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Honey Custard: Classic and Other Recipes

Shop sweet delicacies, presented in the form of delicate cakes, large, soft and airy cakes often contain harmful trans fatty acid trans-isomers — spreads. They cause cancer, heart problems, and in the composition of sweets are presented in the form of custards.

Home baking has always been considered the most delicious, useful. Wonderful cake «Honey cake» not only can be prepared at home, but also to control the thickness of the cake layers, the amount of cream for soaking, softness to layered delicacy.

The magnificent Honey cake with thin custard-soaked cake layers is perfect for treating your relatives and guests any day.

From all the prepared products you need to separate the required number of ingredients for making the base of the cake — cake layers. Kneading, the creation of a blank for “Medovik” takes place at the beginning in a water bath, in which it is necessary to melt butter (2 tbsp = 60 g) and honey.

While the honey mass is slightly cooled, you should slowly beat three eggs, combining them with sugar (1/2 part of the specified amount) and vodka.

After combining the oil-honey and egg mass in a convenient for kneading dishes, add soda to them, mix.

Starting cooking the cake, it is necessary to measure 0.4 kg previously sifted flour several times.

Then knead the dough to the required plasticity, adding portions of flour. Rolling dough, divide it into pieces (8 pcs.).

Each part needs to be rolled out, pierced with a fork in different places, put on a baking sheet (slightly sprinkled with flour), and then baked for six minutes in a preheated 180 ° oven.

Finished cakes should be covered in turn with an upturned bottom round plate and cut in a circle. In this case, trim not to throw away, and grind in any way into a crumb.

When the cakes are ready, you can start creating a cream that will be custard and prepared in a water bath. In one container should combine the remaining sugar, eggs, 150 grams of flour, starch.

First, whisk the whole mass with a whisk until the mass is homogeneous. Sending the mixture in a water bath, a thin stream of milk should be poured and boil the cream until thick.

Three hundred grams of oil is melted in a convenient way separately. An oil is introduced into the cooled cream, the thick mass is whipped again with a whisk.

The cake is formed quickly — all the layers of cake layers, which in turn are folded in a pile, are smeared with a cream.
Formed cake is smeared with the remnants of the cream on all sides, sprinkled with previously crushed crumb remaining from the cake.

Medovik should be allowed to soak at least a night.

To create a very soft, airy cake with honey and chocolate shortcakes you will need:

  • eggs — 2 pcs .;
  • sugar — 150 g;
  • flower honey and butter — 70 g each;
  • cocoa powder — 75 g;
  • soda — 5 g;
  • milk — 60 ml;
  • flour — 260 g

To make a delicate cake with a wonderful chocolate taste and aroma will take two hours, and its calories in its one hundred grams will contain 394 units.

The oil should be outside the refrigerator compartment, be soft. In the beginning it is better to start the preparation of “Medovik” with the creation of dough and cakes from it. To do this, beat the eggs in a saucepan designed for a water bath.

Putting «in the bath» capacity, you need to add cocoa eggs, milk, sugar with soda and butter with honey. We interfere with the whole mass to completely dissolve the sugar grains, to acquire a mass of sufficient homogeneous thickness.

After the liquid chocolate color mixture should be cooled slightly, and sift the flour at this time. In a deep container combine the liquid mass and flour, starting to knead the dough.

The resulting billet for the cake to be divided into equal parts — the number of layers of cake (6-8 pieces). Roll out each part, cut in a circle and bake in an oven previously heated to 180 ° for three minutes.

Leave the brownies separately and start making custard and icing. For light cream and dark chocolate glaze you need:

  • butter and chocolate (tile) — 100 g (for the glaze);
  • egg — 1 pc .;
  • sugar (sand) and flour (top grade) — ½ tbsp.
  • milk (fat, fresh) — 0.3 l;
  • butter (or chocolate) — 0.3 kg.

Eggs need to be rubbed with sugar. Then add flour to the mass and, stirring the mixture, pour in the milk. In a water bath, you need to boil the cream until it thickens and a uniform consistency of the mass is obtained. After a little cool the cream in the «cold bath», enter the melted butter and whip the creamy mixture until lightness.

Each cake is alternately thickly smeared with cream, slightly pressing the layers of cake among themselves. For the glaze, which will become the top layer of the cake, you also need to melt a chocolate bar and butter in a water bath, stirring the mass constantly. Then cool it, lubricate «Honey» from above, on the sides. Soak the cake should be in a cold place for several hours.

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The secret to making a big honey cake with berries is the need to add a touch of freshness and flavor of strawberries, currants, raspberries, and cranberries to the base of the dessert. To make a wonderful custard delicacy, you will need:

  • strawberries (+50 g sugar) — 100 g;
  • eggs — 4 pcs .;
  • sugar and flour — 0.4 kg;
  • butter (butter) — 0.4 kg (50 g per cake);
  • honey (lime, may) — 60 g;
  • milk (homemade) — 0.5 l;
  • soda (edible) — 20 g;
  • raspberries and currants — 100 g for decoration.

It will take two and a half hours to create a big, sweet, tasty delicacy. Caloric content of 100 g of delicious cake with berries equals 323 kcal.

The principle of making honey cakes is quite simple. The liquid part of the dough should be prepared in a water bath. You need to take two eggs, drive them into a smaller pot. Pour a glass of sugar in them and grind.

After adding the oil and the mass is sent to a water bath, often stirring until all particles are completely dissolved. Then enter the baking soda and remove a thick mass from the bath when foam appears.

Next, add flour (about 3 cups), knead the dough. It will need to be divided into several parts, of which roll out layers, cut in a circle with a diameter of 20-23 cm. Each cake and baking from it bake in an oven at a temperature of 180 ° for five minutes.

Strawberries should be crushed in a blender, adding sugar to it. Boil until syrup and cool. Lubricate all cakes with strawberry syrup for impregnation. To create the custard mixes the remaining sugar, eggs and one hundred grams of flour.

After thorough mixing, the thick flour mass is sent to a water bath, milk is slowly poured into it, and oil is added. The cream is cooked to a creamy thick consistency and cooled.

The formation of «Medovika» is as follows — all the cakes soaked in strawberries are smeared with cream and put on each other, forming layers of dessert. Crushed crumbs from baked remnants of cake layers are sprinkled on the entire perimeter of the cake. The top of honey delicacy is decorated with currants and raspberries to taste.

For most of the desserts that are made at home, only fresh produce should be chosen. To make the cake tasty, the dairy products included in its composition must be fatty. And experienced confectioners advise:

  1. Soda, added to the mass, preparing in a water bath is not extinguished. In another version of the preparation of the dough, quenching should be carried out exclusively with lemon juice
  2. Load the cakes only in the oven, which is well heated to 180 ° and above (up to 210 °), and bake until the first ripeness appears, but be sure to pierce them with a fork in several places;
  3. The cream should not be not tasty lumps, so during its creation you need to constantly stir the cream mass, and then whisk with a whisk while adding oil;
  4. Honey cake is soaked in custard faster in heat. You can also reduce the time of this procedure by smearing the layers with a still warm, hot cream.

Instead of milk in the cream you can use condensed milk, reducing the amount of sugar, or sour cream. To make impregnation easier, milk is often replaced with filtered water. You can decorate the honey cake by making chocolate honeycombs on the surface of the dessert, choosing juicy fresh berries.

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