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Cheese Muffins — Simple Recipe, Ham, Chicken

Unusually tender middle and a little crisp — all this is a distinctive feature of unusually tasty cheese muffins. If you are a real connoisseur of cheese, then this particular dish will truly be a godsend for you. Small-sized cupcakes of golden color with a lush hat and ask for the table. And if you also sprinkle them on top with black sesame, then you can easily submit them to the festive table.

Cooking muffins with cheese will suit those housewives who are not particularly eager to eat sweet pastries. This cupcake will be a wonderful little snack, especially when combined with a cup of coffee. In this article, you will learn various cooking options for such muffins. You can make them in a fairly quick time and effortlessly.

These small cupcakes have a truly delectable taste due to the large amount of cheese. At the same time, they are quite versatile: they can be served with a bowl of soup, a piece of baked meat, or even a simple green salad — they really fit everything.

  1. In a separate bowl, mix together all the dry ingredients. It will be sifted flour, sugar and a little salt. Mix everything together;
  2. Now it’s time to grate the cheese. Do not skimp, what it will be more, the more muffins will get a rich taste. It is desirable in the recipe to use solid sharp varieties;
  3. After that, pour the cheese into the flour mixture and mix quickly to combine everything;
  4. Next, mix the liquid ingredients separately. Beat the eggs lightly, gradually adding milk and then melted butter. Make sure it is not too hot;
  5. Then both mixtures must be combined and kneaded. The mixture itself will be very sticky, and the main ingredient will be cheese. All this needs to be put in muffin molds and put in the oven for 20 minutes. Their texture will be slightly different from ordinary muffins, so do not be afraid that they baked incorrectly.

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When the period of gathering greenery comes, many begin to think of where to put whole bunches of this grass. Of course, with it you need to prepare these small snack muffins, which will become an unusually refreshing addition to the table.

  • milk — 200 ml;
  • flour — 300 g;
  • cheese — 200 g;
  • green onions — bunch;
  • dill — a bunch;
  • baking powder — 5 g;
  • butter — 100 g;
  • egg — 2 pcs .;
  • salt and pepper.

Calorie: 279 Kcal.

How to cook muffins with cheese, green onions and dill:

  1. For this recipe, it is desirable to take two different types of cheese. One of them should be hard (grate it on a coarse grater), and the second — soft enough (just sort crumble or cut into small cubes);
  2. Now it’s time to prepare the greens. It should be thoroughly washed and dried. After that, chop the dill and onion into fairly small pieces;
  3. Break eggs into a separate bowl and add warmed milk to them. Shake this mixture with a fork, then pour in the cooled melted butter;
  4. Mix everything and add all the chopped greens and cheese. After that, sift the flour and baking powder with the mixture, and season with salt and pepper;
  5. All quickly mix and spread on molds. No need to fill them more than half, because the muffins rise quite well. On top of them, you can also sprinkle with cheese at will;
  6. Dish should be cooked in the oven for twenty minutes. The preferred temperature is 200 degrees. Remember that the cheese inside these cupcakes must be melted, so they themselves are quite wet.

These muffins are a great chicken and parmesan snack. Their small size and pleasant taste immediately attract attention to them, so it is advisable to prepare a double portion. In addition, these muffins are stored for several days.

  • minced chicken — 1 kg;
  • 1 yolk;
  • bread crumbs — 1/3 stack;
  • olive oil — 1 tsp. l .;
  • garlic — 2 teeth;
  • onions — 1 pc .;
  • seasoning mix: basil, thyme, oregano;
  • Parmesan — 200 g;
  • mozzarella — 150 g;
  • Marinara Sauce — 100 ml;
  • salt and pepper.

Caloric content: 212 Kcal.

Cooking Chicken and Cheese Muffins:

  1. In a small saucepan, heat a teaspoon of oil over medium heat. Add chopped onion and garlic to it. Fry all this for a couple of minutes, then let the mixture cool;
  2. In a large bowl, mix together the minced chicken, yolk, breadcrumbs and 100 g of grated parmesan. Stir the whole mixture and season with a bouquet of herbs, then pepper and salt. Let it stand for a couple of minutes and mix again with your hands;
  3. Each mold fill the resulting meat mixture by about 1/3. After that, place the mozzarella cube in the center of each muffin. The remaining chicken mixture, cover the cheese cubes evenly;
  4. Pour each top of the marinara sauce and sprinkle with the remaining Parmesan. After that, bake at 200 degrees for 25 minutes.

