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Rye bread in a slow cooker (sourdough, without yeast): recipes

Bread is a complement and basis for a hearty lunch. It is served to the first light and hearty, second courses, bread — the basis for classic or hot sandwiches, a variety of snacks or canapes. This flour product can be prepared without any difficulties and at home, as modern appliances (multicookers, ovens, or bread machines) offer the appropriate options.

Rye bread has a high content of vitamins and healthy microelements, it is easier and faster to digest.

The process of preparation (step by step) of rye bread in a slow cooker:

  1. Use warm water, so you need to warm it up a little (up to 40 0), then dissolve the yeast in it;
  2. Immediately add salt and sugar to the yeast liquid, as well as the existing vegetable oil (unscented sunflower oil);
  3. The whole mass should be mixed well;
  4. Sift flour, then add it to the rest of the components dissolved in water (sifting allows you to get lush bread), mix the dough, cover it;
  5. Leave the compound for 60 minutes in a warm room;
  6. Put the dough into the form (it is recommended to grease it with vegetable oil);
  7. Set the «baking» or «Bread» mode on the multicooker (depends on the company);
  8. After 60 minutes, turn the bread over and continue baking with the lid closed for about 35-37 minutes.

After cooking, put the bread on the dish, you can serve, both hot and cold.

Delicious and fragrant sourdough rye bread is made from ingredients such as:

  • a mixture of the following types of flour (for baking) — barley, wheat, rye — 1.5 spoons each;
  • water — 400 ml (pass through the cleaning system before being used for food);
  • Coriander — 5 g (perfect freshly ground);
  • starter — to taste (option at the discretion of the hostess);
  • salt to taste (or a standard portion of 5 g);
  • sugar — 10 g (the amount can be reduced or increased);

Cooking time — 55 minutes (baking only).

Caloric content — 421 kcal / 100 g

The process (phased) preparation:

  1. Water mixed with sourdough, salt, sugar and coriander;
  2. Sift flour, mix and pour into a liquid, then stir until the composition is homogeneous;
  3. Transfer the dough in a slow cooker (its oiled bowl), leave for 8-12 hours;
  4. Turn on the mode, programmed in the device — «Baking» and prepare before the beep.

Serve hot to main dishes or make the basis for sandwiches. You can optionally add sesame seeds, crushed nuts or dried fruits to the dough — this diversifies the usual taste of this product.

For those who can not eat bread made with yeast, it is recommended to use this simple recipe. For preparation you will need a set of available ingredients:

  • rye flour — approximately 2.5 cups in volume (in this proportion — 0.5 cups of rye and 1.5 wheat flour);
  • oatmeal in flakes (suitable for dissolution) — 120 g;
  • butter — 55 g (5 g — for lubricating the bowl of the multicooker);
  • sugar and salt — 5 g;
  • soda — 2 tsp;
  • breading — 2 tsp (not necessary, but it is advisable to use to exclude burning);
  • kefir — 230 ml (as the basis for the fermentation process).

Cooking time — 60 minutes.

Caloric content per 100 g of bread — 406 kcal.

  1. Butter is required to be melted (any convenient method will be suitable for this);
  2. Add kefir to the butter and mix well (the consistency should be liquid, but homogeneous, like sour cream);
  3. Add oatmeal and flour to the mass (completely);
  4. The following ingredients in the mixture are soda, granulated sugar and salt, mix well;
  5. Then knead the dough for a short time (by hand);
  6. With butter (5 g) lubricate the walls of the bowl with an available multicooker (then the bread will not burn);
  7. At the bottom of the bowl should add breading, evenly, distributing it;
  8. Then the prepared dough is laid in the bowl;
  9. «Baking» mode is set for 30 minutes;
  10. After the time has elapsed (a beep sounds from the device), the bread should be turned;
  11. The Baking program starts again for the same 30 minutes.

After cooking, the bread can be immediately served at the table or let it brew a little, leaving it on the dish under a towel for a while.

