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Rye bread in the bread maker: baking rules, recipes

Recipes and recommendations for baking homemade rye bread in a bread maker

The most delicious bread is black.

This is the opinion of every second resident of Russia for two reasons: to love rye bread is patriotic, and then, he is so wonderful with his crisp, pleasantly dense crumb and unique sourness.

Baking rye flour is a truly Russian product with a rich history and many legends.

The first loaves of rye flour appeared on the territory of modern Russia in the eleventh century.

Uncomplicated in preparation and convenient in storage, they immediately became extremely popular.

It should be noted that rye flour at that time was not only honored by the common people, it was respected and well-known, and with pleasure it tasted its cooked products.

There is one curious legend, or profit, which has come down to our days since the Russian-Turkish war: Russian soldiers fed on porridge and a good hunk of rye bread almost lost in one of the important battles due to the lack of the usual menu .

The porridge was there, but the baked goods in the military confusion were lost.

To remedy the situation, “humanitarian aid” — wheat bread from the Caucasus — was delivered to the place of hostilities.

It turned out — not it.

He did not give the white bread to the Russian army of the necessary forces — the soldiers felt extremely oppressed and weary.

But still the battle was not lost.

Think fairy tales are all this?

Then let’s find out how this baking is so useful.

Both history and modern medicine testify that the absence of beriberi in a person who constantly consumes rye bread is indisputable.

The content of vitamins in a small slice of your favorite bread is huge.

The list is headed by the most necessary: ​​A, B, E, PP, and there are still macro-and microelements, mineral salts, fiber.

But it is possible to carry out a number of useful procedures with the help of rye bread alone: ​​remove toxins, get rid of cholesterol and toxins, normalize the functions of the digestive system.

It is recommended to use for people suffering from anemia, diabetes mellitus, as well as those who are afraid of oncological appearances — as a preventive means, baking rye flour does an excellent job with the tasks assigned to it.

Bakers have their own secrets, which are never revealed immediately, especially to inexperienced cooks.

Although everyone knows that the most useful and tasty bread is not obtained by lees, but on sourdough, it is not recommended to start right away with “sour” — it may not work, and the first disappointment, usually so firmly, does not allow you to go to start all over again.

So, to get your first experience in baking rye bread in a bread maker, you should, using recipes 50/50 — from two types of flour: rye and wheat.

To get started, take 60% rye and add 10% each time you bake, gradually increasing to a full hundred.

Make the first pastry on dry yeast, the second — on the briquetted, the third — on the sour dough, and only then use the leaven.

Rye bread is quite capricious and, with all the efforts of the hostess, it can turn out damp, heavy and not sufficiently porous.

The secret that will help to «persuade» bread to become as it should be — in ordinary water and flour.

Part of the water prepared for kneading should be left (20 grams of everything) and in the process of raising the rye bun, watch what it lacks: if you add water, then it will not be sticky, if flour, add it, then it will not be cracked.

Try to knead the dough as thoroughly as possible — rye pastry «loves» increased attention and diligent kneading.

This recipe for rye bread in a bread maker is prepared as follows:

  1. Put all products in a certain order into the bowl of the bread machine: water, sugar, salt, oil, both flours (both types), mixing them in advance, yeast.
  2. Usually rye loaves are baked in the French Bread program. This recipe is no exception. Set the program, set the weight of the finished product — 750 g, and the quality of the hardness of the crust — medium.
  3. For a uniform raising of the dough, it can be trimmed manually and monitor how it “grows”.
  4. After the process is started, and the dough has begun to rise, it is better not to open the lid of the oven and do not touch the dough.
  5. With its signal, the bread machine will announce readiness. Then the loaf can be taken out and put on the grate for cooling.

We advise you to watch the video recipe for homemade Borodino bread, well, just incredibly tasty:

  • water;
  • one and a half spoons of powdered milk;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • 2 tbsp. l Sahara;
  • 2 cups wheat flour and 1.4 cups rye;
  • a teaspoon of allspice and cumin (the ingredients will give spicy bread);
  • 1.5 tablespoons of vegetable oil;
  • 9 tablespoons sourdough.

