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Four cheese pizza: classic and other recipes with photos

Quatro Formaggio — this is how this legendary pizza is called in Italy. We have affectionately translate this name into the so famous «Four Cheeses». It was Italy that gave the world kitchen this dish, and what is most interesting, it cannot be found in any other country in the world. At the moment, in many countries they only supplement the classical recipe with completely new tastes, without pretending to make any changes.

However, the pizza 4 cheese itself is surrounded by many myths, it is believed that it simply does not exist true flaws, so any gourmet will enjoy its taste with joy, and even the most picky taster cannot remain dissatisfied.

After that, it is even scary to start cooking, although one thing can be said — the recipe of the dish is completely simple, the main thing is to understand the right flavor combination of all types of cheeses used.

This pizza can boast of its special, very original taste thanks to the cheeses, and as the name implies, there must be four of them. Since it belongs to the category of white pizzas, the addition of other ingredients is completely prohibited here, even tomato sauce. Traditionally, the following 4 types of cheese are used for cooking:

  1. Young soft mozzarella cheese. In Italy, it is made from the milk of black buffaloes, but it is absolutely impossible to find such a rarity in Russia. However, soft balls, which are made from cow’s milk, may well replace them. The shelf life of such cheese is extremely small, so after buying it, it is better to cook pizza immediately, otherwise the taste will be completely different. In the shops you can find and hard mozzarella. It can also replace its soft variety. In extreme cases, feta or cheese is acceptable, but if you want to get an authentic taste, you will still have to find exactly the right kind of cheese;
  2. Blue gorgonzola cheese has a special blue mold. It differs, as well as all types of such cheese with a very spicy taste and unusual flavors. It is possible to replace it with Roquefort, cambotsola, dor blu and given to blu;
  3. Parmesan scaly structure distinguishes this type of cheese from completely different. Unusually hard, with one of the most ancient representatives of this genus. It is sold in the form of small pieces or already rubbed to crumbs. Pecorino and grana padano are suitable as a substitute;
  4. Swiss Emmental cheese has a slightly spicy, even spicy flavor with slightly sweetish hues. It can be calculated by large holes that completely permeate it. The replacement will be Gouda, cheddar or other durum cheese.

As you can see, the huge variability of this pizza is amazing, although here you just replace one sort of cheese with another. Only one thing should remain unchanged — a variety of soft cheese, hard, blue and flavorful, must be present in the pizza. This combination will help you enjoy the real flavors of this dish.

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