The original combination of several types of flour gives bread an unusual taste and a pleasant, slightly tart flavor. To prepare this product in a multicooker from the company «Polaris», you need to have on hand the following ingredients:

  • flour (mixture): wheat — 500 g (or 2 glasses with edges, dial with a slide), rye — 260 g (or 1 faceted glass with a slide);
  • yeast — 1 sachet (or standard package in 11 g);
  • salt finely ground — 12 g (1 tbsp);
  • sugar (loose) — 15 g;
  • water — 0.4 l (or 2 glasses per 200 ml, filtered);
  • vegetable oil — 2 tbsp. (not required ingredient).

Cooking time (dough preparation and baking) — about 140 minutes.

Calories — 408 kcal / 100 g

  1. Water, if it is not warm, reheat a little;
  2. Then dissolve the yeast, salt and sugar in it;
  3. Add (if used) vegetable oil, then mix;
  4. Add flour — wheat, and rye for it, mix;
  5. Knead a little, then let it brew for 1 hour and 20 minutes;
  6. Bowl (its walls and bottom) of the available multicooker, brush with oil, not too plentiful, put the dough into it;
  7. Start the program «Yogurt» and leave the bread to bake for about 35 minutes (close the lid);
  8. Then turn the dough over, turn on the mode in the list of programs called “Baking” for 60 (+ 4-5) minutes;
  9. After that, the bread is turned over and baked in the same mode for another 40 minutes.

Before serving, cool slightly, if desired, cut into pieces.

Borodino rye bread with Phillips technique

The dough is prepared from the following ingredients (per 1.6-1.8 liter bowl):

  • whole grain flour — 90 g;
  • rye flour (refined) — 120 g;
  • wheat flour — 110 g;
  • yeast — 15 g (optimally applied in the recipe dry);
  • salt — to taste (or 1 tsp);
  • coriander — 5 g (if there is fresh, then it is ideal for the recipe);
  • rye malt — 12 g;
  • treacle — 1 tbsp;
  • oil without aromatic components of vegetable — 10 ml;
  • vinegar (suitable for the recipe — apple) — 1 tbsp.
  • water — 1 cup (100 ml of the total, that is half, will be required in order to brew the malt).

Cooking time — 85 minutes.

Calories per 100 g — 410 kcal.

  1. Heat 100 ml of water to boiling water to brew rye malt in it;
  2. After that, it will be necessary to sift rye flour;
  3. Mix it with yeast, salt and coriander;
  4. Add the rest of the flour (also sifted);
  5. After that, add to them vegetable oil, molasses (you can also add a little honey and sugar) and mix everything well.
  6. The remaining water will be needed to dilute apple cider vinegar;
  7. To dry prepared ingredients pour vinegar and malt, stir the dough;
  8. Smear the bowl (its bottom and walls) of the multicooker with oil, then put the dough into it (it should not “fit” before));
  9. Set the program «Yogurt» for 60 minutes;
  10. After 40 minutes, open the lid and if the dough is ready, you can continue the process of baking bread;
  11. Then the program «baking» is activated (for 35 minutes);
  12. After the bread is required to gently turn;
  13. The “Baking” program is turned on again, but for 20 minutes already;
  14. After giving a programmed signal about the termination of work or the transition to heating, you want to open the multicooker lid.

Before serving, it is necessary that the bread stood for a bit (cover with a towel).

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To prepare healthy and tasty bread, which is well perceived by the body, you should take the following ingredients:

  • drinking water — 1 full glass of liquid (or 260 ml);
  • rye flour — 415 g (2 cups and 1 incomplete tbsp);
  • bran (you can take in the department of sports or diet food) — 30 g;
  • salt (it is recommended to stop the choice on the one that has a fine grinding) — 8 g;
  • sugar — about 10 g;
  • Yeast — 1 tbsp. or 10 g.

Cooking time — 70 minutes.

Calories per 100 g — 411 kcal.

  1. Heat the water and then dissolve the yeast in it;
  2. Add salt and sugar to the yeast water;
  3. Sift for the flourish of future bread flour and add to water, mix quickly;
  4. Then add the bran and stir the dough again;
  5. Lubricate the bowl (a little along the walls and on the bottom) of multi-markers with oil;
  6. Put the dough in there (you will first need to knead it with your hands);
  7. Pre-put the bowl on the heating (for 50 minutes) to the dough «fit»;
  8. Then you need to put on a slow cooker another mode (most often — «Baking») for 1 hour;
  9. Bake until the beep sounds or the appliance program is turned off;
  10. After that, repeat the process of baking, but setting the program «Baking» for 30 minutes.

