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Bread with cheese (monkey, with garlic): recipes, calorie

Homemade bread is prepared in the oven, in a griddle or in a bread maker, using various ingredients (to achieve the desired taste and aroma). But even the most experienced housewife sometimes needs a simple recipe for delicious pastries. And here are the best of these recipes.

Bread with cheese can be served as a supplement or as a separate dish, it is very tasty and perfect for a snack. Cooking does not require a large amount of food from the hostess.

So, before you begin to create a delicious bread, you need to prepare on the baking sheet foil and put a loaf on it, on which you need to make cuts in the form of a chessboard. That’s all, the bread is temporarily left alone and transferred to the filling.

The filling is made from cheese, butter and greens. At the same time, cheese and butter (and its amount can be reduced by half, thereby lowering the calorie content), should be grated, but the green is preferably very finely chopped. Then you need to mix everything thoroughly. The filling is ready.

The cuts are completely filled with the resulting mixture, and then the bread is wrapped in foil (you can also make matches so that the cheese does not stick) and is sent to the oven (preheated to 220 degrees) for 15 minutes.

And then they take the bread out of the oven and remove the foil, in order to send it back for another 5 minutes. This is to ensure that it is covered with a ruddy crisp.

Tip: for the preparation you need to choose stale bread, so you can save yourself from unnecessary crumbs on the table and ensure baking a beautiful shape.

Monkey bread is often cooked for breakfast, so it is easier to find a recipe for a sweet bread. But if you want something sharper, then fragrant bread with cheese and garlic would be the best option. For cooking will require:

  1. Yeast — 5 g;
  2. Flour — 350 g;
  3. Milk — 200 ml;
  4. Salt — 40 g;
  5. Butter (melt) — 8 tbsp. spoons (or 150 g);
  6. Fresh / dry garlic (to taste);
  7. 150 g of Russian cheese;
  8. Sugar — 20 g.

It takes 1 hour to prepare. Calories per 100 g of the product — 335.

Cooking dough will be quite simple. You need to pour warm milk (or warm water) into a bulk container, then add sugar and dry yeast to it. Milk with sugar and yeast should not be touched for 10-15 minutes until a yeast “cap” forms on the surface.

Now add to the mixture, pre-sifted flour and salt (30 g). That’s all, the dough can be kneaded (by adding a little vegetable oil) and allow it to stand until it rises three times. The dough is divided into small even circles.

Now part of the vegetable oil to lubricate the baking dish, and in the rest of it is desirable to add chopped garlic. The so-called garlic oil will turn out, in it it is necessary to bathe the dough divided into balls.

It remains only to arrange these balls in rows in a circle and sprinkle well with grated cheese on top. Well, everything, now bread goes to the oven for one hour. The temperature should always be around 180 degrees.

Tip: After 15 minutes, you can wrap the bread in foil to avoid burning the cheese. Then you need to remove the foil and send the bread to light brown in the oven.

Brisket is cooked smoked with onion peel or liquid smoke — the appetizer is very tasty and fragrant.

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The recipe is more suitable for snacks, because the cooked bread will taste like croutons. Products that go to the expense of this dish:

  1. Round black bread — 1 pc .;
  2. Butter — 50 g;
  3. Russian cheese — 100 g;
  4. Greens — 50 g;
  5. Garlic — 2-3 tooth.

The dish is cooked 30 minutes. Calories per 100 g — 239.

With bread, almost nothing needs to be done. Just cut it from the top in even cubes and send it to the foil. Now you need to do stuffing.

Greens with garlic, preferably very finely chopped and add to the pre-melted butter. Everything is mixed, and the resulting mixture will be a filling for bread. She needs to fill all the cuts, carefully, without missing a single one. It now remains to wrap the bread in foil, put it in the oven, and let it stand for 10 minutes at 180 degrees.

After ten minutes, you need to get it and, carefully unrolling the foil, cover it with grated cheese on a fine grater. Again in the foil and in the oven, raising the temperature to 220 degrees. Let him stand there for another 15 minutes.

Finally, the finished bread is taken out, cooled a little and sprinkled with parsley on top. Done, now you can serve delicious bread on the table.

This is a very simple recipe for a light, crusty, light bread. To prepare you need to get the products:

  1. 180 ml milk or water;
  2. 350 g flour and one tsp. salts;
  3. Russian cheese weighing 100 g;
  4. One tsp. yeast;
  5. 1 PC. onions;
  6. One article l vegetable oils.

The dish is cooked 6 hours. Calories per 100 g — 280.

Making bread in a bread maker is much easier. First you need to cook the dough. Sifted flour should be placed on a plate or other container (with only half of the prepared according to the recipe), adding dry yeast to it. And then sprinkle the remaining flour on top.

After, in a strict order, add salt, all cooked sugar and one egg. Finally pour everything with milk or water, stirring well. Let stand quite a bit.

Dough is ready. It should be placed in the bread maker under the mode “Main pastry”, in other words for about three hours. Now grate the cheese and fry the onions in the pan, making sure that it reaches the familiar golden color.

When the oven emits a characteristic beep, you will need to take out the bread and add cheese and fried onions to it. Well, it remains to give the bread a little more time, and then the finished dish can be served on the table, sprinkled with parsley or other greens on top.

Tip: all the ingredients listed in the recipe are better to get out of the fridge in advance, as the yeast does not like low temperature. It is better to put the components in the bread maker according to its instructions (especially if the bread maker is automatic), making small corrections according to the recipe.

This is a delicious, aromatic and very nourishing Italian baked bread with cheese and fried onions. From the products you will need:

  1. 400 ml milk;
  2. 600 g of flour;
  3. 60 ml of rast oil .;
  4. 20 g of yeast (preferably dry) and two tsp. salts;
  5. 150 g of Russian cheese;
  6. 1 PC. onions;
  7. Spices (to taste).

Cooking time — 2 hours 30 minutes. Calories per 100 g — 275.

Heat the milk to such a temperature that it is just a little warm, and add yeast to it. Let it stand for a while until small bubbles appear on the surface, and then pour the previously sifted flour into it with the salt already added to it.

It now remains to knead the dough and leave it, pre-covered with a towel for one hour (the dough should approximately double the volume).

For the filling you need to fry onion until golden brown, then drain the vegetable oil on which it was fried in a separate plate. Finely grate the cheese. The filling is ready, now you need to add it to the dough, after making a small depression for it (you should add spices to the onions, cheese and vegetable oil).

Now you need to very carefully distribute the filling throughout the dough, gradually kneading. At the end put the dough in a greased form and leave for half an hour, covered with a towel. Next, the dough is sent to the oven for 40 minutes. The temperature at the same time — 180 degrees.

That’s all. It remains to get the bread and, after cooling, cut into thin slices.

Tip: before you put the dough on a baking sheet or form, it is better to sprinkle them with flour, and place the dough in the oven at once (it is better to give it a little time to “walk”).

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