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Classic cheesecake: a recipe at home with photos and video

Cheesecake is a delicious delicacy that will delight both children and adults with its amazing taste, as well as an unusual delicate texture!

This dessert is in great demand in places of public catering, but few hostesses decide to cook it at home.

It is quite simple to prepare it yourself; every novice cook can handle it!

Using this article, cooking a classic cheesecake recipe will not cause any difficulties, and these tips will help you avoid problems in the cooking process and get a delicious and tender cheese treat!

This delicious cream cheese cake is usually served for dessert.

Did you know that it is a rather old dish?

Some people mistakenly believe that the classic recipe for cheesecake came from the chefs of New York, but this is not true.

The roots of its occurrence go deep into history, in the times of ancient Greece!

For the first time, cheesecake began to be cooked on the island of Samos in the VII century BC. e., he served exclusively for athletes, as well as a particularly important event — the wedding.

After the Romans conquered Greece, the Roman Empire cooks made some changes to the recipe.

The Romans included eggs in it and now it was customary to serve the cheesecake hot.

This dessert was one of the favorite with Julius Caesar!

Later recipe cake got to England, and then to America.

Popularity grew inexorably and nowadays it is very loved in all of Europe, America, Eastern countries, Israel, Russia, China, Japan and in many others.

Unfortunately, in Russia, food is rarely cooked at home, for some reason it is considered that it is very difficult.

But after reading the classic recipe, you will see that this is absolutely not the case.

The recipe and stages of cooking classic cheesecake with photos:

  1. The first step is to grind the cookies into small chips. You can do it this way — put the cookies in a plastic bag and roll it with a rolling pin.
  2. The resulting crumb must be mixed with butter and 60 grams of granulated sugar.
  3. The form in which the cake will be baked is smeared with butter, and shredded cookies are laid on its bottom.
  4. It’s time to do the cake itself! Cheese is whipped with a mixer at the lowest speed or rubbed through a fine grater.
  5. Then take eggs, yolks must be separated from proteins.
  6. Squeeze the juice out of half a lemon and chop the peel into zest.
  7. After that, cheese, yolks, sugar, sour cream, lemon juice, lemon peel, starch and baking powder are mixed in a separate large container. It is better to mix the mixture manually or using a mixer at the lowest speed. Squirrels must be whipped until a dense mass is obtained and added to the main mixture, and also mixed by hand until the curd texture is obtained.
  8. The resulting mass is laid out in a container for baking over cookies and leveled. It should be baked in the oven, preheated to 140 degrees, for 50 minutes.
  9. The finished cake is sprinkled with powdered sugar and sent to the refrigerator for several hours.

If you can not find soft cream cheese «Mascarpone» on sale, you can replace it with cottage cheese.

There is another option, but no cookies.

See this method of cooking classic cheesecake below in the video recipe:

Despite the fact that the name itself suggests that it should contain cheese, you can easily deviate from this rule and replace this product with cottage cheese.

Preparing cottage cheese dessert in exactly the same way as cheese.

But it is necessary to take into account the main rule — cottage cheese should be of a uniform cream consistency.

Therefore, in the process of cooking, you need to whip it in a blender.

The rest will require exactly the same ingredients.

Cheesecake with cottage cheese is not inferior to the classic recipe of delicacy in its taste, but it is more affordable in cooking.

And what if it does not bake?

The following video will demonstrate all the stages of cooking curd cheese dessert with cherries without baking.

If you do not want to deviate from the classic version by a single step, but at the same time you find it difficult to find creamy soft cheese, then you can cook it yourself!

«Mascarpone» is perfect, its preparation is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.

Ingredients required for preparation:

The cream is poured into a saucepan and heated to a slow fire to about 75 degrees.

In the meantime, you need to squeeze the juice of two lemons in a separate container and pour it into the heated cream.

The resulting mixture is cooked over low heat with constant stirring for 10 minutes.

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In various desserts, confectioners use hazelnuts. Read about their useful properties here.

You can cook Bechamel sauce without efforts at home. Do not believe? See the recipes on the link https://notefood.ru/pitanie/obshhie-voprosy/sous-beshamel-dlya-lazanii.html. You will be surprised by the result!

After that, you need to take a linen kitchen towel, folded in half and put it on the bottom of the colander.

A mass of cream and lemon juice is poured into a colander.

The mixture should be stirred regularly to ensure that the whey is rather separated from the thick mass.

After 60 minutes the mixture will acquire a pasty consistency.

The resulting cheese is transferred into a glass bowl, covered with a lid and put in the refrigerator.

Cheese «Mascarpone» is ready and can be used for the classic recipe for cheesecake.

Do not overdo the dish in the oven.

Usually, when the ready-made dessert shakes the form in which it is located, the center of the cake trembles; this can be misleading that it is not ready, but it is not.

Further baking will cause it to crack.

Therefore, after 50 minutes of baking, it is very important to hold the cheesecake for about 60 minutes in the oven off with the door slightly open, this will also prevent the form from falling off.

The delicacy will turn out more homogeneous and tender, if during baking you put the form in which it is placed in the water bath.

After cooking, it must be cooled, it will be better if it spends the night in the fridge!

All products for the recipe must have the same temperature.

Ideal for baking would be a detachable, round shape, because removing the cake and not damaging it from the usual one is not an easy task!

If all the same cracks formed — it’s not scary!

You can disguise them by decorating the cake with a chocolate top, fruit or regular fruit jelly.

As you can see, making cheesecake is not such a difficult task.

Try it, it’s worth it!

Your family will appreciate its wonderful taste, and low calorie content will allow them to enjoy even those who watch their weight!

Do not like simple dishes, but are you always looking for something unusual?

Then you will appreciate the video recipe below:

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