Before serving, allow the bowl to cool slightly so that the bread can be easily removed from it.

To make this bread, you will need the following:

  • water — 1 cup (or 250 ml);
  • butter (to lubricate the bowl of the multicooker) — 10 g;
  • dry yeast — half the usual dry packaging (1/2 tbsp);
  • natural (and preferably just harvested) honey, not candied — 15 g;
  • rye flour — 130 g, from wheat — 130 g (or replace it with rye);
  • granulated sugar (including brown or crushed lump) — 15 g;
  • fine salt — 10 g;
  • rye malt — 1 tsp;
  • Coriander — (ready seasoning or freshly ground) 1 tsp.

Cooking time — 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Calories per 100 g — 428 kcal.

  1. Mix all the flour in the recipe;
  2. Add to it ingredients such as malt, salt, sugar (completely), yeast;
  3. Heat the water and gently pour into the dry ingredients, stir;
  4. Melt the butter, then pour it into the future dough, stir the mass well again;
  5. Knead the dough by hand;
  6. Grease the bowl of the multicooker (its walls and bottom) with oil (you can leave a little for this purpose melted or collected from the container, where it is melted);
  7. Put the dough into it, put it on the heating (1 hour) under the lid;
  8. After switching on to the programmed mode — “Baking” for 40 (+ 2-3) minutes;
  9. After the beep, check the readiness, if the dough is not enough, then repeat the previous step, but set the time to 20 minutes.

Serve the bread to the table hot or cold, cut into pieces.

Bread can be not only an addition to the dishes, but also an independent dessert. It is easy to prepare it using a slow cooker as a device for baking. You should also check for the following ingredients:

  • honey — 6-10 g;
  • dark chocolate — 1.5 tbsp (grated 90-99% cocoa or just cocoa in the same proportions, or chocolate paste);
  • milk is not too fat cow, bagged — 150 ml (or a little more than half a glass);
  • water (bottled or passed through a filter) — also 150 ml;
  • flour of three types — rye — 1 cup without a hill (or 200 g), whole grain — 200 g, wheat — ½ volume of a standard cup (or 100 g);
  • oatmeal (it is better to choose those that dissolve in hot water) — 40 g;
  • granulated sugar — 1 tsp or 8 g (cane can be chosen);
  • salt — to taste;
  • yeast — 7 g (or slightly less than a full tablespoon);
  • cumin (grains) — 5 g;
  • vegetable oil — 10 ml.

The time for preparing the dessert version of bread (preparation, baking) is about 190 minutes.

Calories per 100 g — 423 kcal.

  1. Heat the milk, if boiling, remove from heating;
  2. Mix it with chocolate and honey, mix until all components are completely dissolved;
  3. Cool the resulting liquid;
  4. In a separate container, mix all the flour, salt, and sugar in the recipe and inject the yeast for the fermentation process, add oat flakes to them;
  5. Pour milk into these ingredients (preferably in the center);
  6. Mix all ingredients to get dough;
  7. Then it must be kneaded manually, spending at least 7 minutes;
  8. Smear a bowl of an existing and ready-to-work multicooker with vegetable / creamy (or a mixture of them) butter (not very copiously), put the dough into it and leave for 2 hours (120 minutes);
  9. After that, knead the dough for another 7 minutes;
  10. Then add the cumin (you can leave it on top or mix with the dough);
  11. Put in the slow cooker the “Baking” mode, it is usually programmed for 1 hour (“Pie”, “Yoghurt” or “Fry” depending on the brand and company).

After the beep, check for readiness (if necessary, add another 15 minutes to the time).

As a good yeast and as an alternative to the classic yeast, you can use kefir.

The baking process is done exclusively under the lid — this will allow the bread to be baked evenly on each side.

If you want the finished bread to have a golden toasted crust, you will have to use an oven heated to 170 0 for this purpose. In her bread should spend another 10 minutes after being cooked in a slow cooker.

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