3-4 times.

Wash the barrel inside before laying. At the bottom lay the garlic, the leaves, then lay out the mushrooms, hats down. Sprinkle each layer with salt

When all the mushrooms are inside the barrel, you need a good press on top, and then cover it with a lid. Move the keg to a cool place and after a month and a half you can treat yourself and your relatives with mushrooms.

Good luck in cooking, bon appetit!

The process of waiting for the finished product will take about two months. Believe it even for a long time, it is definitely worth it. Salty and slightly crispy mushrooms will taste great. Such a snack in the feast and in the world.

  • Milk — 3 kg
  • Garlic — 2 pieces
  • Horseradish leaves — to taste
  • Dill — to taste
  • Salt — to taste

Mudflows should be washed from forest mud, you can use a soft brush to facilitate the task. Just do not overdo it, so as not to damage them. Cut off the legs of mushrooms, sort out carefully to remove not good ones

Put the cleaned milk mushrooms into the pan or basin, cover with water, press down with something heavy. You can do as in the photo. Leave it in this condition for a day or a little more. Water periodically change

Soaking gruzdy is a very important procedure, if you do not want to get a snack with a pronounced bitterness.

Banks before laying, wash, sterilize. Layers fill the jars, the first layer will be garlic, then the mushrooms, which pour a teaspoon of salt. Thus completely fill the jars. Fill with boiled cold water, close the jars with lids and put them in the refrigerator.

It is worth waiting a month, or a little more. And then you can try and enjoy. Bon appetite!

This recipe is designed for a small bucket of mushrooms. In addition to salt, we will not add anything else. Later, when serving salty mushrooms to the table, you can add garlic and greens to taste.

Wash freshly collected mushrooms thoroughly with cold water.

Next, shift the mushrooms in the basin or any other container, cover with water. So that they are completely covered with liquid and do not float, you need to put something heavy on top, covering first with a flat dish.

Soak mushrooms a couple of days, the water must be changed, a couple of times a day, pour it and fill it with new

After soaking, rinse the milk mushrooms thoroughly with cold water, drain the liquid.

Cut large mushrooms into smaller pieces. Pour with salt, set the press on top. 3 days let them be in a cool place in this state

Then fill the clean cans with mushrooms and put them in the fridge. There will be a month later Milk. Treat your family and friends, bon appetit!

I have another interesting recipe for you. Juicy, fragrant and crunchy mushrooms will not only be an excellent snack, but also suitable as an ingredient for cooking salads. Can be stored for a year at the correct temperature.

  • Milk — 5 kg
  • Large salt — 500 g
  • Horseradish root — 1 pc
  • Garlic — 10 cloves
  • Leaves — to taste (horseradish, cherry, currant)
  • Dill — to taste

Sort out the mushrooms, wash them thoroughly from dirt and litter. Transfer to a basin or deep dish, fill with plenty of water. On top, place a flat plate on which you want to install something heavy, perhaps a jar filled with water. Soak mushrooms must be three days, with the water must be changed

Then remove the mushrooms from the water, dry, and then rub them with a large amount of salt. Put them in a container with layers of horseradish, garlic cloves and horseradish leaves, currants, cherries. At the same time quite a bit like tamping. Put dill on top, cover the container with several layers of gauze and set the oppression. Store a container of mushrooms in a dark and cool place for a month.

Next, the mushrooms can be shifted to clean sterilized jars, stored in a cool place.

Bon appetite!

If you still have questions on the preparation of delicious fragrant and crispy mushrooms, the recipe, which is presented in the video, will help you understand each step of the necessary actions.

Enjoy a terrific snack, enjoy your meal!

Milk mushrooms are very tasty mushrooms, ideal for salting or pickling. If you do everything by the rules, you get an amazing snack. And my recipes will help you with this. Have a nice day and mood

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