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Cake for a man’s birthday: a photo, a few recipes

It is difficult to imagine a holiday, and especially a birthday, without a tasty and original cake. Cakes for every taste are sold in every supermarket.

However, no store cake will bring so many pleasant emotions to the person presented, like a cake made especially for him, taking into account taste preferences, and in the case of mastic cakes, even taking into account profession, interests and hobbies, which are masterly embodied in edible and sweet. Such cakes will not leave indifferent even adult men, and not just kids.

We offer you a few ideas that you can use when preparing a cake for your man:

If there is no time and opportunity to make a mastic masterpiece, you can make an uncomplicated and tasty cake for a close man in the shape of a heart.

Mixer beat eggs. Without stopping the mixer slowly add sugar. Beat up to the density of the mixture;

Mix cocoa with baking powder, introduce them to the eggs;

Flour and margarine (butter) grind to crumb in a separate container;

Connect the contents of both containers. Mix well;

Prepare a baking dish, lay out the resulting thick dough. Send in the oven (200˚) for half an hour;

Take the finished cake out of the oven, put it on the plate and cut it to cool faster;

While the base of the cake is cooling, proceed to the preparation of the cream;

Combine butter (soft) with condensed milk. Beat until a smooth and smooth cream is obtained;

Cooled cake crush hands into small pieces;

Grind walnuts. ¼ part set aside to decorate the cake;

Place the pieces of cake, cream and walnuts in a large bowl. To stir thoroughly;

From the resulting mass to form a heart shape;

To prepare the glaze in a saucepan, mix the butter, sugar, cocoa and milk. Heating on the fire, bring to a boil;

Pour icing heart;

Sprinkle with walnuts;

For a few hours, send the cake to the fridge.

The usual ingredients and the original design make this cake a great gift for loved ones men (loved one, husband, son, father).

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Mastic cakes make it possible to embody a variety of desires and ideas. With the help of mastic, you can create various figures, decorations. Mastic allows you to take into account in the creation of the cake hobbies, hobbies, the profession of the person to whom the treat is intended.

Mastic can be purchased in finished form, you can cook with your own hands. Before cooking it is important to have a clear picture of the cake in your head, which will be the result. Everything else is a matter of technique and experience. If it is necessary to work with mastic for the first time, it is recommended to practice using it beforehand so that the first failures do not overshadow the preparation for the holiday.

This recipe describes a versatile cake for a man in the form of a shirt and tie. Such a treat can be offered not only to very close men, but also to a friend or colleague.

Powdered milk — 290-300 gr .;

Sugar powder — 310-320 gr .;

Condensed milk — 1 bank;

Potato starch — as needed.

Sugar — 170-180 gr .;

Flour — 180 190 gr .;

Baking Powder — 1-1.5 tsp;

Butter — 40-50 g .;

Icing sugar — 320-330 g;

Vanilla sugar — 1.5-2 tsp;

Chocolate (preferably bitter) — 180 g;

Fresh strawberries — 250-300 gr.

Cooking time: 2 to 2.5 hours.

Caloric content: about 350 kcal.

  1. Take chilled eggs and separate the yolks;
  2. To yolks enter about half the sugar. Beat thoroughly until sugar dissolves;
  3. Separately, beat the whites, adding a pinch of salt to them. In the process of beating to the proteins gradually enter the remaining half of the sugar. Continue whisking until peaks;
  4. Connect proteins with yolks;
  5. Sift the flour. Add baking powder;
  6. Turn on the oven;
  7. Introduce flour to the egg mixture. It is necessary to introduce gradually, mixing the flour with a spoon or spatula without using a mixer;
  8. Prepare a baking dish. Carefully lay out the resulting homogeneous mass. Align to make the finished cake even;
  9. Put the form in the oven (190-200˚) for 30-40 minutes;
  10. Mix well in a deep container of powdered milk and powder;
  11. Add condensed milk, stir with a spoon until smooth;
  12. Continue kneading by hand for a couple of minutes;
  13. Transfer to a chopping board, sprinkled with powder. Continue kneading. As a result, the mastic should stick off;
  14. To reduce the stickiness of the mastic, you can use potato starch. Stir it into the dough until the desired state is obtained;
  15. Roll the mastic into a ball, wrap it with a film and leave it for half an hour (without a refrigerator);
  16. Beat cottage cheese with vanilla sugar (vanilla) and softened butter. There should be a homogeneous mass;
  17. Sift icing sugar. Stir it into the curd with a spoon, then beat with a mixer until smooth consistency;
  18. Grate a chocolate bar;
  19. Wash strawberries, cut into thin slices;
  20. Allow the finished biscuit to cool and divide with a knife into two parts;
  21. Grease the bottom half of the biscuit with half the curd cream. Sprinkle with chocolate and lay a plate of strawberries;
  22. Put the second half of the cake on top. Lubricate the top with cream;
  23. When creating a cake in the form of a shirt, it is not necessary to paint the main part of the mastic, because the white shirt is a classic. Color need small parts for a tie and jewelry;
  24. Roll out the mastic even layer, gently cover the cake and align;
  25. Make a collar, tie, and button placket pattern on paper so that these pieces are proportional to the base of the cake;
  26. Attach the pattern to the mastic and cut the necessary details. Put on the cake in accordance with the idea.

Ideas mastic cakes can be quite diverse. If you plan something original and unusual, you should draw sketches on paper in order to act clearly and according to the plan in the process of working with the cake.

An individual and memorable cake serves as a wonderful gift to any person. In the absence of original gift ideas to a colleague, boss, or close men, the cake will be a great alternative. It can express the individuality of a person, visually reflect wishes and dreams. You can show your imagination or use ready-made ideas. Original cakes for men are excellent proof of the phrase — «The best gift — a gift made with your own hands.»

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