This appetizer is a very simple and elegant version of the morning snack. They can easily be served with tea or coffee, as well as milk. Choose cheese according to your taste, because each of them will give muffins their own taste. Instead of ham in this recipe, you can use chop. Anyway, each cupcake is very tasty and fragrant.

  • ham — 100 g;
  • cheese — 100 g;
  • milk — 150 ml;
  • butter — 100 g;
  • egg — 2 pcs .;
  • flour — 300 g;
  • baking powder — 1 pack;
  • salt and pepper.

Calorie: 309 Kcal.

  1. The dough for such muffins is prepared very quickly, so immediately put the oven to warm up. The ideal temperature will be 180 degrees;
  2. The first step is to slice the cheese and ham into rather small pieces. They should be smaller than a centimeter;
  3. In a separate bowl, mix the dough: to do this, combine the eggs and seasonings. Mix everything well with a mixer. Slightly heat the milk and pour it in a thin stream into the dough;
  4. The next step is to add softened butter. After that, mix everything well until a homogeneous consistency. Next, put the eggs and ham;
  5. At the end you should add flour sifted with baking powder. The dough should be quite dense, so it will be necessary to spread it in the molds with a spoon;
  6. Bake everything for half an hour, then remove the muffins from the molds. Eat muffins still warm, because then the cheese still continues to drag.

If the composition of the muffin to use a successful combination, you can create a truly unique dish that will cause you a huge surge of positive emotions. This combination can also be considered as a combination of chicken and mushrooms in a cheese muffin. At its core, you will get a simple and fairly dietary dish filled with protein.

  • chicken breast — 300 g;
  • egg — 2 pcs .;
  • onions — 1 pc .;
  • champignons — 100 g;
  • flour — 250 g;
  • kefir or yogurt — 1 stack;
  • sunflower oil — 80 ml;
  • baking powder — 1 pack;
  • cheese — 80 g;
  • dill — 5 sprigs;
  • salt and spices.

Calorie: 182 Kcal.

How to cook cupcakes with chicken breast, mushrooms and cheese:

  1. First prepare the mushrooms. They should be cut into small plastics and lightly fry. Together with the mushrooms in the pan should be chopped onions. Their juices should mix, so the taste will be more pleasant;
  2. Divide the chicken breast into fillets, which are then cut into small enough cubes. They should also be slightly fried with the mushroom mixture. Don’t forget to spice things up. During frying, pour a small amount of water into the pan and cover with the lid so that the mixture is slowly stewed for 10 minutes. As soon as the excess moisture disappears, you can consider the mushrooms ready;
  3. Now it’s time to knead the dough. To do this, mix liquid and dry ingredients in two different bowls. In one of them should be sifted with baking powder flour and salt. Add roasted meat with mushrooms to this part. The second part consists of eggs whipped with kefir and butter with grated cheese;
  4. Both mixtures must be mixed together and thoroughly mixed, until the mass becomes homogeneous. After that, spread the muffins in molds and send to bake for 30 minutes. Willingness should be determined with a toothpick and only then sent to the table.

If you want to just laze at the weekend, but the husband and children require a full breakfast, this hot breakfast will come to the rescue. Such a bun of sausage, eggs and cheese in its composition is even simpler than ordinary scrambled eggs, and at the same time this breakfast is much tastier.

  • egg — 8 pcs .;
  • milk — 75 ml;
  • cheese — 100 g;
  • fresh cilantro — 5 sprigs;
  • Sausage — 400 g;
  • coriander, pepper and salt.

Calorie: 186 Kcal.

Recipe for muffins with sausage and cheese in steps:

  1. If you want to shorten the cooking time of this dish as much as possible, then simply prepare the sausage in advance. It should only fry until golden brown and lightly dry, after which the sausage can be added to the dish;
  2. Now let’s start cooking the dough. To do this, mix the eggs with milk as an omelet. Beat the whole thoroughly and add the chopped cilantro. If you want to make the muffins more savory, then use spicy cheese and sausage in the recipe. Cheese should be crushed and added to the dough;
  3. After that add sausage, spices and mix. Spread on tins and bake for half an hour at 170 degrees. After that, snacks keksiki can be served at the table.

Cheese muffins themselves are quite fat, so they do not stick to the edges at all. That is why there is no need to use individual paper molds. After baking, it will be enough just to wash the dishes.

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