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Cake «Hello Kitty» (mastic, cream): recipes with photos

The famous kitty conquered more than one girl’s heart. It is not surprising, because the little cat was not only a cute little angel with a pink bow, but was also kind and sensitive.

Using this recipe, you can turn a regular cake into a real gift for your little Hello Kitty fan. So let’s get started.

Technology of preparation and baking biscuit:

  1. All the ingredients included in the category of «dry» mix in a separate container, not forgetting that the flour must be sifted;
  2. To whipped eggs into a light foam, pour in butter with milk;
  3. Combine 2 ready-mix and mix to bring the mass into a consistency of homogeneity;
  4. Pour boiling water and stir as fast as you can;
  5. The bottom of the form can be covered with parchment or smeared with a piece of butter. Pour the dough, which you need to bake for an average of 1 hour at 160 — 180С.

Technology cooking ganache:

  1. Boil cream, but do not let them boil;
  2. Add butter and chocolate to a hot dairy product and mix until two ingredients are dissolved and a homogeneous consistency mass is obtained;
  3. Cool Ganache and beat for 15 minutes only for 15 minutes;

Assembling the cake (cake mix):

  1. Cooled to this point biscuit should be cut into 3 even and equal in height to the cake. To make them even enough to cut around the edges. In turn, the edges need to be crushed to the state of crumbs and set aside, as they will be needed for the final design;
  2. Put about ¼ of the cream on the first biscuit cake. Gently smear on the surface, pour crumbs and a little chocolate in the form of droplets;
  3. With the second cake to do the following procedure;
  4. The last cake can be smeared with the remnants of ganash and remove the semi-finished product for 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

During this time, you need to beat the butter with condensed milk and the resulting sweet mass to smear the entire cake. Remove dessert for 1 hour in the fridge.

Cooking mastic and decor:

  1. While in the refrigerator the cake is soaked and cooled, it’s time to prepare the decor. To do this in cold water for 40 minutes you need to soak the gelatin. After the component must be put on fire and melt until the last lumps disappear;
  2. Powder and mix well;
  3. At the same stage, you need to pour in the juice of citrus. This is necessary for easy dulling of cloying;
  4. Ready mastic must be removed in the refrigerator for an hour.
  1. Mastic roll moderately thin layer. Ideally 5 mm;
  2. Take a cake out of the fridge and gently coat it with mastic. This is a simple matter, the main thing is to maximize its surface and sides;
  3. Excess sweet paste should be cut off at the base using a pizza cutter or any other, but sharp knife;
  4. Using melted chocolate, draw a picture of a kitty kitty.

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Another way of cooking, which, according to many housewives, is simple. But to give an aesthetic appearance you need to concentrate on the decor. After all, cream decoration will take a lot of time.

  • a pinch of salt;
  • oil (previously softened) — 100 g;
  • sugar — 2 (200 ml) glasses;
  • confectionery dyes — pink and yellow;
  • Cream 35% — 4 tbsp. l .;
  • flour — 350 g;
  • eggs — 8 pcs .;
  • vanillin — ½ tsp;
  • chocolate (required dark) — 50 g;
  • powder (sifted) — 2 glasses;
  • baking powder dough — 2h. l

How much to cook: 2 hours.

The number of calories: 330 kcal.

Step-by-step recipe for children’s Hello Kitty cake made from cream:

  1. Preparation must begin with the basics. To do this, separate the yolks from the proteins, and also divide the granulated sugar into 2 parts. One half of sugar is poured into the yolks, the second is sent to the whites. Beat the mixer thoroughly with both mixers, and then use a table or wooden spoon to mix;
  2. Sift the dough baking powder with flour. With constant stirring of the egg mass, enter the dry ingredients;
  3. Two rectangular shapes, coat with a piece of butter and pour the dough into them. Sponge cakes are baked for about half an hour at 180 ° C. When ready to cool the cakes and from one cut the kitty kitty’s head;
  4. To do this, print in advance the so-called stencil, which will correspond to the size of the biscuit. Attach the printed picture on the biscuit and with a sharp knife cut along the contour;
  5. We proceed to the most interesting point — decorating the cake. But before proceeding to the design, you need to prepare a cream. To do this, whip the softened butter with two cups of powder. Continuing the process, in turn, pour vanilla with salt, pour in the cream. When you finish beating 1/3 of the finished cream, paint in a pink tint;
  6. Lubricate the base of the cake (rectangular biscuit) with a thin layer of cream and set the cat’s head. The edges and the surface of the head need to be decorated with cream using the nozzle “open star”;
  7. With pink cream you need to make a small bow on the right ear and completely cover the lower base, using the same nozzle;
  8. Melt chocolate and draw mustaches and eyes on parchment. From the remaining chocolate mass need to draw the contour of the bow. Remember that the mixture must be warm, otherwise the cream will melt;
  9. Transfer frozen pieces of chocolate to the right places and put the cake in the fridge.

We looked at the two most popular ways to make Hello Kitty children’s cake. As a basis, you can use any cake (not necessarily biscuit), but it is recommended to experiment with the decor.

Stencil cut the cat’s head and fill with white jelly. Use black jelly mixture to outline the outlines, antennae, eyes and base of the bow, where in the center you need to carefully pour in the pink jelly.

Another good way to decor will be making hello kitty from mastic or marshmallow. But this is only possible if you have experience creating parts from these materials.

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