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Cherry compote for the winter — 8 simple recipes without sterilization

Cherry compote for the winter — 8 simple recipes without sterilization

Cherry is a perfect berry. From it you can cook whatever you want. It is actively used in the preparation of beverages, baking, jams, jams and other things. Cherries are amazingly combined with many berries. Especially common are a mixture of cherries with strawberries, red and black currants, gooseberries, raspberries

In this article you will see how you can make a compote of cherries for the winter in different ways. In each case, the drink is obtained saturated. Very fragrant, unimaginably tasty.

Besides the fact that it is quite useful, it quickly quenches thirst! Cherry compote is the drink that is definitely worth making for the winter. Its impeccable sweet-sour taste is approved by adults and children.

View step-by-step recipes tested over the years. Thanks to them, you can learn to make compote, even if you have never done it. Cook with the soul!

The number of products indicated on the three-liter jar. Count on your own volume of berries, how much fragrant and bright cherry drink you will have!

Prepare all required products on the list. Rinse the berry well. If necessary, free from the twigs, the stones from the berries do not need to be removed.

Rinse the 3-liter jar thoroughly. Sterilize in the usual way.

Sterilization of compote dishes can be done in one of the following ways: scald inside a jar with boiling water, place over steam, use a microwave or a steamer

Measure the required amount of berries. Pour into a heat-treated jar. Send sugar after her

Pour boiling water, immediately roll up under the metal cover.

Covers desirable sterilized. This will help avoid souring.

Put rolled up bottom to top. Cover everything with a thick, thick towel. This step must be performed so that the compote is gradually cooled, but at the same time it is quickly saturated with the aroma and juice of a berry.

Cherry compote ready! In a day he will regain the habitual color of all bright red! Good luck in the compote!

Enjoy your thirst and have a fun day!

Cherry compote for the winter with the addition of strawberries and currants

Thanks to this recipe, you can enjoy a wonderful combination of ripe berries in the winter season: cherries, currants and strawberries. Compote turns special taste sensations! Try it for sure! This drink is usually like everyone!

  • Cherry — 200 gr
  • Sugar — 200 gr
  • Water — 2 l
  • Strawberry — 100 gr
  • Currant — 100 gr

Berry to sort, rinse in cold water, shifting to a colander. Rinse and dry glass jars. Transfer to the bottom of the cans first cherry, then strawberries. Lay the currants on top.

Currants can be left with sprigs. It does not affect the taste of the drink, but only decorate it.

Add sugar. Next, pour all the components of the compote with boiling water for about 2/3 of the container. Gently mix the ingredients in a jar using a clean spoon or spatula. Sugar should be completely dissolved.

Add boiling water to the edges of each jar. Roll covers on them. Put the filled containers, turning them bottom to top. Close everything with a warm blanket, let it stand so one night.

Ready compote rearranged for long-term storage in a cold place. For example, a cellar or a refrigerator.

Bon appetit, fruitful day!

This recipe is a cooking low-calorie cherry compote. This method of preparation is useful especially for those who are afraid to get better during the winter. Sugar is absent in the components completely. Only pure water and thoroughly washed cherries are required.

  • Ripe cherry is enough for the bank to be filled at 4/5, that is, before the “coat hanger”
  • Boiling water

The berry is very well treated from dirt and twigs

Pull the bones out of each berry.

In this case, the bones must be removed, so that as many natural sugars as possible are released from the cherry.

Put the seedless berry in the jar. Pour it with a thin stream of boiling water. Cover the container with a lid. Wrap in a blanket for a couple of hours to cool slowly

When the liquid stops, pour it from the jar into the pan, bring to a boil. Boil for about 5 to 7 minutes.

Cherry liquid from the jar can be poured using a sieve or lid with holes.

Boiling water with cherry juice back pour into the jar.

Screw the container with the compote with a sterile cap, turn it over. Wrap a can with something, such as a fur coat or blanket. Leave for a day to cool the liquid! After the elapsed time, you should deploy a fur coat with cherry compote. Send her to a cold place.

Successful blanks, enjoy your meal!

Do you want to cook cherry compote for the winter faster and tastier? Use the presented recipe, disappointment is excluded!

  • Cherry — 1 kilogram
  • Sugar — 600 gr
  • Lemon juice — from 1 fruit
  • Water — 5 — 6 liters

Rinse the glass jars in advance, dry them and sterilize them together with the metal lids.

