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Sweet bread in the bread maker: recipes with photos, calorie

It is very easy now to get a fresh bread roll for breakfast with the advent of a new gadget — a bread maker. She does not need to dirty her hands by kneading the dough. Everything will be done for you. It is necessary to observe only the proportions of the products and set the correct mode. Even when using the same ingredients, but in different programs, the result will be different. Consider the option of sweet pastries, which is loved not only by children.

This is the easiest way to please yourself and your family with delicious bread. Do it right, and may every morning be filled with a wonderful aroma in your home.

How to cook sweet bread in the bread maker:

  1. The main thing in the correct sequence to fill all the ingredients. It is this way: dry yeast, high-grade flour, salt, ground cinnamon, sugar, chopped softened butter or margarine. All pour milk. You don’t need to mix anything yourself, as the machine will do it for you.
  2. Put the bowl in its place in the bread maker and set the «Dietary» mode. The roll should turn out to be large, therefore we include XL. The color of the crust should be medium. Installation of programs is complete. Turn on.
  3. When the bake signal sounds, open the lid. It is better not to hush up the upper crust, do not immediately pull out the bread, but let it cool slightly inside. Then remove the loaf on a special grill until it is completely cooled to the temperature you need.

It will make a brilliant crispy bread.

This preparation of homemade pastries can replace the famous cupcakes. Great idea for a sweet tea party.

  • granulated sugar — 80 g;
  • cocoa — 80 g;
  • baking flour — ½ kg;
  • 200 ml of warm water;
  • cream (dry) — 45 g (2 tbsp);
  • half a bar of dark chocolate;
  • single orange peel;
  • margarine (but better than butter) — 0.05 kg;
  • high-speed yeast — 1.5 tsp;
  • salt — 1 tsp

Depending on the model you are using, time will depend. Basically it is about 4 hours.

Chocolate bread will contain 292 kcal per 100 g.

First prepare some ingredients. Wrap the chocolate in a rag and beat it with a rolling pin so that the pieces do not become too small. Orange is better to freeze first, and then use a large grater. Cocoa powder diluted with dry cream in water.

Now we are starting to send everything into the breadmaker’s bucket. We first fall asleep dry ingredients: sugar, sifted flour, crushed bitter chocolate, dry yeast, salt. Evenly scatter orange zest and pour the prepared water.

You need to bake on the program «Basic» or «Sweet» with a medium crust. After the signal after 5 minutes, remove the finished product and cool it well so that the lumpy chocolate can gather into lumps.

Usually such bread is baked in advance so as not to wait for the beginning of the meal. Pour icing or melted chocolate to decorate.

Such bread is usually baked at Easter, decorating it. But on any other day I want to eat such a tasty product.

Take the following products:

  • sugar — 120 g;
  • half a glass of warm milk;
  • butter — 50 g;
  • seedless raisins — 100 g;
  • live yeast — 15 g;
  • lean oil — 5 tbsp .;
  • 2 g vanilla (small package);
  • table salt — 5 g;
  • the highest grade of bread flour — 500 g;
  • 3 eggs.

Time will take about 3-4 hours.

318 kcal is contained in 100 g of the finished loaf of bread with raisins.

Sifted flour is poured into a multicooker bucket with sugar (it is better to use powdered sugar) and salt. Add vanilla and creamy softened butter, which is sometimes replaced with margarine.

Raisins should first be very well washed, removed if there is a stalk and soak in boiling water for 15 minutes. Drain and add to baking bowl. Break eggs there too.

Yeast must be diluted in warm milk and added to the rest of the ingredients. Pour the sunflower oil.

Bake in “Sweet” mode bread right away. It is impossible to postpone due to the use of fresh yeast. If it becomes necessary to transfer the preparation in the future, replace the pressed yeast with dry yeast.

After the signal, pull out and cool. If the bread was prepared for Easter, then use a variety of decorations.

This unusual breakfast cereal option will make the structure of the dough rather unusual and change the taste.

  • high-speed yeast — 10 g;
  • Baking flour — 0.35 kg;
  • 1 chicken egg;
  • puffed rice (dry breakfast) — 0, 1 kg;
  • unsalted butter — 2 tablespoons l .;
  • salt — 15 g .;
  • honey — 60 g;
  • sugar — 50 g;
  • cow milk — 300 ml.

It will take 4 hours to prepare.

271 kcal is contained in 100 g of this baking.

Put the products in the bowl. The first ones will go bulk: high-speed yeast, sifted flour of the premium, dry breakfast «Puffed rice», salt, sugar. Oil should be seasoned at room temperature and cut into small pieces. Break the egg there.

Honey is better to dissolve in warm milk and pour to the rest of the ingredients. We put on the bread maker the mode “Basic” or “Sweet” with a crust to your taste. Cool the finished loaf. Enjoy your meal.

Beet salad with garlic is an aromatic dish that will appeal to many.

How to cook delicious fillings for rolls of pita, read our article.

Take note of the recipes for fillings for pies with egg and green onions.

Unusual and colorful bread will decorate any holiday table.

  • margarine or butter — 50 g;
  • flour — 500 g;
  • 1 egg;
  • half a glass of beet juice;
  • Uzbek raisins (black) without stones — 70 g;
  • fast acting yeast — 1 small packet;
  • salt — ½ tsp;
  • granulated sugar — 50 g;
  • warm milk — 150 ml.

You need to spend 3 hours and 40 minutes to bake bread.

276 kcal will be contained in 100 g of «watermelon» bread.

Pour into the bowl of the bread machine beet juice and milk. Add there soft butter, egg, sugar, salt, steamed and washed black raisins. Fall asleep sifted flour, and on top of the yeast.

In the «Basic» mode we bake bread. We surprise everyone with our novelty.

It is necessary to lay the products in such a way that the yeast did not mix with the liquid and did not react ahead of time. If bread baking is postponed, then the bulk ingredients will go last.

Better use high-speed yeast.

It is necessary to fill in the products, after having pulled out the baking bucket so that the components do not get inside the breadmaker.

Some components need to be put in a special dispenser. If in your gadget it is missing, then fall asleep manually at a certain prescription time.

Do not take out the sweet bread immediately. Firstly, it can stick to the form and not fall out, and secondly it can be crushed.

Do not cut very hot bread, as the crumb will crumble or crush into a lump.

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