  1. Fold the components into the container in order: first liquid, then dry, if there are no other recommendations for laying the products from the manufacturer of the stove.
  2. Set the mode “Main” or “Rye bread” and set the parameters: weight, color of the crust.
  3. In the process of raising the dough, keep an eye on its condition: the bun should not be too liquid and spread over the bowl; a good-quality dough from light touch should spring.
  4. After the bun is ready, let it cool. Rye pastries can not be cut and consumed hot.

You can also try to bake whole-grain unleavened bread on sourdough without milk and spices:

  • 500 g peeled rye flour;
  • 35 g acidifier;
  • 40 g dry malt (fermented);
  • tablespoon of sugar;
  • salt to taste;
  • 8 g dry yeast;
  • two glasses of warm boiled water and 100 ml of boiling water.

  1. Boil the malt with boiling water and leave for five minutes.
  2. In the meantime, set the desired mode. For different models of the Panasonic stove, different modes will be required: the SD-253 (252, 254, 255) work «Gluten free», and the SD-2500 (01, 02) — on the «Basic fast». Choose a paddle designed for rye dough; it will make kneading easier and faster.
  3. Spit out the ingredients, adhering to a certain order: flour — sourdough (acidifier) ​​- sugar — yeast.
  4. Again, return to the malt, dilute it with boiled warm water, stir and pour to the rest of the ingredients.
  5. Set the container with the ingredients in the oven, start a certain mode (“Basic” or “Gluten-free”) and watch the mixing process, if necessary, helping the machine with a spatula. Mixing should last at least 15 minutes.
  6. Reset the previous mode and immediately turn on the Baking program. After launching this program, it is impossible to open the lid and touch the dough so as not to fall.
  7. The baking time is 90 minutes, after which the loaf should be cooled for two hours.

We offer to view another recipe, which, by the way, is also intended for the Panasonic bread maker:

In the recipe of this bread one can often find various additives.

We learn more about them:

  1. Gluten is gluten, which is so lacking in rye dough. It is necessary for the uplifting and pomp of the loaf.
  2. Agram — ferment, giving the bread «branded» sourness. When adding an agram, no vinegar is needed in the dough, otherwise there are recipes with the addition of apple or regular vinegar.
  3. Extra-R — malt with malt flavor, emphasizing the sweetish malt flavor.
  4. Malt is a necessary ingredient in black bread, giving it a dark color and a peculiar taste.

If those ingredients you did not have on hand, they can find a replacement.

Of course, bread with «substitutes» can not be considered authentic, but still try.

Instead of gluten, add a few teaspoons of semolina to the dough, while reducing the amount of wheat flour, if it is in the dough.

Use vinegar, lemon juice, or ascorbic acid instead.

The main thing — to choose the «right» apple sour varieties.

If you want to get a roll with sourness and an absolute reluctance to use vinegar for this, you can knead on whey or kefir instead of water.

Malt is not a substitute for anything, but if it is not enough, you can add buckwheat honey, kvass, kvass wort, or, at worst, dark beer to the dough.

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You can learn how to cook the “right” manti on our website here. We are sure that novice hostesses will quickly master the cooking process, and experienced ones will get a lot of useful tips for themselves, and maybe they will share their secrets.

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  1. Rye bread and fragrant herbs are in harmony with each other, so do not be afraid to be creative and add basil, cumin to the dough, Provencal herbs, they only emphasize the unique taste of your baking.
  2. The success or failure of the finished product depends on the correct ratio of water and flour. Too thin dough threatens to turn the crumb into a wet and sticky misunderstanding (glivkost), and if it is too thick, the crumb will be dense, cracking and quickly staining.
  3. Immediately after the end of the baking process in the oven, even the bread that was taken out continues to “prepare itself inside”. That is, the process of ripening the crumb lasts until it is completely cooled. Therefore, it is impossible to cut rye bread hot.

Pay attention to the method of cooking baking on the basis of kefir in the following video:

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