Enameled deep bowl filled with cold water. Pour sugar into it, send it to a low fire. Boil until sugar is completely dissolved. It is necessary to constantly stir.

Ripe and juicy berry bust, rinse thoroughly. Move it to the finished sugar syrup. Put the resulting mass on a quiet fire. From the moment of boiling, boil for five to seven minutes. In the last minutes of cooking compote add lemon juice. To mix everything.

Ready compote pour hot on pre-prepared banks. Roll under the cover using a special machine.

Turn each container with the compote upside down, wrap it with a fur coat or a warm blanket. Have a great winter storage of a cherry drink!

It is very convenient when in winter you can enjoy the cherry aromas of summer at any time by opening a can of compote. Mint gives a special taste to the drink: it makes it fragrant and refreshing in its way! You can not not try it!

  • Ripe cherry — 400 gr
  • Sugar — 2 glasses
  • Purified water — 2.5 liters
  • Carnations buds — 3 pcs.
  • Coriander — 0.5 tsp
  • Mint greens — 10 sheets
  • Cardamom pods — 0.5 tsp
  • Vanilla pod — 1 pc.
  • Red wine — 50 milliliters

Rinse the glass jar thoroughly. Sterilize in the usual way. Wash the cherry, pull the bones out of it. Mint leaves immersed in cold water for 3 — 5 minutes

In a clean jar after its sterilization, transfer the prepared berry. Put mint leaves on top of it.

All spices with the exception of vanilla, but rather cloves, coriander, cardamom, lightly fried in a thick bottom pan

After some time, add red wine to them, wait a couple of minutes. Then, send the same sugar, stir the syrup with wine until the last added product is completely dissolved.

In a separate bowl bring the boiled water to the boil. Pour the berries in the banks with boiling water, close tightly with the lid of the compote container, let stand for two to three hours

Pour the scarlet liquid into the pan again. Add to it from the pan syrup with spices. Slightly boil pouring, pour again into the banks

Scarlet cherry fresh fruit compote with mint leaves ready for winter! Roll it up with a metal cover, turn it over, wrap it up. A day later, remove the drink in a cool place for storage. Good luck in your preparation, good harvest!

Cherry and gooseberry, where better combination? This is just a great mix of berries, which will allow you to make compote for the winter with a wonderful taste and aroma.

  • Cherry — 300 gr.
  • Gooseberry — 200 gr.
  • Sugar — 400 gr.
  • Water — 2 liters

Pre-flush the jars, dry them, sterilize them.

Enumerate the fruits of cherries and gooseberries, separating them from sheets, twigs if necessary. Thoroughly wash them, put them in prepared jars, then sprinkle with sugar.

Bring the liquid to a boil. Pour boiling water over the berry and add sugar. Cover dishes with clean lids, let stand for about twenty minutes, so that the berries let out a little juice, and the sugar dissolved as it should.

Next, drain the water into a deep container, boil it. After that, return the boiled water back to the jars. After that, roll up their covers. Wrap for a day to cool slowly. Cook with love, and then you will succeed!

Bon appetit, more joyful moments to you!

Cherry compote with stones and blueberries without sterilization

Compote with cherries and blueberries, prepared for the winter, it turns out very pleasant taste. Try it, be satisfied!

  • Freshly harvested cherry — 500 grams
  • Fresh blueberries — 100 grams
  • Sugar — 400 grams
  • Boiling water

Rinse the berry well with cold water for 2 — 3 times, removing the twigs and all unnecessary elements

Pure fruit decomposed banks. Carefully pour boiling water over them, close with a tin lid, let stand for 1 hour.

Drain all liquid into the pan, pour sugar into it. Bring to a boil, then boil for seven minutes over medium or low heat from the moment of boiling.

Ready syrup pour over the berries in the banks. Roll caps of compote storage containers, turn them over.

Wrap the precious drink in cans for about 12 hours. Then store the cooled beverage in the cellar or basement.

Bon appetit, saturated and nutritious drinks to you!

This is a great idea not only for the winter period. You can take advantage of such a sweet and sour refreshing drink on any hot day. You always want to drink it, it is so tasty that you don’t want to break away from it at all! Check for yourself!

Cooking cherry compote with a rich aroma of summer will not take you much time. In winter you will only admire the drink, enjoy its unique taste. Roll the summer «in the bank», it’s worth it! Good luck in your preparations for the winter!

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