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Cake «Black Prince» at home: recipes with photos

How to cook a cake «Black Prince» at home

Cake «Black Prince» — dessert dish, which delivers a truly sincere pleasure, although it retains modesty and simplicity. This is one of those cakes that can be useful for every occasion, be it a celebration or a family dinner.

Quite often, to cook an unusual puff cake, you have to spend a whole day in the kitchen and a lot of money. This is the main advantage of the Black Prince, because it does not fall under the accepted stereotypes.

In accordance with the accepted tradition, this dessert is prepared on kefir, although other recipes may have other dairy products as a basis for cooking. As a filling, this recipe contains butter cream, which can be prepared in various ways.

First you should take a separate bowl and mix the egg and granulated sugar in it. Beat up until the appearance of bulk foam.

Then you need to enter into the egg mixture 1/3 kefir, and consistently mix cocoa powder, baking powder and flour. After that, you can add the remaining kefir to the dough and mix everything well. As a result, the mass should not have lumps.

You must first set the oven to warm to a standard temperature (180 degrees). You will need a baking dish, which you must either cover with special paper or grease its walls with vegetable oil.

In a preheated oven should put the form with a uniformly distributed dough, leaving the cake biscuit bake for half an hour.

When the sponge cake is ready, it will be necessary to allow it to cool down, since the next step is to divide it into two equal parts in height. It will take a large sharp knife and a scapula.

Using a knife, you must draw a horizontal line in the center of the side surface of the cake. After that, the spatula can be divided biscuit along the intended line.

To make a cream for the Black Prince cake, you need to whip up the heated cream with a mixer, and then gradually add sugar to them. The temperature of the cream must be above room temperature, otherwise the sugar will not dissolve and will creak on the teeth.

Initially, the beating rate should be low, it should be increased over time. As a result, it is necessary to whip at the highest speed until they become stable.

It remains only to apply the filling. To do this, you first need to take the first cake and spread butter over the entire surface of the cake.

Then cover with a second cake, smearing it on top, and spreading the cream on the side of the cake.

So, you can remove the «Black Prince» in the fridge so that it is soaked with a soft filling. 2-3 hours are enough for this.

So, for the preparation of dessert with black currant will be required:

  • Kefir — 250 ml;
  • Wheat flour — 250 g;
  • Eggs — 2 pieces;
  • Granulated sugar — 250 g for the test + 100 g for the cream;
  • Soda — 1 tsp;
  • Salt — ¼ h. Spoons;
  • Cocoa powder — 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • Corn starch — 1 tbsp. spoon;
  • Creamy (not spread!) Butter — 100 g;
  • Cream (40%) — 400 ml;
  • Black currant jam — 2-3 tbsp. spoons.

First you need to dissolve the salt and soda in kefir, and also wait for the moment when the foam is formed. Beforehand, you need to beat the eggs with sugar until a voluminous foam appears, and mix the mixture with kefir.

After that you can add cocoa powder and flour to the mass, gradually mixing it in order to avoid lumps. The final stage of the dough is the addition of jam and cornstarch. The latter is required so that the biscuit cakes received in the future will be more elastic.

A well-mixed mass of dough should be distributed according to the form, previously covered with paper for baking. The oven must be preheated. Time to full baking biscuit will be 30 minutes.

In the meantime, you can do the cream. This time butter will be used in the preparation of the cream, this will give it a more delicate and melting taste. The butter must be softened and then whipped with cream and granulated sugar until stable peaks.

Cooked cakes should be cut into two parts using a sharp knife and a spatula, and then it should be smeared with cream. The main thing — do not forget about the sides of the cake, which is easier to spread with a pastry brush. So, you can send dessert to the refrigerator for a couple of hours until it is soaked. When serving, you can decorate the “Black Prince” with the help of currant berries, if any.

Another variation of the preparation of this baking involves the use of sour cream at the base of the dough. To bake such a cake, you need to prepare the following ingredients:

  • Sour cream (30%) — 250 g for the test + 200 g for the cream;
  • Wheat flour — 200 g;
  • Granulated sugar — 250 g for the test + 100 g for the cream;
  • Creamy (not spread!) Butter — 50 g;
  • Eggs — 3 pieces;
  • Cocoa powder — 2 tbsp. spoons;
  • Soda — 1 tsp;
  • Vinegar — 1 tsp;
  • Milk chocolate — 100 g;
  • Almonds or hazelnuts — 40 g.

First you should take a bulk bowl, mixing eggs with sugar in it. Beat is necessary, gradually increasing the speed. As a result, the egg mixture should greatly increase in size and gain a steady state.

After that, you can mix sour cream and cocoa powder to the resulting egg mixture, kneading all the ingredients properly. Then add to it the sifted flour, slaked with vinegar soda. The result should be interfered at low speed.

Thus, the dough is completely prepared, and it can be distributed in a baking dish. The oven should be preheated to standard temperature in advance. Biscuit will be baked for half an hour.

In the meantime, is the turn of the cream. For its preparation you will need to mix sour cream with sugar. Sour cream should have a room temperature.

It remains only to warm the milk chocolate with butter with the help of a water bath, and mix the resulting dark glaze to sour cream with sugar.

As soon as the cake will be ready, it must be cut in two, and greased with each glaze. At the same time, it is better to lubricate the sides of the cake and the upper part as generously as possible. It remains only to sprinkle the surface of the “Black Prince” with hazelnuts chopped in a blender, and then put into the fridge for 2-3 hours.

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There is another interesting recipe for this dessert, which is filled with condensed milk. For it will need:

  • Sour cream (30%) — 500 g;
  • Wheat flour — 200 g;
  • Eggs — 5 pieces;
  • Sugar — 250 g;
  • Creamy (no spread!) Butter — 170 for the dough + 200 g for the cream;
  • Soda — 2, 5 tsp;
  • Cocoa powder — 5 tbsp. spoons;
  • Vanillin — 10 g;
  • Condensed milk — 1 can.

It is necessary to soften the oil in advance, and then mix it with sugar, eggs, and vanilla. At the same time, sifted flour should be mixed with other dry ingredients, that is, with soda and cocoa powder.

In a mixture of eggs and butter, you must mix dry ingredients, beating well. The resulting smooth dough should be distributed in a baking dish, sending it to an oven heated to standard temperature for half an hour.

For the preparation of the cream will need to carefully beat the butter with condensed milk. Taking the cakes out of the oven, it remains to cut them and fluff the resulting cream both inside and outside. For impregnation, you should put the «Black Prince» in the refrigerator.

Thus, the “Black Prince” cake is really a wonderful pastry for any occasion:

  1. It prepares extremely quickly, no more than an hour, including baking time;
  2. The basis of the recipe, you can take different dairy products;
  3. There are several options for making a cream for the “Black Prince”, for example, on condensed milk, cream or chocolate;
  4. For a special flavor, you can use jam from any berries, and also later decorate the cake with them;
  5. All the ingredients for it are budget, always available at the hands of any hostess.

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