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Unleavened bread in the bread maker: recipes with photos

Unleavened bread in the bread maker: a few recipes in favor of a healthy diet

“Bread is the head of everything”, now nobody thinks about this proverb.

He has become a familiar and integral element of any meal.

About what a long way to go this product to become what it is, few people know.

Historians claim that the first baked bread appeared about 15 thousand years ago.

The meaning of life of our distant ancestors was reduced to the search for food and survival in harsh conditions.

It was then that they discovered that cereal grains thrown into damp earth could produce even more grains.

So they began to sow and collect cereals.

They consumed food in the form of thick porridge, ground seeds with stones and mixed with water.

The stones were then driven out by special millstones and handmills.

A little later, people realized that such porridge is much tastier if it is heated on a fire.

Scientists believe that during cooking, porridge spilled out and clotted.

Its aroma and ruddy look pleasantly surprised people, they began to bake fresh porridge cakes from porridge.

Of course, the fact that they baked a little resembled modern bread, but the beginning of bread-making was laid.

Yeast bread began to bake a little later in ancient Egypt.

The Egyptians discovered that it is much tastier and more fragrant if it is baked from acidified dough.

Historians believe that here, again, accident has helped: the slave, the cook, has a sour taste of dough, but, fearing punishment, he still baked a cake and did not lose it.

So the Egyptians became the founders of the baking history.

For a long time there have been discussions about the yeast and yeast-free varieties.

Someone claims that yeast baking is dangerous and cannot be eaten.

And some scientists say that you can eat it without fear for your health.

But no matter what opinions are expressed on this issue, research has shown that non-yeast bread still outperforms its yeast counterpart in terms of benefits.

Many will say that there is no absolutely yeast-free baking, because it contains a yeast, but few know the difference between yeast and yeast.

Artificially bred yeasts are microorganisms that contribute to raising the dough.

Scientists have modified them and now they can be purchased in stores.

Supporters of a healthy diet claim that the yeast fungi accumulate in the body, destroy the microflora and lower the immune system.

In addition, swelling in the digestive tract, they cause bloating and stool disorders.

The yeast, from which unleavened bread is prepared, contains yeast of natural origin.

It is made from hop cones or malt and flour.

Since the yeast it contains exclusively of natural origin, most of them die from high temperature during baking.

Therefore, about any flatulence or fermentation in the stomach we are not talking.

First you need to do the preparation of leaven.

It is done within 5 days.

Raisins should be well washed and twisted in a meat grinder or crushed with a press, put into a glass container and pour filtered water.

Pour about half of the prepared rye flour and add honey.

Honey, if desired, can be replaced by sugar.

All mix thoroughly, cover with a damp cloth and put in the heat for fermentation.

On the 2nd day you need to add 2-3 tbsp. spoons of flour and the same amount of warm water.

Well stir and cover up and clean again.

On the 3rd, 4th and 5th day, do the same, the sourdough should be like dough for pancakes.

In a bucket of the bread machine, 1 cup of wheat flour is laid out, on top of the flour 6-7 spoons of sourdough, the remaining flour, salt, soda, sugar and vegetable oil.

The mode is set depending on the model of your breadmaker, the time of kneading and baking can be from 1.5 to 4 hours.

Unleavened bread cooked in a bread maker to cool slightly and can be cut.

After reviewing all the steps, we advise you to watch the video with this recipe:

  • 300 ml. kefir;
  • 600 gr. rye flour;
  • 50 gr. Any bran;
  • half tsp of soda;
  • a third cup of vegetable oil;
  • 15 gr. Sahara
  • 15 gr. salt.
  • on 20 gr. flax seed and sesame.

The method of making yeast-free rye bread in a bread maker is very simple.

Bran, flax seeds and sesame fry over medium heat in a dry frying pan to a beautiful golden color.

In the form of a bread machine pour flour, pour kefir, add all the remaining ingredients and put the desired mode.

The bread is fragrant and crunchy.

Good appetite!

Leaven can be prepared in various ways.

It can be: on kefir, malt, raisins, hop cones.

Recommendations for its production:

  1. The leaven should be prepared only in a warm place, if the temperature is below 20 degrees it will not rise and the bread will not work.
  2. Some make it within 3 days, but it has already been proven in practice that the longer the ferment wanders, the richer and more aromatic the bread will turn out. Therefore, the best time for fermentation is 5 days.
  3. While it rises, it must be constantly stirred, best of all with a wide wooden spatula. So the flour will rise better from the bottom of the dish and will not be broken consistency.
  4. When the starter is cooked, it must be folded into a glass jar, tightly closed with a lid and stored in the refrigerator door or in a cool dark place until next use.
  5. You should not add a lot of this base to the bread, its surplus can give it an unpleasant sour taste.

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As for the technology of baking unleavened bread in a bread maker, then here it is necessary to pay attention to such moments:

  1. When manually kneading the dough, it is important not to over-salt; baking may be too dry from excess salt.
  2. Freshly baked bread should be lightly sprinkled with water and covered with a clean towel. This is done so that the crust has become soft and well cut.
  3. The dough should be a homogeneous consistency, thoroughly kneaded, then the product will be more magnificent and tender.

Bread from the store can be tasty, but no one guarantees that it is healthy.

It is necessary to attach a little imagination and good mood, and you can please your family with a wonderful fragrant masterpiece.

Finally, we share with you a recipe for sourdough on rye flour with a complete description of the manufacturing process:

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