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Cheesecake in a slow cooker: classic and other recipes with photos

Cheesecake is a simple dessert that has an incredible ease and tenderness. The base is airy and just melts in your mouth. Therefore, this delicious dessert will not leave anyone indifferent and will disperse instantly, even many additives will be asked.

Moreover, its preparation is so simple that almost anyone can handle it. And the ways of cooking cheesecake just a lot. But today we will look at how you can make this delicacy in a slow cooker. This will help the best recipes.

For starters, make a cake. To do this, you need to grind the cookies and grind them to a crumb;

We spread the butter in a metal container and melt it on the stove to a liquid state;

Next, pour the crumb biscuits to the melted butter and mix until smooth;

Lay the mixture of cookies on the bottom of the multicooker container and tightly smooth the surface and edges with a spoon;

Cottage cheese can be ground through a sieve or grind in a blender cup. Put it in the cup;

Add sour cream, vanillin and starch powder to the cottage cheese mixture;

Chicken eggs break, separate proteins and yolks. We spread the yolks to the curd;

Mix everything with a mixer or blender until a homogeneous structure;

Next, add sugar to the proteins and whip everything to a fluffy mixture;

Carefully lay out the protein mass to the cheese mixture and mix;

Then we spread the whole mass on a biscuit cake, flatten the top with a spoon;

We exhibit the program «Baking». We leave to prepare 80 minutes;

After cooking is finished, leave the cheesecake to infuse for another 1.5-2 hours;

In the end, take it out of the slow cooker and put it in the fridge for a while so that it will completely freeze.

  • Shortbread — 100 grams;
  • Curd cream cheese — 500 grams;
  • Butter butter — 100 grams;
  • Walnuts — ½ cup;
  • 150 ml cream with a thick consistency;
  • Sugar — 3 large spoons;
  • Corn starch — 2 tbsp;
  • Chicken eggs — 3 pieces;
  • Plums — 200 grams;
  • Ground cinnamon — 10 grams.

How much is prepared — 2 hours.

How many calories are 300.

  1. Shortbread biscuits break the knife to the state of the crumbs. It can be ground in a blender;
  2. Walnuts are also ground to a state of powder;
  3. Put butter in a metal saucepan and melt it on the steam bath to a liquid state;
  4. Then pour the cookies, chopped nuts into a liquid buttermilk and grind everything to a pasty state;
  5. At the bottom of the multicooker tank, we line the baking paper;
  6. Next, put on it the basis for the cake cheesecake, evenly distribute it along the bottom and level the surface with a spoon;
  7. Wash the plums, cut into two parts and remove the stones;
  8. Spread peeled plums pulp up all the surfaces of the future cake plate;
  9. Cream cheese lay out in a cup of blender, pour cream to it and whisk everything until smooth;
  10. Next, pour in the sugar, cinnamon, corn starch and stir again;
  11. Place the eggs in a bowl and whisk separately. Pour the beaten eggs to a creamy mass and mix well;
  12. Spread the whipped mixture on top of the drain and level;
  13. Expose the program «Baking» and leave to bake for 1 hour and 10 minutes.

What is required for the cake:

  • Butter (spread is prohibited) butter — 150 grams;
  • 270 grams of chocolate shortbread;
  • Coconut chips — 50 grams.
  • Curd cheese — 300 grams;
  • A glass of sour cream;
  • Dark Chocolate — Tile;
  • Chicken eggs — 2 pieces;
  • 3 small spoons of instant coffee;
  • Vanilla pudding powder — 40 grams;
  • Granulated sugar — 4 large spoons;
  • A pinch of salt.

Preparation time — 1 hour 30 minutes.

How many calories — 275.

  1. Shortbread biscuits should be placed in the bowl of a combine or blender and grind to a powder;
  2. Butter can be melted, and you can just hold for 15 minutes at room temperature, and it will become soft. We spread it to the cookies and mix again;
  3. Add there coconut chips, stir;
  4. The capacity of the slow cooker is covered with paper for baking. We spread on it the basis for the cheesecake from the cookies, level the surface with a spoon;
  5. Cottage cheese also put in a blender or combine, grind to a homogeneous structure;
  6. Pour sour cream to cottage cheese and mix until uniform structure;
  7. Then add sugar, chicken eggs, vanilla pudding and some salt. All stir until a homogeneous mixture;
  8. Spread the cream base on top of the cake and level the top;
  9. We break the chocolate bar into small pieces, put it into a small saucepan and melt it on the steam bath to a liquid state;
  10. In the melted chocolate, add coffee powder, stir until smooth;
  11. Gently spread the chocolate mixture up the cheesecake and flatten with a spoon;
  12. Expose the program «Baking» and leave to prepare for 50 minutes;
  13. Let the cooled cheesecake cool for 2 hours in the fridge so that it will freeze well.

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For cooking you will need:

  • Oatmeal or shortbread cookies — 200 grams;
  • Ripe bananas — 3 pieces;
  • 400 grams of cottage cheese;
  • A glass of sour cream;
  • Butter Butter — 120 grams;
  • Three chicken eggs;
  • Granulated sugar — 180 grams;
  • 50 ml of lemon juice.

Cooking time — 1 hour 45 minutes.

How many calories — 280.

Start cooking:

  1. Cookies should be chopped to the state of crumbs. It can be crushed with a rolling pin, blender or meat grinder;
  2. Cream butter butter melt to a liquid and pour into the ground cookies. All thoroughly ground to a paste;
  3. The capacity of the multicooker is thoroughly coated with butter;
  4. We spread on the bottom of the mixture of cookies, flatten the top with a spoon;
  5. On the sides of the mix of cookies we make small sides;
  6. We clean the bananas and put them into the blender tank. We also pour lemon juice there, it will prevent the banana from getting dark;
  7. Grind bananas to mashed potatoes and put them in a cup;
  8. Put curd, sour cream, granulated sugar, chicken eggs into the blender cup. All mix until a homogeneous mixture;
  9. Spread banana puree there and stir everything again;
  10. Carefully fill the finished filling into the base of the cookies;
  11. Expose the program «Baking», close the lid and leave to prepare for 65 minutes;
  12. After cooking, leave the dessert in a closed slow cooker for another 1 hour.

  • For cooking cottage cheese cheesecake, cottage cheese should not be used too dry, but not too wet. It should have a medium consistency;
  • It is desirable to cover the capacity of the multicooker with baking paper or lubricate with oil. Due to this, it will be possible to easily remove the finished cheesecake and not damage it;
  • In the cheesecake, you can add a variety of fillers — berries, fruit pieces or dried fruits.

Cheesecake in a slow cooker is a simple and very tasty delicacy. It can be prepared both for the daily menu, and for various holidays. Dessert can easily replace various cakes and other pastries!

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