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Sourdough bread: the correct and complete recipe with photos step by step

We are sure that you have not only been trying to try a real bread for a long time, but also are looking for that very, real recipe of its preparation. Your time has come!

Bread is the head of everything. After all, the truth! Not a single day of our life is complete without it. Sandwiches? Bread! To soup or chops? Maybe a fresh salad? Or fragrant juicy kebabs? Everywhere and always we need bread. Therefore, rather read on to quickly enjoy the result.

Today we will make sourdough bread according to the correct, complete and genuine recipe. Therefore, if you are interested, then stay with us. We will not only give you a complete list of the right foods, but also tell you how to cook properly.

It will take a little bit to make several loaves of bread, but a lot of time is a little over twenty-one hours, which is almost a day. Too much, right? But let you be enticed by the fact that the bread will be fresh, real, crisp, homemade and just fragrantly crazy!

Sourdough bread making:

  1. In a large container (4 l +) pour ferment;
  2. From the first portion of flour and the first portion of water (160 g each) knead the dough and add it to the starter;
  3. Stir the dough with sourdough, bringing the mass to a homogeneous;
  4. Leave in a bowl and cover for five hours, removing the container in heat;
  5. A few minutes before the time passes, knead the dough from the second part of the flour and the second part of the water;
  6. When the time is up, add the second dough to the leaven, mix again and send back to heat for five hours;
  7. After five hours separately add flour to the mass, mix until smooth;
  8. Separately add water, also bringing to homogeneity;
  9. Put the container with the contents in a warm place for another four hours;
  10. After fourteen hours, the dough should grow at least twice;
  11. Remove 260 g from the obtained dough, which will be the ferment for your next bread;
  12. Place in a container, cover with a towel and remove to the best of times in the lowest part of the refrigerator;
  13. To a large portion of dough, with which we will continue to work, add warm water and oil;
  14. Knead the ingredients with a spatula or a regular spoon again until smooth;
  15. Take a bowl, which is even larger in volume than the previous one, and skip into it first whole grain and then wheat flour;
  16. Add salt and mix the three bulk components;
  17. To them, pour the brew and knead the soft, but slightly sticky dough;
  18. When everything worked out, leave the dough in the container for another forty minutes, not forgetting to cover it with foil;
  19. Prepare greased pans;
  20. Then knead the mass and divide by the number of parts you want;
  21. Each portion of dough knead for five minutes and place on a baking sheet, forming the desired shape;
  22. Leave all the bread harvest for another four hours;
  23. When the dough rises twice, it can be sent to a hot oven, which must be preheated to 200 Celsius;
  24. Bread is baked for at least forty minutes, and a maximum of one hour and forty minutes. It all depends on the size and shape of the bread. You can check with a toothpick after forty minutes;
  25. Ready-made sourdough bread is allowed to cool completely on a wire rack.

Flour for baking always need to sift. It will only be better if you do this several times. After all, in this way it is saturated with oxygen, and then saturates your baking with it. This is what contributes to the pomp and airiness of finished products.

It is very important to knead, beat or mix the masses to a uniform color and consistency each time. Since only in this case, everything will turn out right. For example, if you do not mix the flour well in the dough, then it will not dissolve, and it will bake. Believe me, not the most delicious sight.

In order for the dough to rise well and well, the conditions for the growth of the dough to ferment are very important. This room must be warm and there should be no drafts. And, no matter how funny it sounds, but this dough loves your good mood.

According to the recipe from liquids we have water, and twice. The dough will be softer and more aromatic, if you replace the water with milk. Such a replacement in recipes will always make the result only tastier.

If you dilute a little potato starch with water and add to the dough, then the bread will be even tastier and even more magnificent.

When the dough fits, it is not only resting. But during this time it also interconnects all the components, their flavors and tastes. Therefore, rest is needed in any case.

Very often, the growing dough is covered with clean and dry towels. But for those who are afraid to dirty the “fresh” kitchen attribute, we recommend using food wrap. Its merit is also in the fact that through it the whole process of growth is visible.

Forming a dough of all and two ingredients (at the beginning of the recipe) will be better, and it is more convenient if you pour water / milk into flour, rather than pouring flour into a liquid.

The dishes, in which the dough grows and is kneaded, must be clean and dry. Otherwise, in the process of kneading, and especially in the process of growth, the dough can absorb excess flavors and aromas.

It is recommended to use all products of the same temperature. To do this, just first you need to get everything out of the fridge. Exception — if the recipe states that a particular product needs to be heated or, conversely, used cold.

To work with the dough always need to have clean and dry hands. This rule is very important, as wet hands will change the consistency of the dough and subsequently it may adversely affect the result. Therefore, before touching the dough, hands should be well washed and thoroughly dried.

At the beginning of roasting the oven should not be opened. The dough can fall and then it will not rise again. Imagine your state after twenty hours of waiting for this moment.

To remove concerns about the fact that the bread will be fatty because of butter, we can advise you, replace it with flour. Just sprinkle a baking sheet and then place the next sourdough bread on it. Or lay the bottom of the pan with parchment paper.

To make everything truly possible, we suggest baking your bread loaves in a real oven, if, of course, you have such an opportunity. From this you will get unreal pleasure!

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Be sure to try to cook such bread at home. It does not matter, the oven will be this or oven. It is suitable for both cases and in any of them it will turn out incredible!

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