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Flapjacks in tandoor: recipe with photos, cooking secrets

Asian cuisine has always been valued by different people. Many recipes have come down to us. But for their preparation it is necessary to know some important nuances, without which it is simply impossible to get a real taste of the treat. This also applies to baking Uzbek cuisine — cakes in the tandoor.

This bread is valued for the fact that after baking it turns out to be airy and very soft. And the name he received due to the fact that baked in the oven tandoor. When cooking it is important to observe some of the features that will help to make airy and fragrant pastries.

Before you start cooking, you must prepare the ingredients. The composition of the test does not require expensive components, all products can be easily found at home. The main thing is to strictly observe their number.

It is important to properly prepare the dough, this will depend on the final result. When preparing, it is necessary to create the necessary conditions in order to start playing the yeast. For this reason, before mixing the flour, it is necessary to sift well, when sifting it is saturated with oxygen, and it is required for the normal development of the yeast.

How to prepare dough for tandoor cakes:

  1. First you need to warm the water or milk to a warm state;
  2. In a container with milk or water, 1 large spoonful of salt is poured and stirred;
  3. After that, tremors are poured into the same container and thoroughly pounded;
  4. It is important that the yeast dissolve in the liquid mixture and swell;
  5. Flour is carefully sifted through a sieve, this procedure can be performed several times;
  6. Then we begin to pour the flour into the liquid mass a little and stir with a spoon;
  7. After all the flour is filled, you can switch to manual kneading;
  8. We knead the base well with our hands; it should turn out to be homogeneous, elastic and soft;
  9. Cover the container with the dough with a warm towel and remove in the warm season;
  10. The dough should be infused for 2.5-3 hours, during this period it should increase by about 2-3 times.

After the dough reaches the required volume, you can proceed to the formation. If you correctly observe the whole process of making the basis for this Uzbek bread, then the dough should turn out to be airy, fluffy and very soft.

How is the formation of pellets for tandyr:

  1. In order for the dough to be easily divided into pieces, it is necessary to form an average sausage out of it;
  2. Further we divide it into three parts. Three cakes should come out of this amount of dough;
  3. From each part it is necessary to make a ball, it must be even;
  4. Next, lay the ball on its side and roll it, while pressing it with the right hand. We carry out these actions until a tight tourniquet is formed — the future of the bottom of the cake;
  5. When forming the bottom with the left hand, the dough only adheres, but it is better not to press the future top;
  6. After that, leave the dough for a while to make it fit again;
  7. As the balls fit, the middle is pushed by the fist;
  8. Further all canopy is carried out. The dough must be held by the rim with your hands, and it will itself be pulled under its mass. Gradually, the cake should turn out;
  9. With the help of a rolling pin it is necessary to roll out the central part. This is necessary so that after baking the central part is crispy;
  10. In order that the middle does not rise, they prick it with a special device called chekich;
  11. Chekich has a pattern that remains after prickling on the surface;
  12. The surface of each cake can be lubricated with milk or butter;
  13. You can also sprinkle with spices — sesame, nigella, chernushka. These ingredients will give the cakes flavor and original taste.

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Of course, at home, few people have a tandoor oven, so they will have to bake cakes in the oven. To begin with, the cake should be placed in a special form for bread, ceramic dishes can be used, and the lid must be closed on top.

Additionally, two hot pizza stones can be placed in the oven. Baking dishes should be preheated. It is recommended to bake at 210 degrees for 8-10 minutes.

But still, these cakes are obtained if they are baked in a tandoor oven. Cooking is done as follows:

  1. The tandoor is a special clay jug with thick walls. Firewood is laid into it through the neck, smoke comes out through the neck;
  2. Plates are placed in a jug through the neck not on the pallet, but on the walls;
  3. The bottom of the tortillas is baked and becomes crispy;
  4. The top is baked under the influence of hot air, which is almost immobile in the closed tandoor;
  5. Baked tortillas in the oven very quickly, and the final result is simply amazing.

  • when preparing the dough, strictly observe the proportions of the ingredients;
  • instead of water and milk, you can use regular kefir;
  • if you bake cakes in the oven, then you need to preheat it to the required temperature.

Flapjacks in tandoor is an excellent substitute for ordinary bread. They are much tastier and more aromatic. They can be served with any main dishes — meat, fish, soups, cereals and vegetable treats.

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