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Imeretinsky Khachapuri: a traditional recipe with a photo step by step

Khachapuri is one of the national dishes that have been cooked in Georgia for centuries. There are many variations of this dish. It is prepared on yoghurt, dairy products or just on the water.

There is no right thing, the main thing is to cook according to traditions, and you will definitely find the best option. We will consider the recipe of making Khachapuri in Imeretinsky with vivid photos.

The difference between the Imereti and Megrelian versions of khachapuri

Before you start preparing khachapuri in Imeretinsky, it is imperative to find out how such khachapuri differ from the Megrelian version.

An unknowing person will say these are identical recipes. But there are still differences. So, Megrelian and Imeretian khachapuri: what is the difference?

Imeretinsky khachapuri is a cake in which there is a cheese filling. Such flat cakes are baked most often on water. There is such a pastry can be hot and in the already cooled form.

You can take them with you on a picnic or for a walk to eat them, because even in the cooled state such khachapuri are very tasty.

But Mingrelian khachapuri is a completely different type of baking. The dough is cooked in water or on yoghurt, but it is more difficult to prepare.

There are such khachapuri needed hot, because the cheese filling is not only inside but also outside. Yes, and this baking looks much tastier in hot condition.

After khachapuri cools down, it already ceases to be so tasty, so you need to have time to eat them. It’s also not possible to take them on a picnic, because they are very soft. But both of these recipes exist, just everyone likes their own version.

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Here is the easiest recipe for Imeretian khachapuri. Every cook should definitely try to cook this dish, because it is very tasty!

Imeretinsky khachapuri begin to prepare directly from the dough. You will need a deep dish in which it will be necessary to pour warm water, but not hot, because the yeast in hot water will not multiply.

As it is already clear, the yeast should be crushed into water. Then you need to mix a bit to dissolve the yeast, and add salt and sugar. You will also need to pour in a little sunflower oil, and then thoroughly mix the resulting liquid base.

After that, the resulting liquid must be added flour, which must be sifted several times, otherwise the dough will not turn out lush and tasty. After adding flour, everything must be thoroughly mixed using a spoon or a special spatula.

After the dough has thickened, it will be possible to knead it with the help of hands, and also pour flour onto it if it turned out to be too liquid.

After the dough does not stick, it must be rolled into a bowl and put in a deep plate. Cover the plate with a towel or bag and place in a warm place so that the dough starts to rise.

The first time the dough will need to be precipitated and wait for it to rise again, this can take about half an hour.

While the dough rises, you can make the filling, which is prepared very easily. You need to take the cheese and grate it on the largest grater in a plate.

Then you can add an egg and a little flour to the cheese. The filling is thoroughly mixed and rolled into balls.

Then you need to take the risen dough. It must be divided into balls and rolled into thin cakes.

Then put the ball of the filling in the center of the rolled dough, and fasten the ends of the dough, as if folding it in half.

The resulting dough with filling need a little roll rolling. But it is better to do it with your hands, because with a rolling pin you can damage still unfinished khachapuri.

After that, khachapuri are sent to the oven for a quarter of an hour, and baked at a temperature of 250 degrees. Ready-made pastries should be removed as soon as it starts to turn red.

Then this cake is smeared with butter and served to the table, cut into eight pieces. It is best to eat khachapuri in Imeretinsky, while they are still hot, so it will be much tastier.

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