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Cake «Queen Esther»: a recipe with step by step photos, tips

If you have never tried this cake before, the time has come! It is incredibly easy to prepare, very tasty and appetizing. Suitable not only for family tea, but also for a holiday. Besides decoration in your hands! So, you can experiment. Take the syrup, flowers, fruits and other ingredients that beautifully «sit» on your sweet masterpiece.

In 360 BC In Persia, in the capital Shushan there lived a Jew Mordechai with his orphan niece Esther. She was an unbelievable beauty. Mordechai himself was royal in blood, but he moved to Persia during the Babylonian exile from Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, Ahashverosh reigned in Shushan. He became king only because he married the queen Vashti. Once, having got drunk during a feast, Ahashverosh decided to boast about the beauty of Vashti. She didn’t come out to drunk men, she didn’t allow her pride. The king got angry and drove out Vashti, giving a decree from all over the country to gather beauties to search for a new wife.

The most beautiful was the Jewish Esther. The king married her, but only that she was Jewish, he did not know. Esther in the palace ate only nuts and fruits, since the rest of the food was not kosher.

The king’s right hand was Haman. In his hands was almost all power. When he walked through the streets, people fell at his feet, and Aman created all he wanted. On one of these detours, I met Aman Mordechai on the way. A proud Jew did not fall at his feet, like the others, and Haman harbored a grudge against all Jews at once.

He podpoil the king and began in his ear to sentence that there is one nationality, in all different from ours. Do not leave them alive, so the king did not harm. The drunk king waved his hand to all that Haman had told him, as a sign of approval. And preparations began for the mass extermination of the Jews. To select the day they threw lots — and he fell on the 13th Adar.

On the link you will find an interesting recipe for a cake of corn sticks and toffee.

Cakes for cake can be cooked in a pan. Use this recipe.

It became known to Mordechai. He came to his niece asking for help. If she does not help their people, help will come from the other side. But then their royal names will be forgotten. Was it for this that Esther fell into the royal palace? The queen thought for a long time how to talk to her husband. After all, according to the custom to speak first, she had no right. She fasted for two days, and on the third day decided to prepare a feast for the king and give him a wonderful night.

After that Akhashverosh, satisfied and satisfied, began to listen to her speeches. Esther was able to open his eyes to Haman. The king ordered to hang him and all his ten sons, and instead of exterminating the Jews, he allowed them to deal with the conspirators themselves.

Mordechai himself came out of the palace in royal robes. He sent letters to various parts of the empire, after which 300 conspirators were executed in Shushan on the 14th adar, and their property was left untouched. In total, the Jews killed about 75,000 pogromists. After this, the mourning events turned into a fun holiday Purim. It is customary to cook poppy cake on it as a symbol of how Queen Esther fasted.

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