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Pizza with chicken and mushrooms: a quick step by step recipe with photos

What are the two most popular dishes ordered online? Pizza and Sushi! And if the children in the house? Raw fish — not the best product for a change in diet, then there is a pizza, which, by the way, you can cook yourself. Long? Then wash the kitchen? Dream with stuffing? Do not panic! Here is the recipe — everything is fast, clean, tasty!

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First we need to knead the dough. To do this, sift the flour on the table, add salt, form a pile of flour with a hole in the center.

Pour the liquid part into this hole (water, milk or whey — give the dough a special flavor) and pour in the yeast. It takes about 10 minutes to wait until the opara comes to life and begins to work (bubbles will appear on the surface).

Now we take a wooden spatula and gradually, in circular motions, stir the flour into the liquid. When the dough becomes more or less dense and it will be uncomfortable to interfere with a spatula, pour in the oil and begin to knead with your hands.

For intensive mixing, it will take about 10 minutes, if the dough looks smooth, and it feels nice and elastic to the touch, then it is ready. It is necessary to form the dough into a bowl and put it in a warm place without drafts, preferably in a bowl, covered with a towel, while we prepare the sauce and the filling.

Attention! You can already turn on the oven at 230-250 degrees.

While the dough is resting, mix the sauce. The classic pizza sauce with chicken and mushrooms is a tomato with spices. Tomato paste mixed with spices and done!

But the beauty of homemade food is that you can change the composition depending on individual preferences. For example, replace tomato paste with ketchup, add mayonnaise or diet yogurt.

Stir in chopped and roasted garlic onions and / or bell peppers.

The dough is ready, the sauce is ready, the case is left for small — the filling.

There are three ingredients in the filling:

  1. Chicken fillet — slightly beat off, fry, chop into pieces about 1 cm;
  2. Mushrooms — chop (you can additionally let in a pan);
  3. Cheese — grate.

It remains to collect all the components. Rested dough stretched into a thin cake, perhaps you know how to twist it over your head as masterly as masters of pizza makers do, put it in a baking dish or baking sheet, spread it with sauce and sprinkle chicken breast, sprinkle with cheese and generously. The amount of filling can be varied.

The oven is already hot. You can lay a pizza, it is better to the lower level, then the dough will have time to bake and get that very tasty crispy crust before the filling starts to overheat.

And the higher the temperature, the less time it takes to bake completely, for example, if you heat the oven to 250 degrees, it will take only 8-10 minutes.

Before serving, you can additionally sprinkle with cheese like parmesan or finely chopped dill.

  1. Most of all, this pizza loves fresh dill;
  2. It does not hurt to check the tomato paste for the absence of various additives and thickeners in the composition, we don’t need extra starch;
  3. For fun, you can try to knead the dough without oil once, the difference will be noticeable;
  4. The liquid must be heated to activate the yeast better and faster. The optimum temperature is 35-40 degrees;
  5. Sugar to feed the yeast is good in baking, but not in pizza. Pizza dough does not need extra sweetness, so you can just spoil the taste;
  6. Pizza should be baked at maximum temperature;
  7. Chicken breast is better to fry, not bake. So it turns out tastier and juicier;
  8. Bake pizza should be on the lowest floor in the oven, so you can avoid burnt toppings in combination with raw dough;
  9. Additionally, the filling can be flavored with oil, for this purpose it is better to use extra virgin olive oil.

And now we eat and enjoy!

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