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How to make icing sugar at home: ways

Caster sugar is granulated sugar. It is used in many recipes for baking confectionery. It is not necessary to run to the store every time, because you can make sugar powder right at home.

Therefore, in addition to sugar, in the manufacture of sweet powder, colorless non-lauinic vegetable fats with no pronounced taste are also used.

Production itself is simple and contains only three stages:

  1. Sugar is mixed with additives in the mixer;
  2. Drying to ensure the minimum moisture of the final product, which occurs in a drum dryer;
  3. Grinding using an industrial grinder or a disk mill.

Sugar powder, which is sold on store shelves, never contains only sugar, it is mandatory to use one of the following additives to maintain its consistency:

  • Fiber sweet cane;
  • Dietary wood;
  • Powder invertase;
  • Rice flour;
  • Potato or rice starch.

How to make icing sugar on your own without a coffee grinder

Consider the three grandmother’s recipes for obtaining sugar powder at home, especially if you do not have the technology for grinding.

  1. Take a marble or porcelain mortar and add sugar to it. Using a pestle, making a circular motion, pound the granulated sugar to a state of powder;
  2. Lay clean thick paper, pour in the sweet sand, attach another sheet on top. Take a rolling pin or glass bottle and roll until you sand the sand into powder;
  3. Take a linen bag, fill it with sugar to half. Tie it firmly and tap it with a hammer. The only drawback of this method is that you often have to untie the bag to determine the degree of grinding of sugar.

Using such simple methods, using mechanical action of solid objects and the strength of your own hands, you can make sugar powder right in your kitchen.

No one had any difficulties in the manufacture of sugar powder using special electrical grinding devices, which include a blender.

You should not prepare large portions of sweet powder, especially without water-repellent additives, otherwise you will get a big sweet ball. It is better to make a sweet powder as needed.

How to make sugar powder in a coffee grinder and with a mixer

To prepare this sweet culinary powder in a coffee grinder, you need to follow the following procedure:

  • Prepare a coffee grinder, sugar, a thick strainer, a jar with a lid;
  • Put a few tablespoons of sweet sand in a coffee grinder;
  • Grind sand for one minute;
  • Sift the obtained powder through a small strainer to accurately exclude the appearance of the smallest crystals;
  • Pour the product into a dry jar and close tightly with the lid to prevent the moisture content of the finished product from increasing.

To prepare this product with a mixer, use the old Soviet model, which has a double-blade attachment. Sugar needs to be whipped in small portions in order for the crystals to grind well.

The color of powdered sugar directly depends on the color of sugar, from which it is made. If you want to make colored icing sugar, then buy already colored sugar.

Sometimes, bakers add food coloring to the sugar dust while it is being cooked, so that the color evenly lies throughout the entire volume of the product.

The main use of the sweet powder was in the confectionery business for decorating and preparing sweets:

  • Glaze making;
  • Beat cream and eggs;
  • Preparation of cocktails and soft drinks;
  • Baking topping;
  • Cooking meringues and dough;
  • For the preparation of the most delicate protein or cream.

Delicious and rich in vitamins dish, the preparation of which takes a minimum of time — cranberries in sweet powder, which is eaten as candy, or it is decorated with desserts.

  1. Enumerate the berries, excluding overripe and crushed;
  2. Wash the cranberries and let them dry;
  3. With a mixer or a whisk, thoroughly whisk the egg white;
  4. Stir it with cranberries;
  5. Sprinkle sweet powder on a large flat plate;
  6. Add cranberries in small portions;
  7. Lightly touching the berries with your fingers and palm, run them in icing sugar like snowballs;
  8. Make sure there is a lot of powder on the plate;
  9. Drain the run-in berries in the oven at 50 o C for half an hour;
  10. Let the berries cool and place them on a separate dish.

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Sugar powder is a common product that not all hostesses can handle. Consider the advice of all-knowing bakers who often work with this product.

  • So that the product does not lump in the breast and does not lose its flowability, it should be stored at a temperature of up to 40 ° C and a relative humidity of up to 75%;
  • The finished product can stand for a maximum of 2 years, after which it should no longer be used as food, since bitterness will appear;
  • Store the powder should be in vacuum packaging to prevent contact with air and moisture;
  • If lumps start to appear in the powder, then sift it through a fine sieve before use;
  • You should not sprinkle with the powder just baked pastries out of the oven, otherwise it will pick up moisture and turn into a paste;
  • If you have expired fruit cakes and it is slightly wet, then sprinkle them with powder just before serving to the table;
  • You should not cook a lot of powdered sugar for the future, it is better to rub fresh if necessary;
  • If you have a large amount of this product and you are not going to use it yet, then add 5% potato starch to it, mix well and close in a sealed jar;
  • Keep powdered sugar in a dry and warm place, away from the stove, where sudden changes in temperature and humidity are possible;
  • Color powder is better to make from immediately tinted sugar.

Sugar powder known confectioners for more than one century. The powder is light and sweet, and the dishes sprinkled with it receive a special attractive look and aroma.

Having prepared this product at home, you can be 100% sure that it contains only sugar, without any impurities, as it is done in production to ensure greater flowability of the product and extend the shelf life.

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