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Apple jam recipe with a photo: simple and in the slow cooker

Apple — a unique fruit due to the huge amount of fiber contained in it.

At the same time it is low-calorie and is part of most therapeutic diets.

In addition, apples can be kept fresh for months if they are placed in a cool, dry environment.

Still, these fruits are good because they are an excellent basis for creating compotes, juices and preserves.

Each of the items with proper preparation can be preserved and stored for several years.

Due to its prevalence, apples become frequent guests in every family.

Regardless of the variety, each fruit is rich in folic acid and vitamins of groups A, B, C, E, PP, P, K.

In addition, apples contain antibiotic ingredients.

In diabetes and diathesis, the contained organic salts are useful, which, by the way, actively remove harmful excess salts of another type.

In winter, when most fresh vegetables and fruits are unavailable to humans, and the main diet consists of fish and meat dishes, apples are especially useful, as they neutralize and remove harmful acidic products of metabolism.

As for apple jam, it has not only excellent taste, but also nourishes the human body with beneficial substances that are in short supply in winter.

There are a lot of recipes for its preparation, and they all differ not only in the sequence of steps, but also in the color of the finished product.

So colorless is considered correct, or a white-yellow color.

Otherwise, there is a loss of vitamins C and R.

To jam the apples was sufficiently saturated with vitamin C, add to the recipe rosehip.

So that diabetics would not deny themselves the tasting of this delicacy, when cooking sugar is replaced by sorbitol or fructose.

It must always be remembered that when using the first variant of a sugar substitute, fermentation of the product is possible.

Even taking into account the fact that apple jam is thermally processed canned fruit, its beneficial effect on the body is as great as when using fresh apples.

Before you begin the process of making jam, you need to pick up the fruit.

Preference is better to give options grown in the home.

In them, and the content of useful elements above, and you can be sure in the absence of chemical additives.

If there is no other option, then you should get rid of the skin, which, in fact, accumulates all the harmful substances.

You should always pay attention to the color matching varieties of apples.

The more natural — the better.

Well, this is a matter of experience.

No less significant parameter is the absence of damage, such as dents, or spots, which are evidence of fetal disease.

Good apples are always solid, strong, without dark spots.

If you look at the fruit on the cut, the bones should be brown.

If the color is too light — the fruit is not ripe.

Apple is a great supplier of iron to the human body.

This explains its rapid darkening in areas without peel.

If this does not happen — the item is in short supply, and the instance is not worth attention.

Prepare apple jam according to the following recipe from the photo as simple as possible.

  1. Fruits are cut into quarters, and the core is removed.
  2. Then each slice is cut across into pieces about 5 mm thick. In principle, you can cut in any way, it all depends on personal preferences.
  3. The sliced ​​lobules are laid out in a saucepan, and they are poured with sugar. Then the dishes are covered with a towel, the billet is left overnight for the apples to make juice.
  4. Once this has happened, the dishes with apples are sent to a small fire and brought to a boil. It is important to periodically stir the mixture. After that you should set the pan aside so that it is well cooled. It is necessary to boil the mixture three times, and for the last time, let the future boil for five minutes with the jam.
  5. Hot mass is poured into sterilized cans, rolled up with sterile caps.
  6. Banks are turned upside down, tightly wrapped in towels (you can use the old coat). A couple of days, they should stand so until cool.

And if you add a little cinnamon, you get the following dessert jam from apples:

Apple jam is much easier to prepare if the kitchen has such a wonderful device as a slow cooker.

  • 1 kg of apples;
  • 0.5 kg of sugar;
  • half a liter of water.

Apples are washed, peeled, cut into quarters, and the core is removed.

Then the slices must be very finely chopped.

To prepare the syrup, sugar is poured into the bowl of the multicooker, and then water is poured (purified drinking water, or ordinary, but re-boiled) in an amount of 0.5 liters.

The mixture is thoroughly mixed and sent to the slow cooker, which must first be transferred to the “Quenching” mode.

Cooking should be 1 hour.

As a result, the syrup should heat up and then boil a little.

It should be cooked for about 20 minutes so that the sugar is completely dissolved.

Apples are added to the finished syrup after 20 minutes, and the whole thing is cooked to a beep.

Ready apple jam, cooked in a slow cooker, according to the recipe, is poured over sterilized jars, rolled, turned over, wrapped with a towel, cooled at room temperature.

When using 1kg of apples, 1.5 liters of jam is obtained.

Try to prepare the following original recipe in a slow cooker for your family and guests:

If there is a slow cooker on hand, sterilization of cans and lids can be done right in it.

To do this, pour a couple of glasses of water into the bowl of the device, set the basket, and place jars with lids on top.

The slow cooker should work for about 7 minutes (depending on the volume of the cans) in “Steaming” mode.

You can add oriental flavors to the jam, if at the first stage of its preparation you add cloves, cinnamon or a little vanilla sugar to the apples.

Store seals should be in a cool dry place, such as a pantry, cellar.

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A complete list of negative calorie foods is posted in the article. It will be especially relevant for those who want to lose those extra pounds.

So that the lids do not rust under the influence of a moist environment during storage, you can use the old old-fashioned way — cover them with petroleum jelly or grease.

Before opening the can, the surface of the lid is well wiped with a cloth.

Apple jam can not only be smeared on bread, as many do during tea drinking, but also use it as a filling for various confectionery products.

What about unusual recipes?

Let’s make a real “apple masterpiece”:

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