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Cake Count ruins with sour cream: a classic recipe with photos

Cake Count ruins with sour cream: a masterpiece with his own hands

Cake Count ruins are not new to today.

However, it does not lose popularity to this day, as it does not require special culinary preparation and some intricate ingredients.

At the same time guarantees you an unforgettable taste.

The history of this culinary masterpiece is difficult to trace thoroughly, but there is a perception that its recipe came from the classic «Kiev» cake, the recipe of which was developed at the Kiev factory for the production of cakes named after Karl Marx, back in 1965.

What can be said for sure is that the very name of this delicacy is closely related to its appearance, because the truly properly prepared cake resembles a pile of fragments of a once luxurious manor.

At the same time, the dish looks very appetizing!

First, beat the sugar, eggs and sour cream, gradually mixing the flour, and at the end add the soda.

The dough is obtained pouring.

Let stand ready dough 30 minutes.

Then separate 1/3 from the whole mass and pour the resulting dough into a mold, first greased with butter.

We bake at a temperature of 180-200 degrees for about 15-20 minutes, depending on the oven.

Readiness biscuit cake can always be checked with a toothpick.

In the remaining dough, add 2 tablespoons of cocoa, stir and divide into two parts.

After which we bake in 2 portions 2 chocolate shortcakes.

While baking cakes, we make the cream.

To do this, mix our ingredients with a mixer or blender.

Whipping sugar should be completely dissolved in sour cream.

The cream should get thick.

Immediately after cooking, put the cream in the fridge, it should go.

Finished cocoa cakes are cut into triangles or squares (although in principle this can be absolutely any shape, up to chaotic pieces broken by hands).

These figures are dipped in a thick cream and chaotically laid on a light cake, so that turned out like a slide.

Pour the rest of the cream gently over the top.

Then prepare the icing.

To do this, mix all the components of the glaze and put them in a water bath.

Bring to a boil and turn off (no need to boil).

It should turn out thick and glossy.

At the end, pour the cake over the icing and sprinkle with nuts.

After — put in the refrigerator for the night or at least for a couple of hours.

All stages of preparation are presented in detail in the following video:

Nuts for sprinkling cake Count ruins can be taken any, based on your own taste.

However, in the classic recipe it is still walnuts, lightly roasted in a dry frying pan.

You can also pour them not only from above, but also when assembling the cake.

Sometimes such variations are allowed:

  • cubes soaked in sour cream, which you spread on a whole cake can be alternated with fruit, for example, kiwi ringlets or pieces of strawberries;
  • instead of glaze you can use melted chocolate;
  • powder, in addition to nuts, can serve as coconut chips, prunes, dried apricots and raisins;
  • if sour cream turned out to be very rare, the condensed milk of high fat content added to the cream in a small proportion can save the situation.

If desired, this dessert is very easy to cook in a slow cooker using the same recipe.

For baking the cake, use the Baking menu for 50 minutes.

There is another version of the cake Grafskie ruins, which includes meringue and butter cream.

Recipes for juicy chicken liver in sour cream — this is a great healthy dinner and even breakfast. The dish can be both individual and paired with a side dish.

No time to mess around in the kitchen? Just for such cooks lazy dishes were invented. Here, for example, lazy cabbage rolls, the recipe of which can be found here. Fast and satisfying — this is exactly what is needed for a person who does not have a large amount of free time.

Could you drink only water for the sake of a figure? While you are considering the answer, we suggest reading about the drinking diet for 30 days in the next article.

Internet disputes flare up between housewives on which cake recipe is unleavened or biscuit is classic.

These spores somewhat remind that the egg or the chicken is primary.

However, this is a slightly different story ..

Imagine and perhaps this cake, which has already become a classic of the genre, under your skillful hands will become even tastier and acquire a new breath.

Good appetite!

Since we have already touched upon the theme of a non-core option, here’s a video recipe with step-by-step instructions:

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