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Cake broken glass jelly: recipe with video

Cake «Broken glass» impresses with its bright and spectacular look, it just can not like it.

This dessert can be attributed to cakes that do not require baking, if you simplify the recipe more and use ready-made biscuit cakes.

Such a dessert consisting of sour cream base, multi-colored jelly and sponge cake is tasty and not at all cloying, and at the same time, it is rather light.

There are quite a few options for such a dessert.

However, so that you don’t think up, the most important difference of this amazing dessert will remain unchanged — the similarity with broken colored glasses, which is obtained by cutting the cake.

This dessert, which has excellent taste and unusual appearance, can be cooked for a holiday, or you can please the household at the weekend.

In any case, “Broken glass” will not remain unnoticed and not appreciated at its true worth.

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  1. First of all, prepare jelly, choose bright different colors to make your cake look advantageous and attractive. Put the gelatin in three bowls and fill each with 250 milliliters of cold water. Leave until cured.
  2. Gelatin pour in a separate container and fill with half a glass of water, let it swell for thirty minutes.
  3. Next, put the bowl of gelatin on a slow fire, heat the resulting solution, stirring it constantly. Gelatin must be completely dissolved. Remove prepared ingredient from heat, then set aside.
  4. Put thick sour cream in a separate container and add sugar to it. Stir the mass thoroughly, then inject the gelatin solution into it, mix the ingredients well again to a uniform consistency.
  5. Now it’s time to do the multi-colored jelly. Bowls with the prepared ingredient lower into a container with hot water for about 15 seconds, and then overturn on a plate. Thus, the jelly easily comes out of the bowl.
  6. Cut the colored jelly into pieces of the same or different size, this will be “broken glass”.
  7. Take one biscuit cake and also chop it finely.
  8. Take a deep container that will be designed to freeze the unusual cake and give it the desired shape. Put the jelly pieces and biscuit pieces into this form. Pour the ingredients cream-gelatinous mass — the basis of your dessert. Mix gently.
  9. Put a whole cake on top of it and gently press it down, then the cake will be the base of the cake.
  10. “Broken glass” put in the fridge freeze. This process will take 8-10 hours, so it is better to cook the cake in the evening and send it to ripen overnight.
  11. When the time is up and the dish is completely frozen, remove it from the fridge. Form the cake with cake in a bowl of hot water for 20 seconds, then turn it over to the serving dish in which you want to serve the dessert.
  12. That’s all. Delicious and simple cake «Broken Glass» is ready, serve it with hot tea!

This cake turns out to be absolutely not expensive, so you can cook it not only for holidays, but also, for example, for a weekend lunch or dinner.

During the preparation of various dishes, most of the attention is paid to the dessert, because even having matured, many of us remain terrible sweet-toes.

Even for such a simple cake as “Broken Glass” useful tips will not be superfluous.

  1. If you want the dessert to be even more interesting, and its taste is characterized by richness and versatility, in addition to pieces of jelly and sponge cake, add fresh fruit to the sour cream base. You can also add chocolate chips, coconut chips, dried fruits.
  2. To give a more interesting look will help color smetanny basis. Add a whisper of food color of your favorite color to it. Thus, the cake can even become themed. Red — on Valentine’s Day, Pink — on the birthday of the princess or blue — on the New Year.
  3. Dessert, frozen in shape, may have an uneven top surface, but this is easily fixed with the help of various decorations. At your disposal are whipped cream, confectionary dressing, fresh as well as canned fruits and berries, meringues and chocolate chips.

Do not be afraid to experiment, then, it is your cake that will become a work of art and a culinary masterpiece.

I present to your attention a video recipe with step-by-step preparation of an unusual cake “Broken Glass”.

See for yourself how an exquisite dessert is made from ordinary ingredients.

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